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Vitamin D has been shown to benefit thyroid dysfunction especially in autoimmune-mediated dysfunction. If you would like to know more about your Herbal Prescription you can use the search windows below to find reliable information from rootdown. These prescriptions are adjusted and altered as the condition improves, or as symptoms change, initially this occurs about every 10 - 14 days. The herbs in our dispensary are all whole-plant dissolvable extracts in granular form manufactured by Sun Ten Pharmaceuticals in Taiwan.
A Canadian health law and policy expert says hea€™s not surprised by a new study that suggests herbal products often contain fillers or substitute ingredients not listed on the label. University of Guelph scientists studied the DNA of various herbal products and found that some of them contained unlisted ingredients that could lead to allergic reactions or other unexpected outcomes. The production, sale and marketing of herbal products is a a€?massivea€? industry and people often forget that, Caulfield told CTVa€™s Canada AM Friday.
The latest study, which will appear in the BMC Medicine journal, tested 44 products sold by 12 different companies (no brand names were revealed).
The study found that nearly 60 per cent of those products contained DNA from at least one plant species that wasna€™t listed on the product label. Steve Newmaster, the first author of the study and a professor of integrative biology at the University of Guelph, told The Canadian Press that alfalfa can be sold as gingko because the two substances are indistinguishable in powder form.
Newmaster, who is also the botanical director of the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, said the product substitution may not be deliberate among manufacturers or distributors. The problem is that some active ingredients can cause adverse reactions in people who have certain medical conditions, or are taking pharmaceuticals that dona€™t interact well with those substances, Caulfield said. Many people believe that herbal supplements are a€?all-naturala€? and therefore a€?inherently good for you,a€? Caulfield said.
Timothy Caulfield, a health law professor at the University of Alberta, appears on CTVa€™s Canada AM from Edmonton, Friday, Oct. Irene, a graduate of the university of Pecs Medical School, Hungary, brings over 15 years of experience working in the nutritional supplement industry, following a practice in family medicine as an MD.
Irene has always been fascinated with the functioning of the human body.  With a realization that there is more to health than disease management, her focus shifted to holistic prevention, sparking her interest in the nutritional supplement and complementary health field.
In 2012, based on her ongoing commitment to assist and educate others upon their journeys to optimum health and provide trustworthy nutritional products, Irene opened the doors of Health Elective Vitamins, a unique nutritional supplements store. Irene is dedicated to professional development and continued education.  As a Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant, she is committed to teaching the safe, practical and effective use of nutritional supplements to augment a healthy lifestyle, maintain good health and maximize the body’s natural biological processes. With a clear investment in health and fitness, Irene maintains a healthy lifestyle through regular gym workout, healthy diet and nutritional supplementation.  She completed three half marathons and her love for the mountains led her to take up rock climbing and for pure joy and fun, Irene loves singing and dancing.

All products are third party tested for purity and quality according to GMP (good manufacturing processes) standards. More than 20 per cent of the products contained unlisted fillers, including rice, soybeans and wheat. When he and his colleagues showed their finding to some herbal product companies, they were surprised to find out which ingredients were really in the bottles. But sticking to a healthy diet should provide all the necessary nutrients for the average person, he said. Lena Kim, ND, shares her journey of helping others as a Naturopathic Doctor.About Kathleen, Office Manager – Kathleen introduces herself. We blend modern scientific knowledge with naturopathic medicine and homeopathic treatments.Your symptoms are warnings of your body’s underlying problems. This program requires a series of visits to our Edmonton Naturopath over several months.Bowen TherapyBowen TherapyA gentle muscle manipulation technique used by an Edmonton Naturopath to stimulate your body, allowing it to reset and heal. Therefore, it is the cornerstone of Naturopathic Medicine.If you have a poor diet, you are simply more prone to illness and disease.
It can also affect your moods, even contribute to depression.To assist you, a Naturopath can recommend a specific personal program that may include special diets, and nutritional or other supplements. The Naturopath uses a noninvasive, low-level cold laser to deeply penetrate your skin and help restore normal cellular function.The physiologic effects include improved metabolism, circulation, and tissue healing.
A very sensitive probe is used to take over a hundred very accurate computer controlled temperature readings on the surface of your skin.These various skin contact points correspond to particular organs. When your body is under stress organs behave differently which results in small physiological changes in temperature at different contact points.
In your day to day life you can be exposed to a number of chemicals in the foods you eat, the air you breathe, and the products you use.There are different ways we can assist you to detoxify your body of these toxins. Some work by helping the body’s organs, like the bowels and kidneys, eliminate waste and work more efficiently. This is what people traditionally mean when they talk about doing a cleanse.Detoxification Cleanse There are different intensities of cleanses depending on the desired outcome.
It can be as simple as eating clean, or doing a diet where you are first eliminating a number of foods and then start reintroducing foods back in later. This diet may also require a meal supplement to insure you receive enough calories and to provide vitamins and minerals to support your body and its organs during the cleansing period.
Your Naturopathic Doctor may also recommend other natural supplements to support this process.Biotherapeutic DrainageBiotherapeutic Drainage Then there is Biotherapeutic drainage which works on a very deep cellular level to detoxify your body. It helps the cells release toxin into the blood and lymph then uses different organs, like the liver, bowels, kidney, and bladder to move it outside of your body.

It does take longer for most people but its detoxification effects reach much further and can open a gateway to a higher level of wellness when combined with proper health maintenance.EB Pro Ionic Foot Bath cellular cleanseIonic Foot Bath Cellular Cleanse Detoxification The final approach is the EB Pro Ionic Cellular Cleanse Foot Bath, it also works on a cellular level to detoxify your body by reducing its bio-load and helping to restore proper PH and electromagnetic energy.
Its an alternative medicine treatment that can be combined with Detoxification and Biotherapeutic drainage or play a key role in regular health maintenance by helping to keep your bio-load at lower levels. It’s particularly useful to people that find it difficult to integrate other methods, like the traditional cleanse, into their busy lives.
The EB Pro Ionic Foot Bath is from the same company that made our Cold Laser that we use in the Clinic.
Please visit the EB Pro Ionic Footbath page for additional information and treatment costs.Detoxification Summary All of these approaches detoxify your body and help optimize how the cells work to improve the immune system, energy levels, and can help with weight loss. Some of the popular ones that we give patients at the clinic include 2 intravenous and 1 intramuscular injection:Immune Bags are more like the traditional IV you see in a hospital. They are very good for cold and flu season, or if you travel a great deal.Meyer’s injections contains vitamin C, minerals and B vitamins to help boost the immune system.
Very important during stressful times or if you don’t have time for the larger Immune Bag intravenous therapy. Its a formula that can be pushed with a syringe or given via a smaller IV bag.B-12 Shots and B complex shots are injected into your muscles. They are helpful when you are dealing with stress or need a little energy boost.Lifestyle CounselingLifestyle CounselingLifestyle counseling is to help you identify specific parts of your daily life that may contribute to ill health or illness. By identifying behaviours or environmental threats to your wellness, the Naturopath can suggest corrective actions to help reduce your risk factors.Reducing those factors, helps make other treatments more effective.
These can be vitamins, enzymes, or formulas targeted at specific organs or functions such as the immune system.Natural SupplementsThey are specifically chosen by one of our Edmonton Naturopaths as they meet exact professional standards.
We make them available as a service to our patients at very reasonable and competitive prices.Supplements purchased elsewhere, such as drugstore or warehouses type businesses, may not contain the same dosage, purity, or provide the same therapeutic value.
We always want you to have access to products you can trust.These should always be taken under the supervision of the Naturopathic Doctor.
Its is also extremely important to be sure any supplements won’t aggravate any current health condition. If you plan to fly, just sitting on a plane for many hours with your newest 100 or more friends exposes you to more than just jet lag.
It can be a workout for even the strongest immune system.An Edmonton Naturopath can give you a leg up on prevention and help make your journey a little less stressful.

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