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The Genderbread Person is an infographic that breaks down gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and sexual orientation into an easy to understand visual.
It’s been around in some form for many years, and this is my whack at making an inclusive, adorable, easy to understand depiction.
If you want to see a more in-depth explanation using this graphic, check out my post Breaking through the binary: Gender explained using continuums. How about instead of Heterosexual and Homosexual as the extremes, you have Adrophilic and Gynophilic? But then is it the biological male or the male expression or male identity that an Androphil is attracted to? It might be worthwhile seeing if you can omit that continuum altogether and see whether that takes us. I agree about the shortcoming of the continuums, but I do not think that adopting esoteric terms like adrophilic and gynophilic in this context would bring clarity to what I think is intended as an introduction to the concept of gender.
Also, I would strongly recommend not to view the graphic as confining you in any way – your identity, your sexual orientation, your anything. I think it would be even more harmful to adopt the Genderbread Person as the means to directly challenge laypeople’s conceptions of sexuality.
I do, however, admit that the gender space needs a little refinement, particularly the illustration for genderqueer. You might often have the opportunity to engage in advanced conversations about identity with people, where the nuances, intersections, and grey areas are mutually understood, but I do not often have that opportunity.

We recently released a new version, which I think overcomes a lot of the issues of reinforcing binaries that this model possessed. This is great visual for discussing complex ideas and I look forward to using it in my training and workshops. I also appreciate you pointing out how important it is to meet people where they are and use language and images that helps move them along. Hi Sam, I work for a Students’ Union in the UK and I am going to use the Genderbread Person as party of my Diversity training for a group of volunteer Student Leaders to challenge their thinking.
I am going to post this in my classroom to show my students they have an ally and someone who strives to understand and help.
I’m going to share this with my Women and Gender Studies class (in a California community college), post it in my office, and use it liberally in the future in discussions of gender, sexuality, labeling and categorizing, and social justice awareness. It presents gender along three different continuums, one for identity, expression, & biological sex.
And yet it is the most widely accepted model in sexology, even if it does not accurately describe the human sexual condition. I had seen that model (and similar ones) before, and wasn’t a fan, likely for some of the same reasons as you. I’m going to be using it in a class discussion on gender variant people in higher education.
This is an important conversation for families, for parents, teachers and for our society as a whole.

I’m using this to introduce these incredibly complex ideas to my college students who are mostly from rural, pretty homogenous communities.
I work as a therapist in a treatment centre for youth and I run a series of workshops in which my goal is to foster inclusiveness and arm our youth with information that will help them make safer choices. It would have been so useful to my obviously gay school friend in primary school or the girl that now I think about it may have been intersex and was always lusting at me hahaha. I firmly disavow the Kinsey scale myself, but I don’t think one can fault it being used for an infographic since that is what the general public already accepts. While I understand some of the concerns posted by some of the readers, I fully appreciate you putting this together in a way that is accessible to people who have never interacted with these concepts! Those roles are therefore subject to change based on the time period from which they were constructed- which includes, in a more modern sense, means that if one does not feel those roles correlate with their assigned sex, then you can reject the binary that divides the two common sexes where most roles are implicated. I use the genderbread person to help explain continuums when I present the LGBTQ* workshops. I am a trans genderqueer identified person and an educator with personal experience on this topic as well as an educational background in it.
You have, however unintentionally, appropriated several queer identities and made them heteronormative.

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