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Just my 2 cents: In addition to food and exercise it is important to relax, be happy and if possible meditate.
People with costly conditions requiring multiple hospitalizations and long-term care incurred particularly high out-of-pocket costs. Hi Friends,Follow the health tips given here and see your life change!!Do share your tips under comments & I will publish them here for all to read.
Friends, If you have any interesting health tips, please share in the comments at the end of this blog.
College students are surrounded by unhealthy foods and sometimes it can seem like there are no other options. The dining commons at Penn State serve fresh fruits and vegetables daily so make a wise decision and swap that pizza or those breadsticks for a filling and nutritious salad. And next time you are craving that chocolate bar, consider getting dark chocolate or swapping it for carrots or an apple.
While these initially may not seem satisfying, try them out and maybe these foods are actually very palatable to your taste buds.
A survey I did of 50 people on the 6th floor in Shulze Building of Pollock Halls reveals 92% of people (46) were not properly washing their hands. Watch this video to learn not only how to properly wash your hands, but also why it is so important to wash your hands so frequently!
A common mistake people make in the restroom, for example, occurs when people leave the restroom.

It is understood that the residence halls don’t use paper towels, however, by bringing in a small napkin or paper towel and using it to turn off the faucet and open the door then disposing of it, you will make a big difference. Penn State requires students to purchase a fitness pass in order to access the multiple gyms available. By boosting your immunity, you are fighting against those viruses and sicknesses that want to infect your body.
Although that video was more for comical matters, it gets the point across that exercise helps students focus more and, as a result, attain better grades. There are also ways to make time to exercise such as waking up earlier but remember to not sacrifice your sleep so if you exercise in the morning, consider getting to sleep earlier. Next time you are feeling a little down or under the weather, remember to check up on your AWE skills. These three easy tips to staying healthy are just a few simple yet powerful ways to help prevent getting sick and spreading sicknesses. I'm a Holistic Nutritionist, CPT, CES or AKA "The Nutrition Ninja." I'm here to help keep YOU informed on the BEST and most effective Healthy Fat Loss strategies. If you even swap out one of these items, you will help yourself out greatly, thus, preventing getting sick. That little song and thorough scrubbing is the little difference it takes to help prevent yourself from getting sick.
Standing at the faucet for 15 seconds may seem like a long time but in actuality it isn’t and by routinely practicing proper hand washing techniques, you will soon get used to it (and thank me later).

Next time you’re thinking about taking the bus, just remember that in the long run, walking will prove to be beneficial. Read through this info & see the photo given at the end of this blog on water to learn more.
YOU make your own decisions so next time when you are getting a snack, think about it and always pick something with nutritional value whether it be almonds or a cheese stick.
There are germs and bacteria everywhere: in the air, on the table, on that computer mousepad you may be touching right now. Do what you can to prevent getting sick because there are many inevitable factors of getting sick that you can’t prevent.
This allows germs to just be replaced back onto your hands and these germs travel when you touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with soon after.
This may discourage students from attaining good exercise which is counterproductive to keeping good health regiments and preventing getting sick.
It doesn’t just take diet and exercise to boost your immunity either, however, the duo of these steps will create harmony for your body.
Getting sick is inevitable, especially at Penn State, a university of more than 35,000 students and staff, but by following these three simple steps, you will help yourself enormously by decreasing your odds of coming down with something.

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