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How to make it in the wilderness certainly has its difficulties, but so does living in modern society. But it provides a path to a simpler life – away from the busy conundrum of idle and mostly meaningless existence inside the system. As the man in the below video notes, “Simple offers freedom.” Indeed, the cabin life may be about as free as it gets.
Keep your wits about you, and only finalize decisions that you’re one hundred percent sure of. This lovely home in Bellingham, WA features a massive photovoltaic system in the front yard that allows it to operate completely off-grid.
The wood-clad home reflects the spirit of the upper Northwest, and it’s built to efficiently integrate into its surroundings and local climate.
The Washington area sees a lot of rain, and this home makes good use of the resource by collecting rainwater using via multiple butterfly-esque roofs.
French photographer Antoine Bruy spent several years hitchhiking around Europe, documenting the lives of men and women who have abandoned the bustle of cities to live, as they say, off the grid.
Existing on mountainsides and river valleys left fairly untouched by the greater human population, the individuals -- adults and children -- live largely without access to commodities like running water, central heat and big brand grocery stores. The collection of images, titled "Scrublands," showcase ramshackle shelters and the bold adventurers who reside inside them. I’m gathering resources to learn more about self sufficiency and building a home that is as green as can be.
I have done more research on some items than others depending on what I have been looking into for my own home, or what I have done at work (Environmental Consultant). LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) has created a category for homes.
Geothermal – I have been looking into this for my own home as a possible replacement for my current HVAC, so the information here is related to retrofitting a current home. Solar panels – This is something that I will not be looking into for my home for another 10+ years because that is about the rest of the life span of my roof.
Energy Audit – Before you retrofit anything with geothermal or solar you should have an energy audit conducted at your house to see if there is anything more economical that can be done to save energy. We believe in getting great deals every day because when you do the math, the little purchases – lunch out, a new top, a tank of gas – really add up.
Homeowners can harness the infinite amount of energy produced by the sun by using pv solar panels. The power of the wind can also be used to produce viable electricity by the use of wind turbines. Solar panels need to be perfectly clean for them to be efficient and properly absorb the suns energy and turn it into usable electricity.

Your solar panels may not produce enough electricity on cloudy or overcast days, and with wind turbines you may only get an hour or so of good wind every day. Off the grid living is definitely possible, though you will need a lot of patience, responsibility, and a bit of savings for the equipment.
Seattle-based firm Prentiss Architects, designed and built the house for a large family looking for a home with a low environmental impact that reflected their East Asian heritage.
While Washington may not be known for its solar resource, it still receives sun and this family wanted to take advantage of what they could with a large photovoltaic system located in the front yard, which allows the home to operate off-grid. Instead, they are seeking “greater energy, food, economic, or social autonomy," changing their relationship to their surrounding environment and living with the economic and social circumstances that arise from their decisions. The simple, manmade structures stand out against the sublime backgrounds, populated by thick forests and swirling hills.
Bruy has recently launched a crowdfunding campign on FotoFund to raise money to continue the project that began back in 2010. Obviously, the price varies hugely depending on whether you are retrofitting your existing home or building from scratch.
I’m looking for a blog written by someone who went off the grid and who shares the lessons they learned and  the mistakes they made.
I can’t imagine living 20 miles outside of a town, but I guess you can get used to anything! I’ve heard that Geothermal can be cost effective if you are building a home with a basement. It does make sense time them with the lifespan of your roof, and they can actually extend the life of your roof bc they add some protection from the elements.
Who wouldn’t want to produce their own electricity and be completely independent from the municipal power grid?
Multiple photovoltaic cells inside of the solar panel catch absorbs the suns light energy and convert it into usable electricity that can be used to power your homes energy needs such as electrical lighting and appliances. Wind turbines catch the wind using rotating fan blades which then turns the generator inside it to produce electricity. The basic models of each type costs thousands of dollars if you want to power your entire home. This means you will often be on the roof of your house cleaning and polishing your solar panels to a perfect shine. The goal is to be as efficient as possible with your power usage and to save on electricity as much as you can.
After all is said and done, you will find that living off the grid can be a rewarding experience and save you money in the long run by not paying huge electric bills in the future.
Green design features mingle with oriental decor in this beautiful project, dubbed the Chuckanut Ridge home.

We have to admit, our favorite feature (after the solar panels of course) is the gorgeous red staircase with built-in storage. The faces of the young boys and girls bring an eerie sense of humanity to the pristine landscapes, giving just a faint glimpse into their lives, while leaving the viewer as a clear outsider. Head over to the site if you're interested in supporting the work and let us know your thoughts on the beautiful photographs in the comments.
What books and blogs do you recommend I read to learn about retrofitting our current home to take it off the grid?
Since you’ve already got that digging equipment out there, you can install geothermal tubes pretty easily.
Any extra electricity can be stored in batteries to be used later to sufficiently power your home at night when there is no sun to create energy.
Like solar power, the electricity produced through wind power can also be stored in batteries for future use. Wind turbines on the other hand are not very high maintenance, but they are prone to heavy damage when winds get too strong, especially during storms, and repairs can be expensive. But when people talk about building or buying homes, they often price it out by square foot. Did you know it’s possible to lay the tubes parallel to the surface instead of plunging them deep, deep into the earth?
If you’ve ever thought about living off the grid, there are some things you should consider.
You will also require additional electrical wiring in your house so that it can be powered using these alternative sources of energy. Listen to hear why they choose to live off grid, how they choose to use their limited solar power, why they have a guard donkey instead of a dog, the item she could not live without, a typical household task that becomes hard, why they went with modular housing, how the compostable toilet works, and more! Should I expect to pay more or less per square foot than if I bought a similar sized, non-sufficent home? I believe they only have to be 10-15′ below ground to tap into consistent temperatures. The two most popular methods that people use to get off grid power is solar power and wind power. Adding up all the costs, it is clear to see why everyone is still not living completely off the grid yet. Downtime consists of reading or watching a chick flick, & there is always chocolate involved.

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