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Many of us spend the holidays on a comfortable sofa watching our favorite football and basketball teams on a giant flat screen television.
For more information about how you can keep your heart healthy, visit the Cleveland Clinic’s Heart 411 site.
Overeating, excess alcohol, stress and lack of exercise can all contribute to cardiac issues.
Emotional stress activates our “fight or flight response,” which includes increased blood pressure and heart rate, and changes in blood clotting and inflammation, all of which can combine to precipitate a heart attack in a vulnerable person. We are not going to suggest that you begin the holiday season by embarking upon a strict new weight loss plan. Those gifts find a spot in the back of your closet and surface again only at spring cleaning. Follow a few simple tips to ensure your heart health during the holidays and to kick off a healthy new year. Emotional stress is probably one of the reasons that more people die of heart attacks on Christmas Day than on any other day of the year.

Don’t pack your holiday schedule with an hour-by-hour list of commitments, parties and visits. While scientific evidence supports moderate alcohol consumption as part of a heart healthy lifestyle, the health balance shifts when people have too much alcohol. Give your friends and relatives gifts that they will use and enjoy (and that will improve their health). This means checking your lipid profile (cholesterol), blood pressure, body mass index and blood sugar (if you are overweight). The key to weight is calories, and around the holidays that means paying attention to portion sizes and desserts. Once you have these in hand, make a plan with your doctor to optimize each value, ensuring that you reach the next New Year with a healthy heart. It is all-too-easy to eat everything on your plate and then return to the buffet for seconds before a final trip to the dessert table.
More alcohol increases the risks of a wide variety of health problems, ranging from abnormal heart rhythms to liver damage.

As this site is for informational purposes, contact your medical professional for any diagnosis and treatment especially in the case of an emergency. It’s okay if you prefer white wine or beer to red wine; moderate consumption of any sort of alcohol is associated with heart health.
Skip the macaroni salad (high in saturated fat, low in fiber) and the processed meats (high in saturated fat and salt). You’ll have fun, burn off a few extra calories, and put yourself and your family on the road to cardiovascular health.

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