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Ocean Wild - 03 - Not a WoodpeckerElliott gazed up into the tree, searching for the bird that he knew was making that noise.
You must be silent, agile and clever to outwit your opponents in a world of gorgeous scenery and flowing animation.
Interaction is a complex and strange beast, it could be as simple as removing traditional controls or as complex as breading a new strain of camera controls.
To say that a game is creative in it's design is a little like saying it is hip to be different (sometimes). Creativity comes in many forms, in Pixelry the core concepts exist to make the player grow with the game. Without communities Indie games would be nothing more then a static object on the web, communities are responsible for keeping mods relevant, motivating the developers and expanding on the game in their own way. The mere act of listening to your community and growing into something players want is why Project Zomboid gets the 2012 community award. Just about anyone can create a world in a game, you could simply say this boxed room is a world and be done with it.
Art direction and style is very elusive, sometimes it is used to make up for the lack of skills, other times correct use can create feelings or drive player intentions.
Set in the underbelly of a 1980's Miami, Hotline Miami's art style mixes the disco eighties and what could only be described as a murderous gore bath.
Music can be used for so many different applications, within movies it is used to influence how the audience is supposed to feel during a scene, in a game it could define a game's genre. In a game about zombies that is not really about zombies who would have expected the soundtrack to blow everyone away?
New unreleased indie games appear all the time, it takes something really special to announce and make an impression. The head editor for IndieDB was bit a very long time ago and it grew into an obsession that until now has yet to be truly satiated. Every so often a game will come about that from day one captures the minds of thousands of players.
2012 has seen so many awesome singleplayer indie games, it was very hard to pick just one winner, just take a look at our top 100 to get a vague idea of the quality we were dealing with when we made this selection. Stealth games are normally quite tedious, spending a considerable amount of time sneaking around unsure of when to execute your plans. Whether you play as one of the elite marine Frontiersmen or the vicious alien Kharaa, you must use unique strategies and your abilities to win. Those booted feet clomping along the pier had probably scared off every fish within a hundred metre radius.

Marked with cursed tattoos giving you heightened senses, every situation presents you with options. Here the editors of IndieDB have their say on the most prolific apps both released and unreleased to grace our presence over the past year.
The indie game needs to stand out from the pack in both the direction of the gameplay and the overall look and feel of the project.
You build up your little pixel man, you fight for honor and gold, craft better items, improve your own reflexes, and take down those who seem to tower above you. To win the Community Award the mod needs to support the fanbase around the game giving the masses a chance to participate within the overall design of the title. Project Zomboid would not be as sound without its community, they have hired community members, incorporated modifications like camping and farming and still listen to their feedback for new patches.
To even be nominated for the Visuality award indie games need to have either represent a style or present a new one that is unique. The pure unconventional use of music stands out in a sea of orchestrated soundtracks with choir backings, ho-hum indeed. The idea is simple games pay for early access to alpha versions of their most anticipated games and the developers get early funding to help push development along. Towns from the very beginning excelled in offering a deep town building experience that did not compromise on accessibility. First you need to be released and a new IP within 2012 and secondly you need to be super fun with other people.
Natural Selection 2 has proven that even in today's market the unique offerings of Natural Selection is very much welcomed by gamers everywhere. Not only is it a game we would never see big developers risk working on but the controls and gameplay are designed to be stressful. 2012 very special however, since the winner for Editors Choice Best Overall will be receiving a one of a kind Connie trophy as a physical reminder of just how amazing their indie game actually is. The winner of this award needs to reinvigorate our perception on how video games should be played, and Faster than Light does all of that and more. Being pixels in a pixel world gameplay is extremely precise (down to the pixel) so your mistakes are your own. To even be considered for the Worldly Award you must first create a world, then fill it with lore, places to explore and no shortage of a looming threat helps as well. The visual elements do not stop there as the UI and character portraits make you feel as though you have taken the wrong little round pill for that headache you said you had. To win this award the game needs to have music be intertwined into the game and have a kickass OST too boot.

We here at the IndieDB offices welcome our not so zombie overlords if this continues into the future. Needless to say if you also have the hunger for something that meets the standard you have always wanted look no further.
Towns will only continue to get better over the coming year, it is a game to keep watching. Natural Selection 2 stands out as the most unique and interesting multiplayer game of 2012. Being 2D everything is extremely precise, you can move with ease and silencing your opponents is very satisfying.
Aliens can choose a wall-running Skulk, pudgy Gorge, flying Lerk, murderous Fade or gigantic Onos that can devour enemies whole.
All in all it was a very surprising release that had our staff playing for months after the beta. A persistent little woodpecker, tapping away inexorably, determined to make its own weight in sawdust before Elliott woke up.Woke up?No, wait.
Combat requires quick reflexes and clever use of ship assets to overcome some daunting opposition.
Expect to get lost on your journey and only use of traditional orienteering will help you find your way. Long ago, Eden was inhabited by a group of indigenous people, whose extant monuments still decorate the island landscape. The guy frequented the saloon sometimes of an evening, and could often be seen standing around town, daydreaming.
As fire comes in, crucial components will be damaged or destroyed and your pool of power needs to be diverted, you are also tasked with the movements of each staff member. For someone who seemed so, well… such a refined aesthete, Elliott had a warmth to him that pulled at the dark solitude inside Sebastian.
And, as he realised that, he stomped down hard on the feeling, clicking to bring up his coding so they could start work.Work, yeah.
This young man had the soul of a poet, if those words were anything to go by.He picked up both mugs of coffee and carried them over to the table, setting one down in front of Sebastian.

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