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Inside higher ed careers jobs choose 10778 live, Why inside higher ed • search thousands of jobs in higher education • apply to jobs from anywhere even on your phone • sign up for alerts on the newest jobs. We are the professionals who are the Assistant and Associate Directors of Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Activities, Residence Life, Judicial, Registrars, Tutorial and Academic Assistance Services, Career Services, Alumni Relations and grant funded programs to name some of our State University Administrator positions. Sick Bank Application Updated August 2015 - Saturday, November 14, 2015The Sick Bank Application has been updated and appears as a link at the bottom of this page.
With confidence and on the behalf of the State SCUPA Executive Committee, I would like to welcome you to a new academic year. In my first few days as your President, I was charged with the task of filling three executive committee vacancies: Vice President that was vacated by myself, Secretary because in the beginning of this school year Amber Sherman Racchini left the bargaining unit at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and the vacant Member at Large position that was vacated by Larry Watts when he became President.
I am amazed with the commitment and willingness of current and past SCUPA leadership who have extended their expertise, history, and willingness to assist in our transition. Fair-Share Fee Payers (non-members)receive representation from PSEA and a copy of the contract. Pictured here are (L-R): Fran Cortez Funk (SCUPA President), Mike Crossey (PSEA President), Betsy Clark (SCUPA Secretary).

Rick Dulaney (SCUPA Member at Large), Todd Spaulding (SCUPA Treasurer and Clarion SCUPA President) and Rita Miller (SCUPA Membership Chair and Millersville SCUPA President) also attended the House of Delegates.
APSCUF (the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties) represents 5,500 faculty members at Pennsylvania's 14 publicly owned universities – the State System of Higher Education. From Maine to Hawaii and Michigan to Texas, NEA chapters represent faculty, academic professionals, and education support professionals in every type of institution. NEA offers support and advice on such key professional issues as academic freedom, tenure, and the role of faculty in institutional governance. In my most recent election bio, I indicated that in the past few years I have been preparing for an executive role.
NEA provides professional advice, support, and assistance on key economic issues such as salary and benefits,pay equity, and institutional finances. Last weekend I received news from our President Larry Watts that he has decided to resign the President position of SCUPA because he is unable to fully perform his presidential duties. I am pleased to share with you that all three appointments have accepted with eagerness to join the new SCUPA Executive Committee.

Members receive PSEA and NEA benefits and discounts, and access at to the secure section of the SCUPA website. FS Participants do not receive PSEA nor NEA benefits and discounts, and are allowed only public access to the SCUPA website. Larry has served our members for decades with his proven commitment to the members of SCUPA. He believes it is in the best interest of SCUPA to resign at this time, so our organization can move forward.

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