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After an unspecified hiatus, the Big Black Bat is running rampant through the mean streets of Gotham giving its finest the pounding of their lives. I iterate my first statement: this initial chapter features nothing but females, all strong in their own way! Regarding the sub-title of this maxi-series, some interpretations apply – it could refer to the Amazons, the Kandorians, a newer class of Mutants, or women ruling the world!! There is no disputing that the man ‘behind the scenes’ is front and centre with his artwork. It is unknown how many other characters will be featured in these compact books but there is a definite follow-up for this first chapter.
The Weekly Round-Up #346 With Black Hammer #1, Batman #3, Prophet Earth War #5, Star Wars: Darth Vader #23, Star Wars #21 & More!
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Evolutionary biologist Jonathan Eisen started collecting field guides as a child. His grandmother always carried plant field guides with her, he says.
Now, he has plenty of bird guides, including multiple editions of his favorite, Field Guide to the Birds of North America. Eisen shared some of his favorite guides with Wired, including guides to roadkill, birders and mushrooms. This bird tome, now in its sixth edition, is by far Eisen's favorite field guide, and he owns several editions. A fellow birder once told him this was the best bird guide around and he's been using it ever since. Eisen's Spanish language copy of A Field Guide to the Birds of Venezuela contains almost 1,300 species and is the result of about 200 expeditions throughout Venezuela. The book holds a special place in Eisen's collection because it helped him woo his future wife. They were both enrolled in a class at Harvard in 1988 that offered a trip to Venezuela in January 1989.
He ended up asking his future wife for help shopping for clothes because she was fluent in Spanish.
Spying on bird watchers might be just as fun as looking for birds. This tongue-in-cheek book features 39 "species" of birders, their distinguishing characteristics, ranges  and habitats. Eisen said he often uses Nina Lane Faubion's book to identify mushrooms he puts in salads, but he says he'd also like a guide to inedible mushrooms.
Mark Chartrand describes the atmosphere, galactic nebulae, galaxies, stars and our solar system.
Chasing mammals, as opposed to birds or insects, is fun because "they are furtive, usually silent and very often go about the night," Murie writes in the introduction. Antony van Leeuwenhoek, the father of microbiology, used microscopes he built himself to look at single-celled organisms he dubbed "animalcules."  Van Leeuwenhoek "did the first drawings of microbes with his microscopes and they're completely awesome," Eisen said.
Eisen refers to Betsey Dexter Dyer's A Field Guide to Bacteria and to Wayne Biddle's A Field Guide to Germs as great first attempts at field guides for microbes: They are must-reads for people interested in microbial life.
Biddle penned A Field Guide to Germs "to sort out what's worth worrying about from what is merely fodder for those who can profit from paranoia," he wrote. In his office, Eisen, who proposed a more complete field guide to microbes, has a collection of plush germs.
In case you were wondering what birds made your car look like a bad Jackson Pollock painting, Peter Hansard and Burton Silver's guide to bird poop will help you identify the culprits.
This is "a field guide to festering wounds, excrement and vomit and their various colors, textures and smells," Neches said.
If you survive the apocalypse and you find yourself surrounded by zombies, this book could come in handy.
The Nobel Prize is the highest honour that scientists and writers can receive for their work. Seeing further than ever before: Stefan Hell, Chemistry Nobel laureate in 2014, achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in optical microscopy.
Thomas SA?dhof, winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine, has decisively improved our understanding of vital cell processes. Peter GrA?nberg, Physics Nobel Prize winner in 2007, discovered the giant magnetoresistance effect, which opened up new developmental paths in electronics. Theodor HA¤nsch revolutionised time measurement and significantly advanced the development of precision sceptroscopy. Wolfgang Ketterle was honoured with the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on Bose-Einstein condensate, a new state of matter. Herbert Kroemer received the Physics Nobel Prize in 2000 for the far-reaching development of semiconductor heterostructures.
Horst StA¶rmer won the 1998 Physics Nobel Prize for the discovery of a fascinating quantum fluid. Searching for the blueprint of life: Christiane NA?sslein-Volhard received the 1995 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her work on how genes control embryonic development.
Reinhard Seltena€™s trailblazing contributions to the theory of non-cooperative games have enriched economics and earned him the 1994 Economics Nobel Prize.
Erwin Neher was honoured with the 1991 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for groundbreaking discoveries on the function of ion channels in body cells. Bert Sakmann made a decisive contribution to proving the existence of ion channels and recognising their significance for the human body. Johann Deisenhofer was honoured with the 1988 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his important contribution to research into photosynthesis. How light becomes life: Robert Huber helped to decipher the process of photosynthesis a€“ and was honoured with the 1988 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his efforts. Hartmut Michel received the 1988 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his significant contribution towards an understanding of photosynthesis. An unusual approach made Georg Bednorz a pioneer in the field of superconductivity a€“ and Physics Nobel Prize laureate in 1987. He opened up totally new perspectives: Gerd Binnig was honoured with the Nobel Prize in Physics for his trailblazing development of the scanning tunnelling microscope. Klaus von Klitzing received the 1985 Nobel Prize in Physics for a discovery that has had a decisive impact on todaya€™s measuring technology.
During a rich and varied research career Manfred Eigen has focused his attention on countless different questions. Illustration to the right is from the cover of a brochure put out by the Langhorne Community House. Bucks the Artists' County Cooks, © 1950 the Women's Auxiliary of Trinity Chapel, Solebury, Pa. Joshua carried on his father’s mercantile business in Attleboro (as Four Lanes End came to be called).
Friends were clearing themselves of slaveowning at the same time that the colonies were fighting to free themselves from British colonial rule. Yearly Meeting approved that any who did not make arrangements to manumit their slaves, and provide for them, should be "dealt with", meaning that if they persisted in living in a way that contradicted Friends' testimony, they could no longer be considered members. The Richardsons had two slaves, Joseph Primus or Priner who had been purchased about 1740 by Joshua's father and bequeathed by him to Joshua, and Joseph Davenport, a mulatto about 22 years old born in the Preston family, and inherited from Sarah’s father.
As this concern for his property compromised the pure testimony, he offered a paper acknowledging and condemning his behavior, which the meeting accepted.
It is a little hard to identify these figures, the label only says Mary Dixon Richardson, making no mention of the second person. The young couple removed to Horsham Monthly Meeting in 1793, returning to Middletown in 1795. In the 1850 census Joshua was enumerated as a 47 year old farmer on real estate worth $3,400 with hs wife Mary (39), three children all in school, and 20 year old Mary MONEY from Ireland, presumably a servant. Joshua signed his will on 13 May 1873, naming his wife Mary, children Joseph, Edward, and Mary Jane Richardson. Mary was enumerated in the 1880 US federal census as a 69 year old widow, keeping house for her son, Edward, who was a farmer in Langhorne.
In the 1880 federal census, Sarah was a 68-year old widow living in Langhorne with her widowed daughter, 37-year old Anna PALMER, and granddaughter, 15-year old Sarah E. His father bequeathed Clayton the farm he had been living on, plus 16 acres purchased from John WATSON. It is possible that Clayton then lived in the old Richardson house in the center of Langhorne, but this isn't yet clear to me. Clayton was disowned by the Orthodox Middletown Meeting in 1831 for hitting a man in anger, apparently with an axle.
In the 1850 census Clayton was listed as a tanner in the "District of Penn", in Philadelphia, with $3,000 worth of real estate.
Richardson (Joshua4, Joseph3, Joshua2, Joseph1) son of Joshua and Mary (Knight) was born 14 March 1839.
Joseph attended the Friends School and Bucks County Academy in Langhorne, and Foulk's boarding school in Gwynedd. In the 1880 US census for Middletown Township, Bucks County, Joseph was enumerated as a 42-year old farmer living with his 40-year old wife Hannah.
In the 1910 census Joseph (71) was retired, living on South Bellevue Avenue in Langhorne with his wife Hannah G.
In the 1900 census Newton was a farmer on Ashton Road, in Philadelphia's Ward 35, with his wife, 6 children, and a large staff.
Samuel R.6 Richardson, son of Joseph5 (Joshua4, Joseph3, Joshua2, Joseph1) and Hannah Gillingham (ROWLAND) Richardson, was born 25 February 1869, and died 18 October 1951.
We had the opportunity to do a formal interview with Mikko Hypponen of F-Secure at the conclusion of our week filming at the 2013 RSA Conference.
This story about a human rights activist inside Syria who was targeted by the regime will be central to our film. Mikko blogged about the investigation at the time. The attacker used Xtreme RAT (remote access trojan) which like Poison Ivy, Ghost Rat, and Dark Comet takes over a computer without the user knowing — controlling it, seeing the screen, recording every keystroke, and accessing files. The hard drive shipped to Mikko and his colleagues which they analyzed for surveillance malware. In relation to increasing levels of Internet-based surveillance and espionage, Mikko told us lately he’s been browsing online recruitment pages of military contractors such as Lockheed Martin. Click the banner to subscribe and find out how to build an engagement engine from the pioneers of gamified, social online learning! Game-based learning is just one term covered by serious games, but serious games have had a serious impact in society.
Flight Simulators are the grandfathers of serious games so it seems only right to mention the most successful commercial flight simulator of them all. Established in 2003, serious game research centre, Tiltfactor Laboratory, saw success in the last few years with their innovative card games.
Between its launch in April 2006 and the following September, Darfur is Dying attracted 800,000 players. Originally a university project, PeaceMaker became ‘a video game to promote peace’, focused on the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

Three years after its release, players of the online puzzle game, FoldIt helped decipher the crystal structure of the Mason-Pfizer monkey virus, an AIDS-causing virus. With the world becoming more industrialised, IBM’s City One provides a comprehensive educational resource. In this game, players take the role of a Special Amnesty International Agent tasked with convincing populations and governments to abolish the death penalty. Finally, Superbetter is the brainchild of Jane McGonigal – world renowned gamification guru. To find out how Growth Engineering are using gamification and game-based learning to change the online learning world, check out our Archives of Awesome to see our library of white papers, case studies and loads more! We're so prolific, we've ended up on eLearning Feeds' list of unmissable online learning blogs! Hi there!If you’re reading this, you’ve reached the bottom of the page – you must really be enjoying yourself! A manic chase only ends because the Dark Knight chooses to ditch the motorcycle in an alley. Miller & Azzarello heighten the mystery behind Gotham’s greatest urban legend made reality. I don’t know if this was intentional or coincidental, but for the even-numbered pages, Lara’s face is predominantly featured in the ‘background’ of page 14 in the main story.
Full Preview & Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Son of Havoc, Brian Cage, The Mack, Texano, Vampiro & Many More! We've also included some additional guides to radiation, bird poop and the end of the world. His most current version is pretty worn, with pages falling out and the cover detaching pretty easily. Over the next three weeks, they got to know each other and she helped him decipher Una Guia de la Aves de Venezuela.
Among them are the Opinionated Jay, the Saturday Morning Kinglet, Audubon's Solitaire, Laser-tongued Shrikes and the Scope-Weaseling Warbler.
While a Google search for "field guide to inedible mushrooms" pulled up zero hits, there is, however, a field guide called North American Mushrooms: A Field Guide to Edible and Inedible Mushrooms. His book also spells out how to use astronomical instruments like telescopes and binoculars for skywatching and how to use star charts, sky maps and maps of the constellations. Murie's book on animal tracks describes the habits, tracks, signs and ranges of North American mammals. The images are black, flattened versions of what an unfortunate critter might look like after encountering a set of speeding tires.
Here's an excerpt from the introduction that sets the mood pretty darn well: "A guide to live animals would work well as a guide to the merely dead, since the descriptions in most guides to live animals are based on dead, stuffed animals in museums. In the book, he describes 100 historically, interesting and troubling microbes, like adenoviruses, anthrax, whooping cough, Lyme disease and Chinese restaurant syndrome. When he came home the day the toy microbes arrived at his house, he found his kids playing with anthrax, E.
It's got information on more than 40 varieties of feces from more than 40 species, including mallards, turkey vultures, mourning doves and peregrine falcons (Eisen's favorite birds). Nuclear power, x-rays, ultraviolet rays, muons, microwaves, radio waves and electromagnetic radiation are everywhere.
Patrick's Cathedral crypts, Grant's tomb and Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, where owners can be interred next to their pets.
Max Brooks describes zombies' physical characteristics, behaviors, defense tactics (shark suit, Molotov cocktails, slingshots, power tools), recorded zombie attacks, and how to outrun them.
Germans have been among the most frequent recipients of this distinction: the Nobel Prize has been awarded to German scientists some 80 times. He received the 1967 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his pioneering work on extremely fast processes at the young age of 40.
To the best of my knowledge it does not include living descendants, although those names may be available on the 1940 U.S.
She was the daughter of Jeffrey Lonsdale (son of John Lonsdale) and his first wife, Ann Robinson, the daughter of James Robinson of Healey in Swaledale, the North Riding of Yorkshire.
The certificate was received first by Philadelphia Monthly Meeting on 26 Fourth Month [June] 1724. After such a certificate was requested, a few Friends would be appointed to look into the affairs of the individual, to see that there were no unpaid debts, wedding engagements, or other obligations that might impede leaving.
Although the only evidence of his trip is his endorsed certificate, we might guess that he was lining up trading partners to exchange Bucks County farm produce for rum, molasses, and sugar. He traded cordwood, deerhides, iron, lime, and farm produce in exchange for sugar, molasses, rum, and British manufactured goods. Since 1919 when the Richardson family sold the house it has been restored and opened as the Langhorne Community House. He married Sarah PRESTON, daughter of Jonas of Providence Monthly Meeting in Chester County.
He petitioned to maintain a "public house of entertainment", posting a bond of $2,000 on 13 June 1780. Joshua and Sarah were persuaded to free both men, making arrangements that the elderly Joseph P. A map of some of the "forfeited" property of Gilbert Hicks shows Richardson property in the southwest corner of "Four Lane's End", as the village was called. He was appointed a trustee for the meeting house and land in 1767, continuing a family tradition. On 23 Twelfth Month 1762 William married Elizabeth JENKS, daughter of Thomas and Mercy (Wildman) Jenks.
The tax lists during the war show that he owned 300 acres in Middletown and 100 acres in Northampton. The story has come down in the family of hiding an escaped slave in the garret, and putting the sleigh bells up against the cover of his hiding place so that he would know if anyone had come near. Mary's daughter Mary J., age 36, was also living there, along with an African-American servant, 25-year old Lottie ANTHONY. In an effort not to have to sell the land in order to make cash distributions, Clayton was to pay $2,000 to his mother, and once he came of age, to pay her $100 per year as long as she remained a widow. Even more exciting, perhaps, is the oil portrait of Clayton, from which this detail is taken.
At the age of 21 the 1860 census listed him as an assistant farmer, presumably on his father's farm. Richardson6, the daughter of Joseph5 (Joshua4, Joseph3, Joshua2, Joseph1) and Hannah Gillingham (ROWLAND) Richardson, was born 23 February [Davis sez 3 Feb.] 1866 and died on 10 September 1932. Florence LEE (18) was the children's nurse, Annie SHARP (55) had come from Ireland 20 years earlier, had given birth to 14 children of whom 6 were living (but not with her). Going since 1982 Microsoft Flight Simulator was designed to be a comprehensive simulation of civil aviation and it’s one of the few non-combat flight simulators in existence. The company’s motto is “Game Design for Social Change” and with games like Pox and Awkward Moment, they teach players about serious topics like the impact of the anti-vaccination movements and avoiding social stereotypes.
Breakaway Games developed a video game based on the series in collaboration with one of the leaders of Serbia’s Otpor! In this government simulator, players need represent one of the sides and make social, political and military decisions.
The game sought to make players understand how an oil crisis might affect their lives by getting them to describe how the crisis is affecting their area. Although the solution had troubled medical science for the preceding 15 years, the combined efforts of thousands of players produced an accurate model of the enzyme in only 10 days. City One is designed to simulate the complexities of urban planning from water management to finance planning. While the game does a lot to publicise the work of Amnesty International in general, it also encourages people to consider a politically volatile subject from new angles. After she suffered a concussion in 2009, the resulting symptoms left Jane feeling depressed and suicidal. It’s completely understandable since she is now a mother lugging around her baby boy Jonathan.
Luckily, I steered clear of all those things until today when I bought the hotly-anticipated issue and maniacally read through it cover-to-cover.
Secluded from the outside world, widowed, and undergoing a second motherhood, she could undo the human race. Remaining in the shadows is the most effective way to strike terror into the cowardly criminals. The back pages are covered with notes and tally marks counting up more than 250 birds he's checked off from the list of featured aves. Eisen only had his binoculars, camera, insulin (he's diabetic), the clothes on his back, and his bird guide. According to the publisher, it has "every type of clue a tracker needs." The guide includes more than 1,000 illustrations of tracks, track patterns, droppings and chewed up trees.
This dead discipline is germane because "at a time when the total world fauna is surely shrinking in both absolute numbers and species complexity, the road fauna is clearly increasing," author Roger M. Identifying areas where road accidents threatened animals like the koala, squirrel glider, and southern brown bandicoot was part of a wildlife management plan in Australia. However, a guide to the animals of the road has a specific reason for being: In becoming part of the road fauna celebrated in this book, an animal loses not only its life but also its third dimension," reads the introduction. In case you were wondering how you should navigate around these, Wayne Biddle's A Field Guide to Radiation will be available July 31. Jason Boyett writes about potential antichrists, eschatology (apocalyptic theory), and an armageddon grab bag.
More details about the Lonsdales and their experience as early Friends will be told in a forthcoming book on the Richardson family. He married Mary Paxson, daughter of William Paxson and Mary (Watson) Paxson in December 1732.
They also gave an account of the individual's lifestyle, or "conversation" as it was often termed then, to see if the person was faithfully upholding Friends' witness to the world. Apparently he did the job so well, and ingratiated himself with the family, that several years later he married William’s daughter, Mary. But after his wife died, twice Friends disciplined him for taking strong drink to excess, in 1779 and 1787. He specified certain tracts of land to be sold so cash legacies could be paid to his grandchildren. Elizabeth was born 15 Third Month (May) 1746 and died 30 December 1808.[Middletown MM recs] She was the sister of Thomas Jenks, Jr.
In 1798 he married Rebecca NEWBOLD, the daughter of Clayton and Mary (__) Newbold, of Springfield, NJ. First, on 15 June 1835 he married Mary Carpenter HUNT, born 9 October 1805, the daughter of James and Mary Wyatt (CARPENTER) Hunt.

By the 1860 census the farm was valued at $6,000 and Joshua also had $6,000 worth of personal property.
They were invited to live at Mineral Springs Farm in middletown Township, byAnna (Paxson) Richardson. YM Records, "Births 1728-1935", FHL, MR Ph301.] He died in Philadelphia on 6 February 1893 at the age of 89 and was buried the next day in Mount Vernon Cemetery. Farm laborer Zebulon DACRE (37), and domestic servant Susan HIGGS (18) helped with the work. In the journalistic spirit of exposing the truth, Darfur is Dying helped to shed a light on the war in Darfur and the consequent humanitarian disaster. The positive and negative consequences of these decisions teach the players about a vastly complex situation. After the 32 days were up, the game produced a valuable record to help anticipate problems and avoid a worst-case-scenario. While she recovered, she created Jane the Concussion-Slayer, a game designed to treat her condition (as well as keeping her occupied). She is so overprotective that she almost impales one of the Amazons for offering assistance. Fists of fury do not account for a careless maneuver: a bullet grazes the shoulder of the cloaked crimefighter. The fast pace, the shifting of scenes, and the building intrigue have me rate this 8.5 out of 10. The Atom may be able to shrink in the blink of an eye but details are always more important. In fact, Eisen has hundreds of field guides stashed at home, in his mother's house in Maryland, and in his office, from where he often watches hawks.
As he was trekking along, he spotted a bird he hadn't seen before (one of the red and green birds pictured below). Eisen has the first edition, but you might want to get the updated version, which features a road sign with a smoothed out creature. If want more information on how things may come to an end, check out our primer on scientific doomsday scenarios. I would be very pleased to receive information about Joseph Richardson before he emigrated, documenting when he joined Richmond Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends in Yorkshire. If all was well, the meeting would approve the report and in the early years often all who were present at the meeting for business would sign it.
His children Jane, Ruth, and Joseph were directed to share equally the expense of supporting "bound negro Mary in case of her becoming chargeable during her servitude as she is in poor health." My assumption is that Mary was indentured for a specified number of years, rather than held in lifetime bondage.
The more detailed tax account of 1785 listed for him a sedan chair, 6 tablespoons, 6 horses, 6 cattle, and a bound servant. The brief inventory included a modern ten-plate stove, looking glass, and silver and china ware.
He was born 31 January 1865 in Bustleton, Philadelphia County, the son of John and Emaline (RIDGE) Comly. The game was designed to teach nonviolent methods for waging conflict using player-built scenarios. The reason Sim City isn’t in this list is that it was primarily designed for entertainment. Seeing the success of JtC-S, she renamed it ‘Superbetter’ and developed a gamified application to help people achieve goals and overcome obstacles. These men hoodwinked the citizens (myself included) into thinking Bruce Wayne was on a rampage. This makes him reminiscence on the early days of the Justice League and how he walked among the venerable Trinity. Russell Neches, Eisen's graduate student, has leafed through the book with his mother, who has a copy. Jane was bequeathed 20 acres by her grandfather, being the residue of land formerly belonging to the VanHorns.
Martha and her sister Ruth inherited from their grandmother 80 acres in Northampton, 26 acres in Middletown, six tablespoons, 8 teaspoons, tongs and cream jug (all of silver), and furniture, which was all to be divided between them.
Mary died 29 May 1834, aged 56 years, 6 months, and 10 days.[Middletown MM recs] Mary came from England about 1784 with her parents, who settled at Peale Hall in Philadelphia. His father bequeathed him 70 acres in Middletown that his father had given him, plus a tanyard in Bridgetown when he reached the age of 21 years. She was received in Middletown Meeting on a certificate of removal from Haddonfield in 1819, along with Ann Blackwood, a minor (I'm guessing Ann was her sister). The household also included 24-year old Sarah WORTHINGTON, a Pennsylvania-born servant, and Samuel P. The same process would happen, in parallel, in the women's meetings for females who were moving. Martha and Seth removed after their wedding to Gwynedd Monthly Meeting, returning to Middletown in 1811. The descriptions give an idea of the landscape in lower Bucks County, and what was assumed to be of value. She invited Samuel Harrison Paxson, her first cousin once removed, and his bride Sarah Paxson (married in 1836) the first cousin once removed of William Richardson, to join her on her 93 acre farm. But if he died young (which he did) Thomas specified how the assets were to be divided among his siblings. Joshua married secondly on 15 March 1838 Mary KNIGHT, daughter of Joshua and Jane (BUNTING) Knight of Lower Makefield. Gotham is the sleaziest metropolis of the DCU, the city without hope especially with the Bat in absentia.
When entire families went together, sometimes the move would only be recorded in the men's minutes, however. She was very active in Middletown Orthodox Monthly Meeting, serving as assistant clerk, among numerous other assignments. This is a daguerreotype, the process being invented in 1839 and coming into wide use in the next decade.
Attended the Friends school and Bucks County Academy, listed as "in school" in 1850 and 1860.[Davis, Hist. The other children were present, only Rachel and Susan still in school, and 19 year old George not listed with any occupation. In 1835 he was assessed on 120 acres, 4 horses, 4 cows, a carriage, $1,000 in money and $660 in bank stock.
1874 his distant cousin from Solebury, Catharine Paxson, the daughter of Howard and Mary (Small) Paxson. The second was a messuage and tract also consisting of 107 acres and 115 perches adjoining the above, with 40 acres of heavy woodland and the rest arable.
As they had no children, he left a 5.5 acre lot to his brother-in-law John Allen MITCHELL, $200 to his sister Margaret WILSON, and various other items to his sisters Anne PAUL, Mary STACKHOUSE, Sarah PAXSON, as well as to his nephew John S. On the map of Attleboro (Langhorne) in 1860, unfortunately, it is a bit hard to decipher the Richardson holdings. By the 1870 census he was 60, living in a boarding house at 4803 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia. Sarah received two tracts of 29 and 20 acres, a silver watch, and an old Bible from her grandfather. In addition to half the items bequeathed to her and her sister Martha, Ruth also received £100 from her grandmother.
She was given one share, specified that it could not be used as liability for Mercy's husband's debts. It included a frame tenement with two rooms per floor, a frame barn and hay house, wagon house, spring house, and other out buildings, a good apple orchard, fenced. Mitchell and brother-in-law Joshua Richardson (a horse), and nephew Rowland MATHER (another horse), and other nephews and nieces of his sister Anne Paul, and Tacy MITCHELL. He was the son of Samuel and Mary Livezey, of Welsh origin, who settled in Plymouth in 1788.
William was a member of the second agricultural society in Bucks County, involved in its fair in 1827.
His wife Margaret was 26, keeping house but in "Confinement" due to the recent birth in May of their second child Albert C.
Ruth and Robert lived in Middletown Township, and Robert was a little active in Middletown Meeting. He wrote his will 12 January 1832 when he was in a "delicate state of health" and left everything to his mother. Their daughter Gertrude, 2, lived with them as did Louis Armand, 22, a butcher, identified as his brother (perhaps brother-in-law?).
She received a certificate of removal to Northern District Monthly Meeting in Philadelphia in 1781, and returned to Middletown Monthly Meeting in 1782. Thomas was a farmer and storekeeper, director of the Bank of Montgomery and of the First national Bank of Norristown. 1823, it was described as 150 acre farm, 30 acres in woodland, in Southampton, then in the tenure of Edmund PLUMLEY, 17 miles from Philadelphia and one mile from the Buck Tavern on the Philadelphia-Newtown road. In the 1850 census Jane was head of  the household which consisted of four other people, including her neice Mary D. Kara informs the good doctor that it is time for the citizens of Kandor to regain their actual size.
Clayton's father was listed as having been born in Pennsylvania, and his mother in New Jersey, which computes.
Jane was occasionally appointed to small committees by the Middletown Monthly Meeting of Women, and once she was asked to help collect funds for the poor. She remained with the majority of the Meeting after the separation of 1827, so that she was a Hicksite. During the Revolutionary War Thomas was reported to Middletown Meeting for judging in a military affair in 1777.
His wife Lydia received the house and lot where they lived, and another lot during her widowhood. He was elected to the Pennsylvania Constitutional convention held in 1790, and was the first Penna.
Rebecca had a number of fairly elegant possessions which she bequeathed to specified daughters: silver pap spoon, silver knitting bag hook, 6 enamelled china plates, silver tea pot and sugar dish, several looking glasses, old silver cream jug, half dozen silver teaspoons marked TRJ, 6 wine glasses, 2 goblets, spice mill, and books.

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