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TwitterShare on TumblrSouth Australians are being warned to be on the lookout for snakes who are most active during spring. Health Minister Jack Snelling said the SA Ambulance Service responded to an average of 53 snakebites each year and last October was the busiest month for snakebites in four years. SA Ambulance Service intensive care paramedic Chris Cotton said it was important to know what to do in the case of snake bite.
In October 2014, SA Ambulance Service responded to 15 snake bites, the highest number in any month for nearly four years.
So far this year, paramedics and ambulance officers have responded to 23 snake bites, with seven being in metropolitan areas. Safe Work Australia is promoting farm safety this week to help improve the health and safety of workers on farms.
Slippery Suspect Now In The CellsLocal police made a surprising and somewhat uncomfortable arrest in the early hours of yesterday morning.
BrownNominations open for Graeme Jose Spirit of Whyalla AwardMembers of the community are being called upon to nominate a young local achiever for a prestigious award. Nominations for the Graeme Jose Spirit of WhyallaWhyalla City Council sets sights on renewable futureWhyalla City Council has set its sights on creating a renewable future for the City of Whyalla. The council has made land available for the developmentBilly Cart Derby this weekend in Port AugustaPort Augusta will see the true power of gravity this coming weekend as the city hosts the 2016 Billy Cart Derby. I have always defended snakes and played down the dangers they present to the residents of Australia. But just last week, about 120 kilometres south-west of Brisbane, a Warwick mother in her early 40s died after being bitten by a snake which, as far as I’m aware, has still not been identified.
The victim was in her garden when she was bitten repeatedly by the snake and the emergency services were called immediately by her son. With the snake’s venom entering the bloodstream directly, she would probably have been killed within minutes. Following the incident, the country is being warned that this year could see an increase in the numbers of snakes moving into urban areas. The story was reported by, among others, the Courier Mail and you can read the full story here.
Others say it’s time for the government or councils to control snakes, I assume they mean a cull?
Tongue in cheek, somebody agreed by saying that we should kill all the snakes, then the great whites, then all the sharks, murderers, bats and Toyota Prado’s. I tried to think of some kind of comparison, something I could use to put the minds of those of you in the UK and Europe at rest. Truth is, everything I thought of, like being hit by a bus or getting murdered, can happen here too. So you can stay where you are and avoid the one in 7 million chance of a fatal snakebite if you want.
Pressure-immobilisation retards the movement of venom and buys time for the patient to reach medical care.

According to Doctor Ken Winkel of the Australian Venom Research Unit, there are 500 to 600 hospital admissions per year in Australia due to snakebite. Get a free copy of my ebook "20 Reasons Why You Should Move to Australia" from my page What's so good about Australia?
If you still can't find the answers you are looking for, leave a comment on a relevant page; either I or someone else will try to answer you. Basically in the future I hope to move and work in Australia in wildlife conservation… why Australia?
I’ve written loads about snakes, if you search in the Google box on the right-hand side of every page near the top you will find plenty of information. As for your to specific questions, the best removal technique is phone a snake catcher, other techniques can end in death. I am coming to Sydney for a holiday, but I am really worried about being bitten from a snake, poisonous or not. I think you are over estimating the presence of snakes here, I bet you don’t even see one. I live in Western suburbs, very green and spacious, it’s like living in the countryside. The Fall released their 29th studio album on the exact same day as our fourth anniversary, 14th November. It’s called Ersatz GB and the postman delivered my copy, all the way from the UK, yesterday.
Fortunately we don’t have magical snakebite healers here in Australia, but we do have the emergency services and antivenom. Back in 2007, an elderly woman died on a NSW rural property after being struck by a steel gate when a cow charged into it. Your article on snake bite dangers in oz was a very sensible one on this VERY imotive issue.
The info you got from QLD health is not the BEST advice as it is more important to apply the bandages before calling emergency services.
I would also be interested in having a chat by phone at some stage to clarify any misundersatndings around CORRECT treatment as there are many regarding this subject in the community.
We will be bringing two cats over from London and I’m worried they may be bitten by a snake or a spider, either indoors or outside. At about 3am on Monday a Police patrol cameDON’T DO INTERVIEWS ON A BOATThis television interview from the Netherlands didn’t go so well.
With good reason too; anyone who has read that article will know that there were apparently only 41 recorded deaths by snakebite in a 29 year period from 1980 to 2009.
Since then, I’ve noticed many other authoritative websites quote an average of three a year. But from what I understand, the problem here was that the snake had bitten directly into a blood vessel rather than into a muscle.
But if you go on to read some of the many comments, you’ll see what I mean by knee-jerk reaction.

But then I thought, well, it’s only the UK and Europe that have this small advantage.
Your most important equipment will be a mobile phone, to call emergency services, and a bandage to wrap around the bite. Whilst I am in no way suggesting they did anything wrong, I do think it’s a good opportunity to remind everyone of what to do if ever you were to be bitten by a snake. Go to the Google search box, it's near the top on the right hand side, and search the site for whatever you are looking for. The thing is though, you will probably hardly ever see one, it’s more a case of them avoiding you than you avoiding them.
But to answer your question, there are no smells or sprays or anything like that you can use, my best advice though would be stay out of long grass. Four years on, after having visited quite a few other cities, we still think Brisbane is the right choice for us. Hopefully, one day, India will be better equipped to provide the same services to all of its inhabitants.
But a quick search in Google UK tells me that a vet was trampled to death as she walked her dog. A young lad died milking a cow when it kicked him in the head just three months ago (August) and a farmer in his 50s died in April this year after being charged by a cow.
You need a proper snake bite first aid kit, at the very least 2 or three 2.4m x 10cm heavy weight CREPE bandages. I have downloaded it myself and yes, it is more comprehensive than the advice from Queensland Health. That is still really quite low and maybe takes into account those that may not have been recorded. I do strongly advise that you click on that link and visit their website to find out the full, updated, latest information about first-aid for snake bites. A Carpet Python, which is nonvenomous, can give you a very painful bite though and I’m sure there are other snakes that will make you yelp. Call me old-fashioned, but if I were to get bitten by a snake, the first number I will be dialling from here in Australia will be 000. Knowing how much women loveRegion Warned as Snake Season ApproachesFollowing a number of snake reports and snake bite incidents last Spring, Riverlanders are urged to be on the lookout as we enter snake season. While he was 18 years, his father gave him this Mantra at his eleventh moment at SCB Medical College Hospital, Cuttack, Orissa in Nov 1983 who died in Cancer disease.
Since then he has dedicated his life towards this noble service to the human being with free of cost.

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