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RICE is an acronym that can help you remember the home remedies you can use to treat your ankle sprain: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Wearing shoes that fit appropriately; it's recommended that you change your athletic shoes annually and change your running shoes every 300-400 miles--the NOPA team can help you decide which shoe is best for you! For more information on ankle sprain treatment, call New Orleans Podiatry Associates in New Orleans, LA, at (504) 897-3627. Older people frequently experience pain, swelling and redness in their ankles, calves and feet, although this condition can strike younger individuals as well. Treatment for swelling may consist of taking a diuretics (water pills) or wearing support stockings, depending on what is causing your swelling, which must be determined by your physician. According to some recent research, the peroneus longus muscle has been found to be dysfunctional in many patients who have experienced repeated ankle sprains. A broken ankle is an injury that is common and can be a tiny crack in your ankle bone up to breaks that shatter and can come through your skin. Your malleoli, plural, or malleolus, singular which are at the far ends of both your fibula and tibia. Non-displaced fracture – the bones are cracked but they are still attached to the joint.
Closed fracture – this is when the skin remains intact even though you have a broken ankle. Compound fracture – when the bones are cracked and rip the outer layer of your skin at the area of the injury. The symptoms of a broken ankle can help your physician decide just what type of broken ankle you have. The pain may decrease when you rest and stay off it but the pain can increases when you try to stand or walk on it. After breaking your ankle you may also show signs of shock because you may not feel the intense pain for a few minutes. Because you have broken your ankle it may out of place and deformed when you compare it to your other ankle. There have been rare cases of hearing a cracking or popping sound that could indicate a broken ankle. Although there is pain with a broken ankle it may not come from the area where it was broken.
Having severe force applied to the joint by coming straight down on your joint such as jumping from a very high level.

Over using your feet such as by running or jogging a long distance can cause a stress fracture. The immediate treatment for a broken ankle is to apply an ice compress to help reduce the swelling around where it has been broken. If the impact of the trauma has displaced the ankle bone you should apply a splint where the swelling is at the worse.
When the swelling has been reduced the physician will usually apply a cast that is made of fiberglass, Plaster of Paris, or plastic to help the ankle bone heal by keeping it in place. After a few weeks after breaking your ankle you will start to build your endurance for walking.
When the physician takes off the cast you will usually do physiotherapy exercises to provide flexibility to your ankle joint and help improve your blood circulation in your feet.
If your broken ankle is a compound fracture which is where the bone is sticking out of the skin or in order for the bones to align up properly to heal.
Some times these various materials are removed after your broken ankle has healed or they may need to stay in order to enable you to walk.
Normally a broken ankle can take approximately six weeks to heal but it all depends on how severe the injury is and they type of fracture, or broken ankle, you have.
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When there is a buildup of excessive fluids in the ankle and legs, this can result in peripheral edema, or swelling. As the baby gets bigger there is more and more pressure against the veins that return blood from your legs and feet and this results in swelling. Antidepressants, including tricyclics and MAO inhibitors, can result in swelling, as can blood-pressure medications, steroids and medicine that contains the hormone estrogen, such as birth-control pills or hormone replacement therapy medication. Peroneus longus muscle activation pattern during gait cycle in athletes affected by functional ankle instability.
They are the lumps of bone that a person can feel and see on the outside and inside of your ankle. It is also called an open fracture because the open wound where the bone came through the skin could lead to an infection.
You may also trigger pain just by touching the area and sometimes the pain is so bad you cannot stand up.
Around the injured site because there is an interruption of blood circulation you may see the area turning a bluish black.

If the bone is sticking through the skin it is not advisable to apply ice to the actual broken area but around the area being careful to not disturb or touch the bone sticking out of the skin. The reason that you may need to use a splint is to re-set the bone back to the original place. When you have a cast on you need to make sure that you keep it dry and that it does not become loose, break, or crack. Depending on they type of broken ankle you have suffered, there are different types of surgeries that can be performed.
Ask us about fungal nail therapy, heel pain treatment options, diabetic wound care, or any other concern you have about your feet. Other factors that can cause swelling include being in a car or airplane for a long time, standing for too long, being overweight and age. Putting them together will form an arch, which sits on top of one of your bones in your foot called the talus. When you apply ice it can also help with the pain and can also prevent any more damage to the tissue that is around the broken ankle. If this happens you need to see your physician to get it corrected so your ankle bone will heal properly. In order to complete the healing process after the cast is off you may need to rest your ankle a little more. If you are getting too much sodium in your diet, this can result in swelling, according to Dr. You should either be taken to the hospital or call an ambulance for transportation to the hospital for treatment where they will do an x-ray to see what type of fracture has occurred or if it just a sprain. Robert Danoff, director of the Family Practice Residency at Frankfort Hospitals, Jefferson Health System in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you try to hurry up walking it could cause pain, inflammation and it could even slow down the healing process.

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