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How to read my billHow to Read Your BillHere's how to find out what you're paying now for electricity, and other useful information about your bill. The individual charges that make up your electric service are listed separately on your electric bill. Con Edison Residential Electricity Plans Customers served by the utility, ConEdison, have the ability to lock in a fixed price for their electricity with ConEdison Solutions.
With a fixed price, you will pay the same price per kWh for the contract term – making it easier to plan and manage your energy budget. If you live in a participating community and your home is currently supplied by a retail supplier other than ConEdison Solutions and wish to opt in to the Aggregation, if you wish wish to opt out a single account from the Aggregation or you wish to change your product selection from 100% renewable to basic or from basic to 100% renewable, you may do so by going to the website and selecting from the “Energy Choices” drop down menu.

Deregulation: Utility companies controlled of all three levels of energy before energy deregulation. IHomeInformal Complaint: Complaint filed by a customer regarding a disagreement between a customer and a supplier. The complaint is filed with the Public Utility Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Services.
AMERIgreen Energy shows prices in cents per Kilowatt-hour while your bill usually shows the unit in dollars per Kilowatt-hour. Off-Peak hours are from 11pm to 7am Monday through Friday as well as weekends and FERC Holidays.

On-peak hours are generally higher priced due to the amount of electricity used during that timeframe. You compare this price to an alternate supplier price when you are shopping for energy for electricity or natural gas.

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