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Happening upon a cafe is always fun, and that is exactly what happened on a recent trip to London. It's not one of those pretentious let's pretend we're 'high on life' cafe's with achingly good looking staff whose smiles make you buy anything, but whose energy is rather sickly. Down one of the side roads off Carnaby Street Healthy Eating Cafe sits unceremoniously, quiet even, keeping to itself.
While the staff member got on with whatever he was doing in silence behind the counter, I had time to peruse the extensive juice and smoothie list on the back wall.
For the above reason alone Healthy Eating Cafe gets my vote, but if you're hungry for something else, tea, coffee, and home-made frozen yoghurt is also available, as well as a mixture of whole foods - hemp seeds, nuts, wheatgrass, clif and nakd bars.

It's more than the average juice bar cafe because all food and drinks are cooked on site, and even though I visited on a Wednesday morning (10am) there were already a queue of people ready and waiting.
WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. Fresh Healthy Eating Cafe seemed to appear out of nowhere, and I was delighted what I found inside. The food and bright decor attracts customers, so they don't have to be frighteningly loud, supple young things behind the counter. Most of the time it's not about over the top customer service, but maintaining a clear and polite manner.

Not many juice bars use these because they require more effort; you must chop everything to size so it fits through the tube. Instead, when I went in for a juice, I met a middle aged man who explained the juices were on the wall and what salads were available that day.
Masticating juicers work at a slow rate to ensure the enzymes of the fruit and vegetables stay in tact - the heat from a fast motor kills the enzymes, thus producing 'dead' juice, with a masticating juicer, the juice is quite literally 'alive'.

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