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It is extremely important to offer ample rest to the bruised area because any further pressure is bound to increase bleeding and healing time.
When there is a lot of pain, you can try using painkillers or ointments to get some relief from the pain.
Eating Vitamin P enriched foods such as broccoli, green pepper and lemon will fasten the process of healing. A bruise, otherwise known as a contusion is the capillaries caused by trauma, thus causing blood to seep into the interstitial tissue.
The following guide provides some useful information, tips and advice for treating bruises so that they heal quickly. Being able to wrap a bandage around the bruise and compressing it will aid in controlling swelling and bleeding below the surface.
Once 24 hours has passed, it is important to apply heat to the injury with a hot water bottle or heat pad. Some people have bruises after the slightest touch, while others can knock a hard object and have no consequences.
To make vessel walls thicker you need vitamin C, so drink a decoction of rose hips, eat more citrus and carrots.
Moreover, it is useful to take daily alternating douches and massage those areas of the body that are most often suffer from sharp corners of furniture. It is simple – clear a cabbage leaf of veining, pour the boiling water, knead, place on the problem area and fix with gauze. If you do not know how to cure a bruise quickly, you can use herbal ointment, which you can quickly make.
As we see the fundamental measure is to apply local cold to the injured area, but it is essential to place a cloth between the ice pack and the skin, to avoid injury from frostbite. If the skin takes a hard look or white, shall cease to apply cold and if it does not recover its normal color after a few minutes you should contact your doctor. Caution should be exercised in the event that it is diabetic , and to avoid circulatory problems should consult their doctor before applying local cold. Besides the local cold, another of the key measures is the immobilization of the injured area. When the pain and swelling have subsided should start exercising the affected area, but very smooth and progressive. With any activity must make adequate heating, slowly progressive, along with stretching exercises before beginning.
The bruising (discoloration of the skin) and hematomas (blood spills well circumscribed, subcutaneous in this case), can be treated with the measures discussed above, primarily local cold.
If the bruise is of a significant size, or bruises and hematomas occur without an obvious antecedent trauma, consult your doctor to rule out any blood clotting problems. From the time’s immemorial folk medicine is being used to treat day to day simple conditions and diseases.
Take out your leg or hand from the chilled water for sometimes and plunge it in warm water.
You have already gone through the article and have learnt about the natural treatment of bruises. Although it is not an uncommon occurrence, it is important to treat and cure them suitably to avoid any further complications.

If need be and depending upon the magnitude of the bruise, wrap the affected area by applying sufficient pressure so that blood flow to this area is limited.
Taking acetaminophen may be a good idea since it will act as a pain reliever as well as prevent clotting. After three days, applying a cloth immersed in warm water many times in a day helps to quicken healing. When the bruise does not heal even in two weeks and pain becomes unbearable, it might be something more serious and you may want to visit your doctor. This may not be possible for a contusion on your back, but arms and legs can easily be wrapped.
This aids in strengthening your capillary walls, making them less prone to damage and thus bruising. If you want to become less susceptible to kicks, then you need to pay more attention to the blood vessels, the appearing of bruises depends on their state. As if in spite of all precautions, bruises keep appearing, and collisions with furniture and other items occur with surprising regularity, it is advisable to visit an ophthalmologist and a neurologist, because the reason for this state of affairs can be a violation of the visual and vestibular apparatus.
Take a little Vaseline or any other fat cream, add 2-3 drops of essential oil of marigold, myrrh, marjoram and chamomile. Looking through the Internet you can mostly observe watered down information, something like bla bla bla, but not here to my deep surprise.
This is a consequence of the rupture of small blood vessels which causes the area surrounding tissues are filled with blood. The injured area should remain at rest, or bleeding of the tissues continue with greater intensity. If it is below that level, venous return is more difficult, and there is a retention area, slowing healing and increased pain.
This can be achieved with an elastic bandage that freeze well, exerts compression on the injured area, helping to reduce inflammation. It is important, after one or two days of rest, begin moving the joint to reduce healing of the injured area, which may cause some stiffness. Bruises are such simple conditions which can be treated with folk medicine very effectively.
Take 2-3 ice cubes in a soft cloth and press it over your bruises till you can tolerate it.
Strain the water and with the help of a cotton or sponge apply the warm fenugreek water on bruises. Bruises usually occur when blood vessels rip and blood leaks out from the adjacent tissues. It is better to avoid ibuprofen or aspirin since these have the potential to delay bleeding.
Bruises can be painful to touch and usually last from a few days to weeks depending on the severity of the injury. By cooling down a bruise with ice will help reduce the amount of blood that starts to pool under the skin.
Make sure that you take your time while wrapping a bandage on your bruise as you want it stay on but not cause any discomfort by being too tight.
Try to take a multivitamin on a regular basis that contains enough Vitamin C according to your needs.

Apply a thick layer of the resulting mixture to the problem area and leave for an hour, then remove with the cloth. The fact is that sometimes you can get a strong bruise that is hard to cure with ointments and poultices. The same goes for a bruise (ecchymosis): the small blood vessels of the skin tear, blood occupies the subcutaneous tissue and is a discoloration of the skin due to the metabolism of hemoglobin (a blood component) .
It is important that the injured area is always at the same position during the rest period.
It is a kind of injury of tissue in which the capillaries are damaged and blood clots around that area. Practice this whole day long and you will notice that your bruises have gone away gradually. During this period, if the bruise appears on a prominent part of the body and you find it awkward to display it, try concealing with appropriate clothing depending upon the area of the body or use concealers and skin colored creams to camouflage the marks. Try to keep the ice the bruise for a long time so that the cool temperature can provide some relief and start working immediately. Most people feel that just icing the area is good enough, however you will need to apply some heat to really help you with the bruise.
You can apply whole cabbage leaves, but you need to pour them with boiling water to make them softer. Such treating with the ointment can be done as often as you can, it is only important that the skin should not be injured. If the pain is too strong, and swelling persists for several days, it is best to consult a doctor. Should be conducted for at least 2 days as bleeding may continue until 24 hours after injury. For example, if you are injured in an arm, the sling can take a rest in the same position, and still be above the level of the heart. This bandage always have to watch: If the area around the bandage has a bluish or whitish and is cold, remove the bandage should immediately consult your doctor.
Specific and effective medications and treatment can help to minimize pain and promote quick healing.
This is because limited blood flow to the body will help in minimizing the size of the bruise. If you suffer an ankle sprain, rest or sitting with your foot resting on a chair or table or bed with several pillows under the foot. Bruising can result in discoloration of skin that changes over time and you can be assured that the bruise has healed considerably, when skin returns to its normal color. Keep them in freezer for an hour and then cover your bruises with chilled slices of cucumber or potato.

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