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Check out this scientific study that USA Today shared, Higher Education Can Help You Live Longer. Want to start measuring what matters in social media to get smarter with your higher ed marketing? Please take a minute to submit a quick review to help your colleagues make a decision -- or their case to get funding to attend! Being a developing country Sri Lanka has a significantly higher rate of literacy of 91.2% in 2013. However it has occurred that along with the free education there is a lack of resources to educate all the potential students for the higher education.
To fulfill the needs of these students private institutes stood up to offer the foreign degrees mainly from the universities in United Kingdom, United States and Australia. These battles were fought and many private institutes had to limit the range of degree courses offered. Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic.
The higher education sector could benefit from the invention of cloud computing, a new study has found. Ovum's 2013 ICT Enterprise Insights report discovered that sophisticated constituent relationship management (CRM) strategies and learning management systems (LMS) will be primary focuses.
However, the organisation suggested a lack of interest in cloud computing could prevent institutions from reaching these goals. The figures showed that CRM has been widely adopted in higher education, as only ten per cent of institutions are using a CRM solution currently, causing there to be more need for pervasive and innovative strategies. Ovum's findings indicated that over half of institutions are looking to find a new LMS solution within 24 months.
Ovum's research suggested that few institutions were using the cloud for core enterprise applications.

The group discovered that less than 20 per cent were capitalising on an on-demand delivery model. These included a lack of viable solutions, a questionable return on investment and the task of supporting hosted solutions. Like higher education institutions, commercial businesses can also benefit greatly from the cloud.
The technology enables workers to go about their daily tasks more efficiently, increasing productivity and performance in the long run.
Bring your own device (BYOD) adoption will be driven by the fact workers are using so many mobile devices.
The Connecting Cambridgeshire project has been provided with new funding to facilitate superfast connections for businesses. This selection of 2016 & beyond events and conferences for higher education marketers is made and constantly updated by Karine Joly from Higher Ed Experts.
This 4-week certificate online course will help you learn what you need to know on social media analytics for higher education. This 8-week online course will help you cover all the bases and do it right the first time. Many say the free education for primary, secondary and higher have a major role to play in this high rate. University education has become a battle and many struggle to get admission to local universities. Along the years many changed and today in 2014 we stand giving everybody an equal chance to be educated at an affordable rate. The goal of this guide on Higher Ed Web and Marketing Conferences is to help digital professionals working in universities, colleges and schools.
Given that there are only about 15 state universities available for about 220,000 students who sat for Advanced level examination 2013.

Where the rest of the students who successfully completed secondary education will continue higher studies?
Medical students, Engineers, Architects, Business students and art students now have the chance to continue their dream even if they didn’t get a chance to enter state universities. Kanangara declared free education for all students in Sri Lanka in 1940s, Sri Lankan education has taken a brighter path.
Out of these potential students only about 20,000 students got admission to state universities. Few years back when the country was in a dark era, parents who could afford the bliss of education would send their children abroad for university education. Many private institutions are in corporation with the state and to offer the quality education for all. Regardless they success or not, a country full of educated people will only be a blessing for a developing country to keep one step ahead.
This gave a chance to everybody who dreamt about higher studies take their chance and stand up. Sri Lanka is in a place where today those who wishes to have a higher education can chose from many options and follow their dream. These leftover students could have being the leaders or scientists who might have changed the paths of the country. Foreign students are welcome and it has truly opened gates for a better connection globally and Sri Lankan students to explore the possibilities.

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