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I've probably always gone checklist crazy, just this time I have printable PDFs instead of miscellaneous notebook paper scribbled on everywhere. There actually isn't much beyond some comfy clothes and personal cosmetics that is needed in the hospital bag, but it's worth checking through the list for the essentials. July 1, 2013 By Jelli 14 Comments Oh, how the tables have turned for the birth of baby Elijah. Although I did have some items packed away in case of an emergency with my homebirth, this time I must pack a hospital bag for the birth, lest I wind up in unfortunate circumstances leading to serious embarrassment. About JelliJelli is a blogging veteran and avid baker who’s been selling sweets to feed her chocolate addiction for 5+ years. I’ve never understood why people pack loads of makeup and outfits and whatnot for the hospital – I just wanted to be as comfy as possible and resting in bed, not doing my hair!
I’d also add to this a birth ball – it was a lifesaver for my 68 hour marathon labor! How Much Should You Pay Your Helper?February 20, 2016, No Comments on How Much Should You Pay Your Helper? I loved packing up her stuff as it means we are close…cannot wait to meet my little girl! I started my day with a simple smoothie: homemade cashew butter, coconut oil, fresh mint and parsley, little protein powder, gelatin, and frozen peaches. Lunch was shredded brussel sprouts cooked in coconut oil in a skillet, topped with nutritional yeast, little bit of ground buffalo, more coconut oil, sea salt and an egg sandwich. Dinner was a little sushi rice, sauteed romaine, canned salmon, homemade quick coleslaw, coconut oil and sea salt.
If you would like more help with pregnancy workouts (pre, during and post) please come and join the purely fit life family. I know I have mentioned this before a few times already… but I am SUPER excited to be coming to the end of my pregnancy journey. After reading a handful of blog posts and websites about what to pack, I feel that we have a good base of things covered for different scenarios. A diaper – also probably not necessary, but I put it in for fun in case we need it on the way home or something random. Remember when I was obsessed with these Le Labo products I got at the Fairmont Olympic in Seattle? I welcome your suggestions on anything I might have forgotten that you found especially helpful! Just a question (and this isn’t meant to be rude or judgmental) but is beer on your last minute packing list?
Yes, as a ceremonial celebration – a la champagne, which lots of people have included in their birthdays in the past.
I was just going to come here and say that I LOVE that you’re taking beer to the hospital! I delivered my twins in Germany and was given beer by my midwife after I gave birth in order for my milk to come in. I progressed too quickly to use the tub but Neil used his swim trunks when I labored in the shower.
I also suggest the infinity pads..they smell a little weird, but they can hold a ridiculous amount and I have given birth three times and never leaked! Great post- I just delivered my littl boy 2weeks ago and would love to offer you my input on what was helpful! Sorry if tmi, but all of hat was completely necessary the entire time I was in the hospital! I had a reeaaalllyy long (32 hr) labor and even in the beginning it was really hard for me to eat. Just suggestions based on MY experience- take it all with a grain of salt as I know it’s a very personal journey ! Our hospital also didn’t allow strongly fragranced toiletries- they said it was super important for the baby to get used to your scent, the scent of your milk, etc. Kimono-style oneises are essential for the first few weeks until the umbilical cord fell off. Also, I am embarrassed to admit, my body was so weak that if I thought about needing to go potty I would leak and almost lose it. Yes, the hospital does have some stuff (like Lanolin and Vasoline) but it’s good that you bring your own because they charge you $$$ for anything and everything you ask for. My hospital room had it’s own microwave and dorm fridge, Kath does your room have either of these?
I’m due just about the same time as you, so I have no experience (and am in the midst of packing my bag, too!). I found that I over packed for myself and didn’t need nearly as much as I thought I would.

So, to wrap up the checklist craze--you know, before I finally get busy completing the checklists--I have two more to share with you. And if you're gonna pack a bag anyway, why not throw in a few "nice-to-haves" as space allows. I have two more weeks left and have been scratching my head wondering what I might be forgetting. Obviously, your hospital might provide necessities that my free public hospital would never consider handing out, so be sure to check before packing more supplies than necessary. When the polka dotted apron’s hanging up, she’s a full-time mama to two (plus one on the way!) tiny kidlets enjoying the crazy days of motherhood and pumping out brownie recipes from her thrice-dropped-barely-hanging-on laptop in sunny Costa Rica. I know I won’t have room in my birthing room with 20+ moms to use one, but it sure would be nice. Hope you feel great for the remainder of your pregnancy, especially since you’ll be prepped and ready to go with your hospital bag already packed. With our first child a few friends gave us disposable diapers not knowing we’d decided on cloth. My great-grandmother told me this trick and it worked like a charm, plus it keeps Kamden’s bottom nice and smooth!!!
I snagged the best guy around, birthed three tiny kidlets, scribble down too many dessert recipes, love Jesus, and grow veggies in my front yard. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I am so close to the end of being pregnant:)  I am starting to do more of my pregnancy stretches. Come workout with me every day and I promise to keep you strong and healthy during your pregnancy so you can bounce back afterwards. I know you said you’d use the hospital pillows, but it can be really nice to have your own pillow, just my preference.
When added to a squirt bottle with some warm water it can be used as a gentle and healing perineal wash.
It’s a rare occasion that you know you’re going to be staying in a hospital for a few days.
I also suspect that he will pop back home at the end of the first full day for a few items, maybe a better shower, to deliver the placenta, etc. My sister made me promise that I’d bring her a Woodchuck cider for her to drink after she had the baby!!!
First off, though adorably cute… Until the babies cord stump falls off, kimono style shirts are much easier and more comfortable as they allow air flow to dry out stump. I suggest butter toast, hard boiled eggs, watered down Gatorade (I would never have suggested it before but for me it was invaluable! I totally understand the ABSOLUTE need to have all your ducks in a row- that nesting instinct is NO JOKE!!
I didn’t even tear and I had blood and miscellaneous birth goo everywhere you could imagine when I woke up the next morning. The A+A muslin blankets are great for swaddling (and a million other things) when your baby is bigger, but I really recommend the small, hospital-style receiving blankets at the beginning – the muslin ones were was too huge and stretchy and tough to use with a tiny newborn, for me at least. I also brought the ultra-thin Always pads, and DON’T USE THEM IF YOU GET STITCHES, the dry-weave can catch in the stitches (even a week later at home, when the bleeding has subsided some) and yank on on them.
We also really loved zipper sleepers, especially if they are a little big, they won’t irritate the umbilical cord either. I just gave birth to my daughter a little over a month ago and the biggest things for me were 1.
Not fun when you are in the nursery for shots and hearing tests and far away from the bathroom!
Especially if you have him curcumsized- you will need to apply this with every diaper change for quite awhile until it is well heeled. I just thought the nurses were being nice and offered me stuff – then I got our bill and saw everything listed.
I need to pack my own bags soon, and hadn’t thought about packing one for my husband, LOL. I just had our daughter and at one point during labor I looked at my husband and noticed he was trying to keep wrapped up in a blanket while helping me through contractions. When I pack for the hospital, you’d better believe I’m not going to miss a thing! In fact, with Summer’s birth, I borrowed an exercise ball for the birth though never did wind up using it. As new parents it was easier for my husband to change with disposables the first two days or so as he played nurse to both me and the baby.
I purchased a new set of pajamas (button-down shirt, long pants) right before and I’m so glad I had them, especially for breastfeeding.

Since I had my son in the hospital this time around we went the disposable diaper route for his first day or two to make life simpler. Although I was getting one very small pimple a few days ago, but I was able to stop it by using lavender essential oil on it to help prevent it from coming along with my usual face wash routine. I am unsure of any additional weight gain until I get weighed at my doctor’s appointment later this week. I don’t have any tips how to speed things up, as my little boy decided to come 15 days after his due date!! I have been IN the hospital for the day, but I haven’t stayed overnight before, so I’m not entirely sure what to expect – especially since I don’t know what my labor, delivery and recovery will be like. If I don’t use any of this, I don’t really care, but I’ll have a piece of mind that I brought it. I knew I had to save them for the hospital – to create as spa like of an experience as possible : ) I can’t wait to use them! I’m a NICU nurse and a lot of our hispanic moms swear by it (within reason, of course)! In fact, the only time she wore our clothes we brought for her was 1) the photo the hospital takes for their online album and 2) when we left. I have no idea if I’ll be in the mood to listen to anything, but I like the idea of having it just in case. The hospital will provide you with (no joke) wee-wee pad like sheets to fold up and use in your underwear, and that goes underneath 2 large maxi pads- the thin kind will not cut it, sorry!! Coconut water didn’t cut it after awhil!!) I thought PB too at first but it was far too hard for my stomach to digest the fat during contractions. Just don’t fret too much about it, they have a million swaddle blankets at the hospital- we found the muslin ones to be far too large and difficult! That’s what we brought my little girl home in, but we did make sure to have a super cute hat to put on her though. I had tons of bleeding and stitches that required a large pad, an ice pack, and a special ointment for swelling and pain. By the time your little one arrives you’ll be a mama in the know:Would you like to include a free version of our diaper bag on your website absolutely free of charge? The hospital will give you some mesh kind (which were great for the first day or two) but I found the cotton ones more comfy.
I brought the Brest Friend with my 2nd pregnancy and it was great, so comfortable to nurse, since you can lay back in the bed and the baby can lay on the pillow.
We may or may not use them for more than our time at the hospital, especially now that you’ve told me that our cloth stash will likely survive with no battle wounds. I wrote my birth story and said how all the things I planned for to cope didn’t even matter. I just started using onesies this week after the cord fell off- and let me tell you- button ups and kimono style are SO much easier. They will also put your little one in a kimono style long sleeve shirt most likely when transferring you to recovery.
There is literally so much that you will be thankful for the hospital grade pads, even though they are hella bulky. The recovery bag is a small suitcase (like the one you show above) and has all our clothes, baby clothes, etc. I highly recommend getting some nursing pads and nipple cream (lanolin or something like that), and start using it immediately.
Even if you have a great latch and help with the breastfeeding, you will still be a little sore. I learned that I just read too much ?? I also advise lots of yoga squats (do some from the squat to standing, repeat slowly) as well as rocking on hands and knees in the last 2 weeks to get that baby moving down and those hips ready!
But I couldnt imagine putting real clothes on and risking ruining them- or showing the huge diaper-esque thing going on downstairs!! The pads will keep the cream from getting all over your bra or shirt and then later will catch leaks. We also wound up bringing him home in a diaper and one of the side snap shirts the hospital gives you because he was sleeping and I didn’t want to upset him by forcing his arms into real clothes.
I didn’t leak at all, but some of my friends leaked a lot, so perhaps bring a few more. I bought some organic hemp reusable ones but I had a pack of disposables that were nice for the beginning. It was very hard for me to sit up from laying down, stay with your side and then pushing up- as you would while pregnant!

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