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The leadership traits that will aid in survival are the same for the individual as they are for the business. You will be presented with an opportunity to employ the survival skills learned in a truly primitive survival situation. The cost of this course which includes all training sessions and a two day one night final challenge is $800 per person. Fire starting with a variety of primitive and advanced techniques, each one has its own time requirements to master.
Students will be required to survive an overnight trip with nothing but the clothes and their back and their newly found knowledge.
Even in aspects of wilderness survival, preparedness entails more than just bringing a pocketknife and fire starter along on a hiking trip. Preparedness is a way of thinking and a way of looking at and anticipating possible variables and adverse circumstances that may stand in the way of survival or success. We aim to bring you a unique experience that not only forges strong bonds between its participants but forces a shift in your psyche that can help secure success in your working environment.

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