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Following are the eligibility and procedure that you need to follow for applying for education loan in Punjab National Bank. Following is the  eligibility criteria and process  for applying education loan in State Bank of India. Repayment will commence one year after completion of course or 6 months after securing a job, whichever is earlier. Following is the  eligibility criteria and process  for applying education loan in Vijaya Bank. Following is the  eligibility criteria and process  for applying education loan in  Indian Bank. Ability to get web-based access to the loan account with web enabled transaction processing inclusive of electronic payments, etc. For the benefit of prospective students ,IFBI has tied up with Credila Financial Services Pvt.
The Higher Education Loans board has reduced the highest loan allocation to applicants from Ksh.
HELB’s maximum allocation has remained at Sh60,000 for more than six years while the minimum allocation is Sh35,000. First year students who joined public universities and tertiary technical institutions from last September have been surviving without the loans needed to pay for meals, housing and personal upkeep.
Unfortunately, it can cost a sizable sum of money to accomplish this goal, as tuition, books, and other fees can really add up, and not everyone has the means of easily financing this on their own.
This organization is dedicated to helping Jamaicans who are financially less fortunate attain their educational goals by issuing loans to cover a percentage of their tuition fees, making school a reality for them rather than an unattainable dream. In order to qualify for assistance, a student must have already obtained a passing mark in all required pre-requisites for his or her programme of interest and be eligible for entry into it. Yes, it is possible to appeal when a student has been turned down for a loan in cases where circumstances such as dealing with a serious illness or injury, family tragedy etc. You are also welcome to join my special friends list and receive exclusive updates (like this), tips, trivia and stories from lovers of Jamaica! I'll Gift You A FREE COPY of my eBook, 101 Intriguing Facts About Jamaica - just for subscribing!
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Not all educational loans come with the tax benefit; only those loans taken for higher education are eligible for a tax benefit (Section 80E).
Remember, this benefit is related to the loan and is different from the tuition fee benefit available as a deduction under the Rs 1 lakh limit (Section 80C).
But now the benefit is extended to persons who take a loan for their relatives' education.

There is a time limit for which the benefit will be available on an educational loan, and it helps determine the total quantum of the benefit.
Time limit puts pressure on the borrower, ensuring that the loan is paid back by this time. An education loan is structured in such a manner that the repayment will start only when the student starts earning after the course is over.
There is also a time period during which the course is being completed when only the interest working adds to the amount outstanding but there is no repayment taking place during that time. An education loan may be the saving grace, now day’s higher or professional study cost millions of rupees according to the chosen programme.
Education loan procurement is processed if the course is recognized and college is affiliated with university, or government. For loan sanction, student need to secure the admission in college and course or college both should be recognized by the UGC (University Grants Commission) or AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education).
All education loan candidates must have a co-applicant, which can be a parent or any other guardian, but in some cases a sibling or spouse can be guarantors. IF you are taking the loan of Rs 4 lakh or less than that and for loans of nursing courses, the lender doesn’t seek a guarantor or security.
Education loan is one of the  best options through which you can  arrange funds for abroad Education and do not give up on your dreams.  Below are the various banks which  provide education loan facility for abroad education.
Besides loans, the SLB also provides qualified applicants with non-repayable grants known as Grant-in-Aid assistance. Dishonesty means that the applicant is disqualified from re-applying for a two-year period.
Those who are taking a 3 or 4 year programme will be given up to 15 years from when they commence studies to repay the loan, and those in a 5-year programme have up to 20 years.
To acquire it, all you need is hard work and strong will, and as far as the money part is concerned, there is always an educational loan.
Higher education means full-time studies for any graduate or postgraduate course in engineering, medicine, management or for a postgraduate course in applied sciences or pure sciences, including mathematics and statistics. One, a regular repayment will have to be done on the loan and two, the tax benefit will be available only on the interest part of the loan. However, people are generally not aware that Section 80E of the IT Act provides for a deduction of interest on loan taken by an individual for availing higher education of himself or his spouse or children.
Under the loan you can cover your tuition fee, examination fee, library fee and other charges. 4 lakh you need to give income proof and guarantee and in case if you will get fail to re-pay the loan then the guarantor will be responsible for the payment.
If students prove eligible through the Means Test they must first fill out, they will be automatically approved for these grants.

After all, educational loans are meant to ensure that there are no limitations on getting the best education.
So at the end of the year, the borrower will have to separate the principal from the interest component to get the benefit.
These 8 years are counted from the year in which the borrower starts repaying interest on the loan. The repayment period of education loan is between five and seven years, which starts from one year after the course completion or six months after getting a job, whichever is earlier.
This article will tell you the eligibility and application procedure for the education loan. These funds are intended to act as a supplementary source of funding for school expenses and will be issued directly to the student's tertiary institution in the form of two payments spread out over two semesters. No other person apart from the spouse and children are covered, so loan for brothers or sisters would not get the tax benefit. So if you have utilised your limit under Section 80C, this could be a further opportunity to reduce your tax outgo. For getting the professional education or brighter career, now you don’t need to have a strong financial background. In case if you will be not able to pay the education loan than your information will be reflected in your credit information. Collaterals can include the assets like; insurance policies, bonds, property papers and national security certificates.
Like other loans, educational loans too carry tax benefits, but they have certain conditions attached to them. Interestingly, effective April 1, 2009, this section also includes a legal guardian of a student, while the scope of studies has been extended to all fields of studies (including vocational studies) pursued after passing Senior Secondary Examination or its equivalent from any school, board or university recognized by the government or local authority, which was not the case earlier.
With the help of loan from banks or lending institutions you can finance your education in IIMs, IITs, or even in foreign countries.
The amount of education loan should depend on the course fees and capacity of repaying the same. CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau Limited) have the credit history of the student and other defaulter. But do remember that the loan should be taken only from any financial institution, including bank, or any approved charitable institution for the specific purpose of pursuing higher education.
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