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Japan has been frequently featuring media during the last two months, since the tragic earthquake on March 11, 2011 that has taken countless lives and created destruction beyond imaginable. Japanese higher education system is characterized by a large private sector and a high participation rate, where expansion has been achieved through diversification of institutional missions (OECD 2009). The article further examines the recent 2004 university reform, arguably initiated by a sense of crisis and that universities are partly to blame for  the economic stagnation Japan had faced. The rapid aging of the population has led to challenges for the institutions and it could be assumed that the already competitive environment is even further complicated by the ever decreasing student population. From theoretical literature we know that times of crisis can provide a fertile ground for implementing new reforms and changing current institutional structures. The views and opinions expressed in this page, as well as responsibility for embedded and linked content, belong solely to the authors of the individual blog posts. The contents - text, audio, and video - have not been reviewed or approved for publication by the University of Oslo.
Cost of Studying in Japan is Much Lesser than Studying in US or UKCost of studying in Japan is less than studying in US or UK. The Canadian High Commission in Singapore accept visa applications submitted online or through visa application centres (VACs) in Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Singapore at May 1st, 2014. CVAC is the special service provider for the Canada Government, authorized to accept applications in all provisional resident categories (visitor visas, study and work permits) and travel document applications from Canada’s permanent residents in Bangladesh.
In previous year that is 2013 Visas were issued only for 24 professions but in this year its number is increased to 50 professions. This is really an unbelievable offer for all Bangladeshi that immigration to canada from Bangladesh.
It is important to know that from next year Canadian government is going to change immigration system.

Almost people from all professions can apply including BBA, MBA, doctor, Engineer, University teacher, nurse.
For example: If you are interested to apply for permanent residence, they will provide you some steps you need to submit an application.
Once you have your documents and application form ready, you can submit your application to CIC.
While great attention has been paid to the courageous attempts to keep the nuclear plants under control and avoid even greater catastrophe, the aftermath of this crisis has also had a major impact on higher education, as on all other spheres of society. Being a huge success story during the 80s through production of high-tech, consumer electronics and car industry, Japan faced an economic downturn during the 90s. In the usual elite-mass-universal division, Japan reached universal access relatively early, and according to a fresh article published in Higher Education – the Japanese pathway to universal access does not match the definitions proposed by Martin Trow. If you are of the thought that you must know Japanese language in order to study in Japan, then you e are wrong, like many other people. Canadian government announced on 23 April 2014 that in the year 2014 it will Issue a large number of Visa more than ever before under Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Immigration Program. VFS worldwide manages the Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC) in Bangladesh which managed by VFS Bangladesh Private Limited. You can settle there as a citizen of Canada including your all family members.   Just you need to work there only for few years. Applicants need to get a medical exam and police variation before submitting their application. From societal perspective, one of the more striking features is the significantly aging population, and a recent OECD report on tertiary education in Japan indicated that by 2050, the population will have decreased by 25%, this rapid shift is already taking place and is having major consequences for the whole society.
Above facts are enough for any international student to consider Japan as their study centre.Cost of education in US universities or UK universities is 2 or 3 times more than cost of studying in a Japanese university.

In last year 300 visas were issued against one profession which is presently 1000 for Federal skilled worker program Canada immigration 2014.
Make it hurry as soon as it is possible to apply federal skilled worker program Canada immigration 2014 from Bangladesh.
These trends are characterised by focus on efficiency and effectiveness, institutional leadership, competition and management. It is further argued that while much has been done, more focus can be put to long-term thinking in the reform processes.
In order to supplement for the declining student numbers nationally, Japan has stated high ambitions to attract more international students.
This was news for many of us which was made clear at the Japan Education Fair held at Ahemdabad Mangement Association, Gujarat.Daisuke Kodama, first secretary , Embassy of Japan informed that there are 90 PUblic universities, 80 national universities and 600 private universities in Japan.
A recent University World News (UWN) article indicates that the stated goal was 300 000 international students from the current 141 000. He also made it clear that though knowing Japapnese would help the student but it is not mandatory for an international student.
In order for Japan to be able to double the international student population, quick measures have to be taken to again attract foreign students.

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