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Your sales reps will be naturally apprehensive to adopt heavy use of your new Salesforce CRM. As a CEO, you want to clearly communicate all the benefits they stand to gain personally from adopting Salesforce into their sales process, to say nothing of the company’s gains. We’ve mentioned the importance of your rep’s sales data several times, but we can’t stress it enough – data hygiene is absolutely critical. Low-quality data, misplaced data entries, duplicates, duplicitous metrics – they are all a sales manager’s worst headache.
Once upon a time, sales metrics were largely the domain of the sales manager, despite the fact that the reps were the ones responsible for entering all their data. Once you accept the “normal,” you can focus on finding the variances where, with tweaks and optimization, you can make a real impact and difference on your company’s success. One of the biggest limitations is with cross-object reporting, a very valuable sales management need.
Before CEOs and their Sales VPs and sales managers hit the ground running with their company’s use of Salesforce reporting, they should be aware of these 5 concepts. Getting data in and out of Salesforce is a required skill for any Salesforce Administrator or Consultant. Salesforce has inbuilt separate Import Wizards that allows you to import Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Solutions and Custom Objects. The Data Import Wizard is an updated, unified version of the separate Import Wizards that are still available but will likely be phased out at some stage. Advantages – Upgraded Interface, encourages you with some nice messages along the way! The Salesforce Data Loader aka Apex Data Loader has been a staple bit of software in most Consultants and Admins day to day life.
Jitterbit has created one of the most advanced platforms I’ve seen for integrating, manipulating and uploading data into Salesforce. Thanks for reading, if you have come across any other Data Loaders that you think should of appeared in this list, then please comment and leave a link! SimpleImport Free is another Dataloader which allows you to import Excel spreadsheets into any object. Users can do this easily and quickly through a simple interface, with customizable automated field mapping. I have a requirement where i need to extract the data from the salesforce and upload it to some ftp server on daily basis. I’m actually planning to update a new post with this information as I’ve found a lot more data loaders that definitely deserve a place in the ranking! I have a question though: is there any import tool that allows you to review the data before the import? A sort of import simulation that would allow me not to import or modify certain entries before the actual import. Interested in guest posting?We are always looking for writers that have something interesting to say about Salesforce.
You might also want to checkout the built in Schema Builder for creating diagrams directly in Salesforce. Take a look at Safyr from Silwood Technology - this pulls all the Objects (or tables) from your own SFDC instance and lets you choose which to include in a model.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged salesforce entity-relationship database-schema datamodel or ask your own question. It is adopted by organisations operating across a range of industries and sectors, whether it’s front-line service delivery, training and education, financial services, real-estate, membership subscription models to professional services.  Salesforce reports having over 150,000 customers in 2015, including 26,000 charities worldwide. The Salesforce Foundation offers not-for-profit organisations the opportunity to apply for 10 free user licenses and subsequent discounts on additional user licenses for employees, customers, partners or volunteers with costs ranging from ?8.40 to ?250 per user per year depending on the level of access required.
Improved Customer Service – Maintain a 360° view of your contacts, by being able to view a contact record and seeing a summary of interaction with that person in just one place, with easy access to the detail if needed.
Improved team working – Utilise the CRM for real time management of day to day tasks and deliverables via computer, tablet or phone, to help co-ordinate team efforts, automate tasks, reduce administration and costs.

Real-time analytics – With the daily input of data and tracking of activity, you will beable to view reports and graphs with accurate data, ready for reporting, performance management or business development.
Security and compliance – Create one secure central storage place for your organisations’ data, with the option to create tiered security so only certain visible to those who need to see it. A Band of Brothers use Salesforce for tracking beneficiary data and delivery and utilise Salesforce communities to provide an online portal for volunteer mentors to connect and log contact time with mentees.
The Co-operative College use Salesforce for managing the delivery of accredited training and consultancy services with their co-operative clients. UpRising use Salesforce to manage the recruitment, assessment, matching of young people to mentors and coaches, and tracking of outcomes for young people on their leadership programmes.
About UsWe provide management solutions to help organisations improve their efficiency, sustainability and socio-economic impact. We help clients to develop their service offer, streamline business processes and evaluate the customer experience to ultimately maximise their impact. There is a certain “Big Brother” effect that comes with implementing Salesforce, as your reps might feel that they were doing fine before, don’t need need any more sales process and certainly don’t want to be micromanaged.
After all, how can they be expected to use the actionable insights from their data analysis to make the right data-backed decisions? In the modern Sales 2.0 era, data works best when it is truly democratized, accessible and visible to all tiers of the organization. Any rep or manager should be able to go into their instance and pull the reports and information they need. This means focusing on tackling situations that deviate from the norm or are exceptions to the common rule. Sales managers need to connect the dots across seemingly disparate objects, such as between marketing efforts and sales results.
Then, they should communicate these core assets and foundational elements to the rest of the team. These wizards takes you step by step to import data into your organisation and is fairly self explanatory and easy to use. The Data Import Wizard has much of the same functionality as the old import wizards but has a much needed user interface upgrade. Created by Salesforce, the Apex Data loader is an application installed on your computer that can be used to interact with your data in a variety of different ways. It that can be accessed straight away  by logging in with your Salesforce credentials, no separate sign up required!. Jitterbit can connect to various other web services and databases to provide you with one environment to manage all of your data for a particular project. The Excel Connector is probably one of the most underrated and forgotten data loaders out there.
But the tool also provides an interactive power grid for manipulating data so sometimes the export, manipulating, and re-import isn’t necessary at all. It made it really easy for me to migrate data between systems and VLOOKUP IDs right in Excel then import selected records. All input data can be manipulated or extracted to produce on analytical graphs on a dashboard or on demand reports that can be exported. The possibilities of what you can do and the actionable insights you can gain from this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software seems boundless. However, Salesforce only works best when there is clean and consistent data across the board, and the more of it you have, the better. Stress that the data they enter is extremely valuable to their managers in making the right data-driven decisions for the company.
When this data is accessible to all, reps will take more ownership and really get the most out of using Salesforce.
This is not easy to do in Salesforce, and requires either complex and time-consuming Excel analysis, or a third-party sales analytics product. Salesforce provide a few different data loaders that have unique applications and are all suited for different ways to upload and export your environment.

As the name suggests, the Import Wizard is only going to allow you to import data and not delete or export, it can also only handle data up to 50,000 records. is a clean, quick and intuitive way to interact with your data in various ways. Although I have not used it extensively, I have not come across any limitations with this software, although if you do, there is always Jitterbit and! It is an Add on to Excel which can be very easily installed and allows you to upload and  export data directly in and out of an excel sheet. It also includes de-duplication functions and a people import tool which is helpful for tradeshow lists.
User adoption is a crucial starting point, so make every effort to get your reps full on board. Train your sales reps to be disciplined and accurate in their data entry right off the bat. Sales VPs can take this transparency and accessibility one step further by using a sales analytics product in addition to Salesforce.
In terms of my title, you couldn’t really crown a winner of best Data Loader for Salesforce, as it all depends on what your requirements are, what experience you have and the ease of use you want.
One big advantage to the Import Wizard as well as the simplicity is the fact that it will dedupe your data and you can choose to not enter duplicates.
The Data Import Wizard is pretty much identical to the separate import wizards but does have a few discrepancies that you can check out in a nice table by Salesforce here. If you are wondering what Upsert is, this function will update existing records or insert new records. As well as the usual importing, exporting and deleting you can also schedule operations for future dates (1 schedule is free). It is mainly free and gives away ALOT of features, there is paid alternatives for some of the more niche bits of functionality. The Excel connector is preferable if you are experienced with Excel and are required to do a lot of data manipulation before upload, you are more than likely going to be doing this anyway, so why not have your data loader in the same program! I was kind of hoping that they used an automatic tool, rather than one that was hand drawn.
When you can manage effectively using exception reports and analysis, you will start seeing all the areas of improvement that exist in your sales process. However, it does require you to map all fields individually and does not allow you to import maps. Apart from the increased functions it can do, it has a major advantage over the import wizard in that it can insert over 50,000 records, up to 5,000,000. Overall Jitterbit is an amazing product that you have to try out, the only caveat is that it does have a lot of features and is maybe not as simple to use as something like, no reason not to give it a try though! It also has the ability to save field mappings for future use, instead of choosing the fields to map every time. Because it is so quick, you really do have to know what you are doing just incase you slip up. The Export feature also allows you to apply filters to only export specific bits of data from each object. has thought about their product well and has little features like predictive text when mapping fields and being able to access dropbox for CSV’s, this has made them #1 on the AppExchange!
One disadvantage I have come across using the Data loader is that it cannot insert into some of the more obscure objects like BusinessHours.

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