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To meet our customers demand for 100% Grassfed Beef, we have for the first time broken our strict “Local Only” rule for sourcing beef and have scoured the globe to not just find 100% Grassfed Beef, but to find THE BEST TASTING 100% Grassfed Beef - and we have found it in Firstlight Farms in New Zealand! Our customers know that we have always been 100% transparent and true to our word – and when we sell grassfed beef, we mean 100% grassfed. So, we looked to the southern hemisphere and have exclusively brought in some of the finest beef we have ever come across.

The Sirloin Tip is commonly called the Knuckle or Ball Tip, it is located directly above the knee cap.
And as such, we have only typically sold grassfed beef during the months of July to November. The beef are Wagyu breed that yield unbelievable marbling, yet have only consumed lush New Zealand grass.

The farm has invented their own grading system to properly grade grassfed beef (watch the video to the left), which is absolutely brilliant!

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