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The imminent changes to disabled student allowances (DSA) will shift the responsibility for provision of accessible learning resources to the individual’s institution. But achieving this end goal of an environment where “reasonable adjustments” become mainstream good practice is beneficial not only for dyslexic learners,but for institutions as well. Figure 1 ‘Managing reasonable adjustments in higher education’ Equality Challenge Unit (2010) p8.
Jisc has worked with many library services and accessibility specialists to identify issues relating to DSA changes where technology could ease the transition. Raising accessibility awareness of your library staff is a good starting point and there are lots of resources available for library staff to help develop their knowledge and use of accessible digital technologies. Changes to copyright legislation have opened up significant new opportunities for library services,allowing ’intermediate copies’ of digital texts made for disabled learners to be stored and shared with other institutions– saving significant time and money by not having to produce new versions each time. A review of the licences supplied to HEIs from some academic publishers.Many contain unenforceable conditions – for example forbidding the institution to share accessible intermediate versions with other organisations. Technology alone is rarely the solution to accessibility problems;it’s also about how the tools are promoted, where (and to whom) they are available and how easily the students can become confident users. The University of Oxford provides disabled students with optical character recognition software so their needs can be self-served using simple (and quick) image-only PDF scans provided by the disability service. The Open University provides guidance for learners on e-book accessibility features for many different platforms. Changes to DSA mean everyone in the organisation takes responsibility for good accessibility practices so that learners can be truly independent. Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission is pleased to inform you about the current Jean Monnet call for proposals. The Jean Monnet Programme is designed to increase knowledge about European integration by promoting teaching, research and debate at higher education institutions on the history, politics, economics and law of the European Union and the EU's relations with other areas of the world.

Jobs Opportunity In Punjab Higher Education Commission Lahore in Pakistan for fresh and experienced Job seekers Jobs Opportunity In Punjab Higher Education Commission Lahore 2015 newspaper ad and all other Career opportunities published in newspapers of Pakistan. You can use these free cliparts for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.Don't forget to link to this page for attribution! The key changes are the removal of funding for support and enhanced support assistants – those who might previously have provided practical support in the library or supported print impaired students in reading, scribing or notetaking. Universities in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland will have indigenous disabled students receiving DSA funding, but many disabled students from England won’t. Subscribing to an inaccessible platform is subscribing to unnecessary additional support costs. Not all suppliers will be able to provide an adequate level of accessibility in their products so be prepared to negotiate reduced costs to offset the additional support implications.
Staff should have enough familiarity with such tools that they can demonstrate them to students in a way that inspires confidence.
The law expressly states that licence conditions that undermine the provisions of the copyright exemptions are unenforceable, which means you can ignore them.
It deals with whole books (rather than extracts) and has limited capacity to provide advice on specific systems or issues. Semantics are also important… a focus on tools for productivity is more likely to engage disabled learners, who may resist being identified with the deficit model implicit in ‘assistive technologies’. Seventeen years ago George helped me understand that good mainstream practice with technology transforms opportunities for dyslexic learners. Jobs Opportunity In Punjab Higher Education Commission Lahore and all government and private jobs in Karachi , Lahore , Islamabad , Rawalpindi and all other cities of Pakistan and abroad. The justification is that the barriers which the majority of Non Medical Helper bands 1 and 2 provision is designed to overcome could be addressed by the Higher Education (HE) provider through reasonable adjustments.

Further, some university libraries source hundreds of textbooks a year in alternative format; others hardly any. Equally, be prepared to pay for quality - a supplier who has invested in accessibility improvements might be more expensive but they save you money and reduce your risks under the Equality Act.
Every learner who gains confidence to service their own needs is a success for the library; educationally, ethically and financially. Better still, send back the signed agreement with the appropriate sections crossed out and a margin note added to the effect "please update this to take account of changes to copyright law". An excellent supplement to Load2Learn is the LIS-Accessibility Jiscmail list, where requests for accessible book extracts can be shared, as well as advice on assistive technologies, technical or procedural issues.
His passion for promoting independent learning took him into elearning in the olden days of Windows 98.
He was slow to leave - he had an hour to wait till Dad picked him up; then a 45 minute journey home.
Even within the same institution, some departments have accessible handouts on the VLE or reading lists optimising accessible formats. Not all learners can ‘self serve’ the formats they need – our accessibility blog offers a workflow for creating alternative formats.
It’s also important for IT teams to be on board because they have a significant influence on the technology tools available in the library.

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