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The gender in the majority shall not begin changing, helmets, gloves and skates excepted, prior to the departure of the lesser represented gender.
When necessary, due to facility limitations, dressing and showering shall be done in shifts with the gender in the majority dressing and showering first. We're proud to welcome both female & male players to participate in any of our Ottawa Senators Summer Hockey Camps (with the exception of our Girls Only Camp and Girls Only Competitive Camp, which are open only to female players). Our hockey camps offer each participant the chance to develop game-changing skills in a fun, supportive and inclusive environment. Why do we believe an Ottawa Senators Summer Hockey Camp is the right choice for your daughter? World-class instruction both on and off-the ice, designed to build confidence in every game situation and help players enjoy hockey more than ever. Our policy of staffing at least one female counsellor with all coed groups to ensure proper supervision of campers at all times.

An on-ice focus on error detection and correction to hone the skills needed to succeed next season.
Over 100 female participants hosted in coed camps in 2015 (as well as nearly 150 female campers in our Girls Only Camp). Our work as the current in-season skill development provider for the Nepean Girls Hockey Association, as well as having provided skill development clinics for both the Kanata Girls Hockey Association and Ottawa Girls Hockey Association, has given us the experience needed to tailor our programs to benefit female hockey players. 69 camps available at three premium facilities, meaning options for every female player (elite, house league & beginner) anywhere in the city. We further believe in balancing this goal with the safety, privacy, modesty and wishes of ALL our members without compromising the aspects of camaraderie, social integration and bonding inherent in a team sport. Hockey Canada stresses the importance of coaches in ensuring both male and female players have equal access to pre and post team sessions and to all team related activities.
Hockey Canada recognizes the physical limitations of some facilities and encourages our members to work with local facility management to ensure that appropriate changing facilities are available to both genders.

Once the room with shower facilities has been fully vacated the lesser represented gender may use the shower facilities. We have over ten years' experience running coed camps that offer both female and male players the chance to develop skills that allow them to enjoy hockey more than ever. This policy attempts to meet all these goals while providing a safe and respectful environment for our participants.

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