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This fast-food styled joint is filled with pictures of tantalizing burgers and fries but as the name suggests, VeganBurg only serves vegetarian meals. The popular American chain selling healthy Texan-Mexican cuisine recently opened up in Singapore in 2012, bringing to shore freshly made tacos and salsas.
Having healthy food does not mean compromising on flavours, and Nando’s is one restaurant that whips up flavourful health food. Nowadays, we humans are more seriously attentive to our health and we all know that eating right can help maintain a healthy weight and avoid hidden health problems.
HighlightsSmall sized yet big on quality menu: Ci Yan offers a very simple menu, simply written on a black board in front of the restaurant.
HighlightsExtensive menu: Onaka offers an extensive range of organic vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes, including a good selection of appetizers, mains, desserts and drinks. HighlightsA relaxing healthy food cafe at bustling Orchard: Real food with its spacious room is a good place for an escaping moment at Orchard.
HighlightsTasty vegetarian foods at affordable prices: With $10 diners can pick any food item on the restaurant's menu.
Food Aesthetic is instagram-based (similar concept to Gorillapressco) and has been supplying weight-loss & lean-gain meals to individuals who are food-conscious.
August 31, 2015 I agree with Mother Helper, check out their reviews on their facebook.
I've struggled with unhealthy eating disorders for 2 years, and it was tough on my mind & body. Nowadays, with improved nutrition and abundance in food supply, the number of Singaporeans with diet-related illness is on the rise.
Aim to have 2-3 servings of whole-grains daily, as part of your 5-7 servings of Rice & alternatives. Due to the rising prevalance of Osteoporosis, there is also an emphasis now on high-calcium products. The content of this website is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended as, nor should it be considered a substitute for, professional medical advice.
SINGAPORE: The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) has launched a new certification scheme to facilitate the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices among local food-court operators. SEC’s Executive Director, Howard Shaw, said food courts generate huge amounts of waste and consume massive amounts of energy and water every day.
The Eco-Foodcourt certification assesses the environmental management system in a foodcourt, from its environmental policies to water, energy and waste management. One of the mandatory requirements is that takeaway orders must not be placed in Styrofoam boxes. Examples of environmentally sustainable practices implemented at The Deck include organic food recycling, the recycling of cooking oil, and the use of eco-friendly and reusable boxes as well as the promotion of meat-free meals.
Kopitiam’s Corporate Communications Manager, Ms Goh Wee Ling, said the tenants saw a bonus for being environmentally responsible.

It was reported last year that Singapore saw a 31 per cent increase in waste generated since 2000, with food waste as one of the top five waste types. SEC said it plans to launch the certification for two other sectors under its eco-labelling scheme by the third quarter of this year.
From hawker stalls to posh restaurants, it is a breeze finding dishes from the aromatic Chinese chicken rice to juicy American-styled steaks. The environmental friendly cafe offers a variety of tasty food choices and fresh juices designed to benefit your body and soul. VeganBurg uses organic whole-wheat ciabatta buns and uses purely vegetarian patties, which are made of soya or minced mushrooms, amongst others ingredients. Priding itself as a fresh and healthy establishment, Baja Fresh offers an array of delectable dishes such as Chicken Quesadillas, Baja Shrimp Ensalada, and a variety of Fajitas, amongst others.
Well-known internationally for it’s juicy flame-grilled chicken basted in the sauce of your choice (lemon and herbs to extra hot), Nando’s serves up a variety of grilled chicken, pitas, burgers and salads. The only thing holding some of us back from eating healthily is that clean-eating foods are not always as delicious as the so-called sinful dishes. The large number of healthy food cafes mushrooming across Singapore in recent years reveals that more and more people have fallen in love with this health-friendly kind of foods. Only 4 to 6 dishes are listed on that daily changing menu under categories of brown rice sets, noodles and desserts. Making raw ingredients flavorful is an art, and the chefs at this restaurant can make their food creations an art piece through jazzing up vegetables with delicious home-made sauces. Department of Agriculture’s Center) has been recommending dietary goals for the American people. One of the many (which I haven’t spoken of) is to get a beach-perfect-body to wear my Triangl Bikinis in. I started this blog to inspire others who want to stay in shape & wish to regain or gain confidence through fitness. Most of us eat enough grain products, but few of us are taking advantage of the benefits of whole grains. Do not use the information on this website for diagnosing or treating any medical or health condition. But fret not if your gastronomical adventure revolves around healthy food, as there are a variety of places, both hawkers and restaurants, catering to the health conscious.
ONAKA, which is an acronym for Optimum Nutrition and Kitchen Arts, is conceptualized as an “East meets West” outlet offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals such as the Teriyaki Multigrain Sandwich.
Just like ordering a meal at McDonald’s or KFC, the burger meals at VeganBurg comes with a side of Seaweed Fries and a juice of your choice.
The dishes are flame grilled (they even grill the tortillas) and quality meat and seafood are used. The 24-hour marinated chicken dishes served at Nando’s are butterfly cut and trimmed of any fats and contain no preservatives, flavourants, colourants or MSG (this includes the sauces too!).

No doubt, only great innovations in culinary recipes have that life-changing power, making healthy foods taste better than ever. Although there aren’t many options, the deliciousness, healthiness and affordability are always there to make up the space. Checked out the website, which is under construction by the way, and found out more about what they do. I was soooooooo excited to learn this and subscribe right away, except they didn’t deliver (or have enough demand to deliver) to the area I was working in. Upon confirmation, I was given a link to download an app which I can then plan my meals ahead. If you have or suspect you have a medical problem, promptly contact your professional healthcare provider.
With the big push on healthy eating in Singapore, you can quite easily find stickers (usually a red and white coloured food pyramid sticker) on food stalls providing a healthy option for many local dishes, meaning, less oil or no MSG. VeganBurg also indicates the nutrients (beta-carotene, anti-oxidants, etc.) that your body stands to gain from the delicious yet healthy meal.
With the flame grilled method of cooking, one need not worry about an unhealthy amount of oil being added to their meal.
You can even request for your chicken to be prepared skinless to reduce your calorie intake further.
However, if that still does not suit your requirement, then do try out the restaurants listed below.
As the cafe is designed to be a place for the healing of the mind, body and soul, its decor features an open concept fitted with wooden resort-style flooring and a sleek almost Zen-like concept.
VeganBurg also delivers to offices and homes, so even if you are stuck at work, you always have the ready option of having your healthy lunch sent to you. There is also a free-flow bar spread of a variety of freshly made salsa, ranging from different levels of spiciness. You can also complete your healthy meal with sideline choices that includes grilled vegetable, corn, spinach, sweet potatoes or side salad, amongst others.
They also posts nutritional information of their menu, which is something I find very useful in my meal plannings.
In addition, ONAKA is also a one-stop sanctuary for those who need to shop for their organic groceries. Though it is slightly costly ($10 – $30) for a quick-casual dining restaurant, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill does make the price worth it with the large portions served. In the Mindful Meal Blog, I provide you with advice and tips on healthy and easy Cooking, Grocery Shopping, Eating Out and Kids Meals.

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