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The core concept behind balancing the lifestyle and diet for each season is living a disease free, healthy life.
North – Uttaraayana, a more aggressive period, ‘Aadaana kaala’ called taking away as both Sun and Wind are more powerful. Since the digestive power increases during this season, you can eat more sour, sweet and salty foods.
You can eat wheat, milk and milk products, carrots, figs, dates and nuts, sugar cane, corn, etc. Go in for some heavy exercises (it varies according to every individual) to stay away from diseases associated with Kapa. Ayurveda Doctor , Panchakarma Specialist, Holistic Healer, Psychological Counselor, Yoga teacher, Health article writer, Blogger from the land of Ayurveda i.e Nepal.
I’m here to talk about a few more Healthy Business Travel Tips for all you summer travelers out there. Just a couple days ago I showed you some mini moves that can be done in transit (car, plane, train, walking) to help keep you from getting too stiff and get the blood moving a bit.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been stuck during a long day of traveling finding myself tired and starving. I’ve learned the hard way and now there are a few things I always have in either my bag or purse in case of emergencies.
Generally, I look for things with the least amount of ingredients as possible that still have a good combination of the key ingredients (protein, carbs, fat) to curb my hunger and give me some energy for the long haul.
Larabars, apples, baby carrots, almonds, chia shots, hard boiled eggs, Quest Bars and instant coffee packs. Obviously some travel better than others and some need a little more preparation, but there have been many times when I’ve been on the go and needed something so have been so thankful to find one of these in my bag.

Okay and now just really quick I need to stress how important it is to stay safe and healthy while traveling.
If your heart wants a fiddle leaf fig tree but your black thumb is standing in the way, San Francisco Bay Area editor and garden consultant Julie Chai can help! Yes, the seasons move carrying its natural essence with no interruptions.  Ritucharya has its natural effect in three doshas, three types of bodies as characterized by Ayurveda.
Yet, in Ayurveda, a year is divided into two major kaalas, called periods, which is subdivided into 6 short periods, three each.
Intake of these foods helps your body fight against the vata dosha, stay away from diseases that we generally catch during a cold season. You never know what might come up when traveling and you want to be prepared in any situation. In addition you want something that has a good combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Here are just a few tips that I’ve learned along the way in traveling for races when I need to be ready and at my best when I get to the starting line after a day or so of traveling. I'm a marathon running, fitness instructing, PE teaching, kitchen experimenting, busy working mom of twin boys living life's journey one day, one race and one bite at a time.
While she considers fiddle leaf fig trees to be reasonably low- maintenance, she insists on tried-and-true methods for keeping them healthy and beautiful. Just make sure your tree won’t have sun shining directly on it since that can damage leaves. Ritucharya refers to observing right diet and lifestyle regime to cope-up with the influences caused by seasonal changes.
I leave for my honeymoon on Saturday and being healthy will allow me to enjoy things to their fullest potential!!!

Because my flight left at 545am, I had no ride that early, so I had to go the night before.
Please remember that my nutritional tips and advice are from my own personal experiences, knowledge and views.
The physical as well as mental strength of a person increases to fight off any ailments when appropriate diet and lifestyle is followed according to the changes in the nature. The last thing you want is to be caught in transit without anything to help keep you going. It is only in my scope of practice as a certified professional to give basic nutritional information using the USDA food guide pyramid. After checking my bags, we headed to the gates but since it was so early, the drawgrates were still down, so we couldn’t get through once we were through security.
They finally opened with enough time for me to get to my gate and get on the flight (nothing was open in the airport yet to get food).
I slept through the peanut giveaway on the flight, and had a layover in Texas, but since my flight was delayed landing, I had to run through the airport to my other gate, and the lines for any food were super long, so all I could get was a granola bar from a kind lady sitting next to me. That was about 10am local time (so my body thought it was 1pm eastern, so it had been 17 hours since I last ate). On my second flight, I was EXHAUSTED but left a note for the attendant to just leave my snacks if I was asleep (which I was).

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