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When ordering a kids' meal, restaurant employees at McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and Taco Bell automatically served french fries or another unhealthy side dish more than 84% of the time.
Much has been made these days about fast food restaurants offering healthy options on their menus.
The average restaurant had 15 signs promoting specific menu items, but just 4 percent promoted healthy menu items. Earth Eats needs your help to continue bringing you news and recipes about healthy living and sustainable food. Earth Eats is a weekly podcast, public radio program and blog bringing you the freshest news and recipes inspired by local food and sustainable agriculture.
Annie Corrigan is the producer of Earth Eats, and an announcer and producer at WFIU Public Radio. Daniel Orr is a professional chef, restaurateur, blogger, and author of a number of cookbooks. Indiana Public Media is the home of WFIU Public Radio & WTIU Public Television, including your favorite programming from NPR and PBS.
A study out of Yale analyzes marketing campaigns as related to kids and those "better-for-you" menu items. A soft drink or other unhealthy beverage was served automatically at least 55 percent of the time.
In addition to serving as the local voice for NPR's Morning Edition, she produces WFIU's weekly sustainable food program Earth Eats.

RSS makes it possible to subscribe to a website's updates instead of visiting it by delivering new posts to your RSS reader automatically. Often first foods are the easiest option for people to take at regular basis in working hour or to celebrate their occasions.Although it is quicker and many times a cheaper option, many of these foods are not usually the healthiest one. It found that the fast food industry spent $4.2 billion in 2009 on TV advertising and other media, with advertisers specifically targeting Hispanic and African-American youth.
Here is a sampling of the findings as they relate to the healthy options available on fast food menus. She earned degrees in oboe performance from Indiana University and Bowling Green State University.
84 percent of parents reported taking their child to a fast food restaurant at least once a week, with teens purchasing 800 to 1,100 calories in an average visit. With little knowledge about these foods can help make healthier choices and still enjoy the convenience of fast food restaurants.Making healthier choices is easier if you prepare ahead by checking guides that show you the nutritional content of meal choices at your favorite restaurants. If you do not prepare ahead of time the following guidelines help to make your meal healthier.* Pay attention to the descriptions on the menu. Dishes labeled deep-fried, pan-fried, basted, batter-dipped, breaded, creamy, crispy, scalloped or in cream sauce are usually high in calories, unhealthy fats or sodium.
Try limiting the intake.* When choosing items, be aware of calorie and fat packed salad dressings, spreads, cheese, sour cream, etc. You can ask for a packet of ketchup or mustard and add it yourself, controlling how much you put on your sandwich.* Watch your salt.

Fast food restaurant food tends to be very high in sodium, a major contributor to high blood pressure. Do not add insult to injury by adding more salt.* Avoid buffets-even seemingly healthy ones like salad bars. If you do choose buffet dining, opt for fresh fruits, salads with olive oil and vinegar or low-fat dressings, broiled entrees and steamed vegetables. Resist the temptation to go for seconds, or wait at least 20 minutes after eating to make sure you are really still hungry before going back for more.* Eat mindfully. Mindful eating relaxes you, so you digest better and makes you feel more satisfied.* Watch portion size — an average fast food meal can run as high as 1000 calories or more, so choose a smaller portion size. Sharing might make dessert (or something else indulgent) more of an option.* Do not be afraid to special order. If your food is fried or cooked in oil or butter, ask to have it broiled or steamed.The delicious, quick and cheap temptation of fast foods can be hard to resist.

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