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The medical name of water retention is edema and the condition is characterized by swelling up of the tissues due to collection of fluid in them. The hormonal imbalance in the body causes the body to hold on to extra water in places such as the breasts, lower abdomen, fingers of hands and feet and in the ankle.
Rose hip is another popular herb used in the treatment of water retention because of its diuretic effect. Parsley is often used for garnishing dishes because of its fresh and clean taste and aroma. Burdock root is a well known Chinese medication that is used as a diuretic as well as a tonic for cleansing of blood.
Horsetail is also a natural diuretic and gets rid of the extra fluids that the body is holding on to because of hormonal imbalance.It helps the body maintain a regular balance of hormones thereby stimulating the kidneys to get rid of the extra accumulated water. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.
This website is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
If you continuously complain about that belly fat and an annoying large stomach, chances are that you may be suffering from bloating. In addition to ridding your body off impurities and other toxins, water helps to regulate digestion and takes care of gastrointestinal disorders as well. Dairy products can take time to digest and so can cause severe bloating when consumed in large quantities. Who would have thought that the healthy foods that we opt for could also potentially cause bloating? If you experience bloating every time you eat out or prefer to eat some leftovers, then chances are your body is not acting favorably to foods that are reheated. Menstruation also causes the muscles in the body to relax (an effect produced by progesterone), including those present in the gut and abdomen.

There is no direct evidence to back the point, but many researchers believe that conditions like bloating could be aggravated by issues like stress or depression. Bloating also occurs when the amount of good bacteria (responsible for quick and healthy digestion) present in the gut decreases.
More women than men experience water retention due to pregnancy and hormonal changes in the body during menstrual cycle. The berry fruit of the herb has medicinal properties and the volatile oil of the juniper berries is known for its diuretic effect that is useful in treatment of water retention.The volatile oil of juniper contains tannins, flavonoids, resins and terpenes that encourage the kidney to filter out the unwanted water. The herb contains bioflavanoids that help treat edema, bacterial infection, bladder problems and diarrhea. The herb is a rich source of vitamin C and is often used as supplement for correcting the particular deficiency. The herb is also a mild diuretic and can be used for treating swelling of hands, feet and ankles. Herbal tea prepared using the dried roots of burdock are used for treating water retention in the body as the herb stimulates the kidneys and encourages it to increase flow of urine from the body. And though there are several ways you can treat the issue, understanding the causes for the same can help you deal with it better. Accordingly, fatty foods can prolong digestion and just stay in the stomach for long periods without moving out. So if you are not drinking enough water on a daily basis, you may experience indigestion problems and severe bloating as a result of the same. The reason for this happens to be the fluctuating hormone levels during these periods which make the body more vulnerable to conditions like bloating. When this happens, the stomach takes longer time to digest the food and pass it to the intestine.
So if you feel your stomach acting up after a really stressful day, chances are your brain may be sending appropriate signals to the gut to bloat. And most of the time, the reason for the same would be the intake of antibiotics which can potentially the balance between the good and bad bacteria present in the gut.When this happens, conditions for the growth of bad bacteria improve considerably.

Not only does it have no basis in scientific fact, it has spelling errors that most eight year olds would pick up! Fresh burdock root can also be used for preparing herbal tea but use very less quantity of the fresh herb.
More prominent in women, IBS can cause bloating in addition to causing other conditions like abdominal pain, extreme discomfort, gas and irregular bowel movements etc. Some gums also contain artificial sweeteners that can be hard to digest and so can cause bloating. This in turn would make you more sensitive to foods that take time to digest or ferment in the gut. However, the herbal treatment should not be used if the water retention is due to pregnancy hormones. The herbal treatment is not meant for pregnant women as parsley is used for inducing herbal abortion.
These foods when taken in large quantities can ferment in the gut and cause bloating in the process.Some regularly followed healthy diets may not be as healthy as you think and can cause conditions like bloating.
The intestine on its part would try to digest these foods and produce excess gas in the process which results in bloating. On the other hand, the relaxed muscles themselves would make the body look bloated during menstruation or menopause. These include high protein diets like Duka or Atkins and diets that are low in fiber or carbohydrates.

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