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It is important to hone your communication skills as it brings a lot of difference in your personal and professional life. Communicating successfully with the people in our surroundings and establishing good interpersonal relations with them, is something we all want, especially business people and professionals. Social scientists have the opinion that the difference between animals and humans is that we have the developed languages and communication ability. Other available components include payment and card-dispensing kiosks, 7”-10” LCDs for promotions, and more! If your dog is panting and suddenly closes his mouth, with ears erect and forward, something has likely caught her attention and she is focusing on it.  This does not mean aggression, but things can go in that direction depending on the situation. Ears that are erect and slightly forward indicate curious attention.  Often the jaw is relaxed and open, but could be closed as well. A wagging tail does NOT mean a happy dog.  You must look at the position of the tail and the character of the wag. A tail that is wagging from the base, usually the butt is wagging to, indicates a happy dog.
A special note is needed here:  some dogs naturally carry their tails low when relaxed (Greyhounds) and some naturally carry it high (Akitas). A lowered body posture with a upward gaze indicates active submission.  This is often accompanied by the quick lick discussed earlier and the ears are usually pinned back. If a dog stands over a dog that is lying down, or places her chin or paw onto the back of another dog, she is asserting dominance over the other dog.
A dog that rolls on its back and rubs her shoulders back and forth on the ground is signally happiness and contentment.
A dog that crouches with it’s front legs, but has her rear end up in the air is signalling the desire for play. This entry was posted in Aggression, Aggressive, Anxiety, Barking, Bite, Dog, Dog Behavior, Dog Training, Fear, Fearful, Scared by DrMark.
Thanks Mark i know if we keep referring to this site our puppy will be a joy not a chore to me, ha!
When I go to visit my dog, who now lives at my mum’s house, he sits down and lifts his paw into the high five position as I am at the door about to leave – is this just simply an indication of stress? Enter your email below to get great tips weekly onbecoming a great communicator and Presenter!
We have been posting about visual content marketing, and we would like to help you understand in greater depth how you can use this powerful tool to your advantage. Specifically, the objective of this post is to give you insight into the common pitfalls of visual content marketing and the rules you can follow to avoid these common mistakes.
Visual content marketing is not simply a process of finding images online and downloading them. Your content marketing goal is to grab attention, influence decision making and convert prospects, but you will fail to achieve these goals if you go on autopilot and become unmindful of what you create and share online.
Simply put, “FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL.” The absence of a visual content strategy is bound to set you up for failure. A visual strategy does not merely reflect your brand, but it should be able to embody the mission statement you have defined before being fully implemented.
Visual content, as we’ve mentioned time and time again, is more than just creating striking visuals. Each social media platform has pre-existing size recommendations for images that are shared online.
Nevermind the additional hours you will spend creating individual images for each social media account.
A key element of a good visual is that it must effectively communicate the message in a matter of seconds. In our visual branding post, we discussed how you should remain consistent in using your company logo and other equally important identifiers that will help prospects and followers remember your brand. Visual branding is all about having a good sense of what your brand is all about before creating visual content. Fresh content refers to content that is new, informative and useful for the present moment. Today, the primary goal of having a content marketing strategy is to become a thought leader in the industry or an authoritative voice on products and services.

In another post on how to optimize your visual content, we detailed key points to remember. Informative visual content that is consistent with your brand story and consumer needs is shareable. Allocating manpower and time to properly devise your visual content strategy entails outlining a safety plan. In succeeding posts, we will give you more insights into how to properly execute your visual marketing campaigns.
There are a host of factors that determine effective communication, but it is not just limited to verbal expression. More so, communicating effectively and efficiently has a huge impact on the success of your personal brand. Small Business Owners that work with Maria Elena develop a profitable relationship building system, appeal to their brand advocates, and increase sales. However, you must use it with great care so that it enhances, not derails, your content marketing and branding efforts. When you begin to create visual content, you have to understand that it is more than a power tool to improve engagement. A functional and practical visual strategy is what makes your content worthy of interaction and increases engagement.
Think big, focus on the impact of your visual and remind yourself: What good is your visual if it cannot be seen properly? We provided basic design and content guidance for creating shareable and attention-grabbing infographics, but we didn’t mention overstuffing. If you have content with too many unnecessary visual elements, chances are your content will be ignored and you will sabotage the opportunity of being recommended as an authoritative source of information. When you think ahead of the kind of visual content you should create, you will find yourself asking: Is this something new and useful?
Two important elements of great visual content is the quality of the information presented and how it is presented.
You must be able to withstand ongoing demands for fresh and relevant content that is original and credible. One of the points explains that for your visual content to be noticed, it must contain valuable information that has not been shared or offer brand-new information. If you find yourself delivering information that is timely, relevant and indispensable to the needs of your audience and consumers, you will succeed in convincing them to share news about your brand. Remember to always be on the lookout of how you can alleviate and minimize their pain points and offer solutions to their problems. Great communication skills are essential in your personal and professional life, by helping you better understand a person, build trust and respect, and establish an avenue where creative ideas can flourish and problems can be solved. Some professionals use slang to make others feel comfortable and show that they are affable. Be sure that your tone doesn’t go overboard even if you have strong feelings regarding an issue.
There are people who are not easily persuaded even if you have the most brilliant ideas in mind.
The language and communication ability has helped us to share ideas and experiences with others. The remaining 93 percent of communication constitutes body language, facial expression, tone and style of speaking.
The availability of online content creation tools has made content production and management much easier, but, if you are not careful, you may just end up wasting time, effort and money trying to use these platforms to quickly create visual content. And they can only take action if they find your content appealing, attractive, informative and amusing. Always link these two when creating your visual content and you will become a source of useful information for your audience and prospects.
Use the size recommendations for each social media platform since it is the size of the image that determines the potential impact of your visual content.
You should create highly attractive visuals that move your fans to share them with their networks. This happens when you fail to create a wireframe for your infographic before the actual design phase.

When you share visuals that are not relevant to your brand, you risk being ignored by your audience.
If these two elements fail to walk hand in hand, you create the possibility of derailing your content marketing efforts and failing to meet your brand mission. You must consistently offer quality information through your content and never overlook the value of sharing your company’s history from time to time. If you want to be a thought leader in your industry, it is essential to be a great communicator. While speaking this way may give an impression that you are friendly, not all people will appreciate it especially if you are dealing with professional matters. Slipping your hands into your pocket or hand tapping can signal to your audience that you are nervous or lack confidence.
Learn how to better express yourself and it will immediately reflect on the quality of life, but also on your business success.
It is especially tailored for people who have never had communication trainings or courses.
For example you can Learn Vietnamese. This has attributed to the evolution of science, religion and culture. Don’t hang around with one point, move on and avoid wasting time discussing why an idea is so good. It must be gripping, compelling, newsworthy, attention grabbing, informative and, most of all, brand related.
Strong visual content that is, nonetheless, irrelevant to your brand is ultimately pointless. It is important to understand whom you are talking to regardless of the mode (written or oral). Sometimes it leaves a negative impression on your brand when you talk too much without thinking first. Think of this situation: You come across two people whom you’ve talked to before and they’re together at the time.
Nervousness and over excitement can cause you to stutter, resulting in ineffective communication. People who speak with humility and genuine respect for others are almost always held in high regard.
If you are one of them, yet you think you know how to communicate, then this training is for you.
Not all people will understand or appreciate your message even if it’s full of brilliant ideas. Always remember that whatever thought you want to share, think first, be sensible and choose relevant words to convey the message clearly.
Now, you spoke to one in a professional manner while the other you were rather personal with and used slang. When you are speaking in front of a crowd, avoid injecting “uhmms, you knows, and stuff like that”. This training will, may be for the first time ever, make your employees aware of the importance of communication! When you come across the two individuals, the latter approaches you the way you approached them before, and the former is taken by surprise, mostly because they don’t expect you to be so cavalier in your communication.
Understand more about their thought process, educational background, interests, cultural, and even religious leanings. How do you assuage that person’s fears that you are not as professional as you say you are? Through listening, you can carefully select the words and the kind of information that you share, and subsequently convey it effectively. Become a Better Critical ListenerAs a critical listener, you evaluate the credibility, completeness, and worth of a message.  According to James J.

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