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While there are some decent processed options out there most are scary chemical-filled concoctions. For more tips on healthy eating  and transitioning to a plant-based diet check out My Plant-Based Family. I could have made this list MUCH longer but I wanted to create a very simple list that could get people started in the right direction. It’s easy to eat healthy around the holidays (and year round) with these healthy holiday eating tips! Cut back on alcohol while enjoying your actual meal – alcohol acts as an appetite stimulant and causes blood sugar levels to drop, often leading to mindless snacking, instead of enjoying your more healthy meal. Scout a workout buddy for the day after a holiday party to keep you committed to burning off extra calories. Replace your beloved potato chips with kale chips (I promise I will get around to do a recipe post for these, as they are my new favorites!). If you want this to come out creamier, Vitamin Shoppe suggests adding some coconut or unflavored almond milk to fluff it up a little bit. Did you know that ice cream, chocolate and candy are not useful foods for your body because they contain empty calories, and basically nothing your body can use!
Healthy Diet Tips - Sugar Alternatives: There are better and healthier alternatives, like real maple syrup. When dieting it's especially wise to say no to sugar, white and brown, and all kinds of syrup (which is basically water plus sugar) and most of all high fructose corn syrup.Here are more healthy DIETING tips. Most of us already know the benefits of a healthy diet, but it would be good not to only focus on the food part. NutriDivas' Newsletter: Healthy Eating LoversWould you want to sign up for this website's newsletter?
You can easily take vitamins everyday (Vitamin Shoppe carries my favorites!), but it’s even more than that.

I know this sounds nuts, but cinnamon not only has appetite suppressing qualities, but can also have a very sweet taste to it.
There’s just something about getting a few quick tips that can really make a huge impact on your overall health. Try this energy boosting green juice!Should you be taking vitamins?What sugar substitute is right for you? However, there are several things that should be considered when it comes to how to eat healthy and especially when forming your definition around what healthy eating means to you.
It helps me stay hydrated and avoid cravings for soda or coffee when I'm running errands. Cutting down on packaged food will open up opportunities for healthier foods that will fuel your body and help you feel great.
But the holidays are a certain kind of wonderful when eating healthy rules are often broken. If you are looking for many of these healthy swaps this season, seriously check out your local Vitamin Shoppe, as they carry organic olive oil, chia seeds, and so much more that can be incorporated into your daily eating habits. You can also easily swap out the chipotle seasoning if you aren’t interested in spicy, but I find that for me spices help get me drinking lots of water afterwards and ups the overall flavor of my food.
It was great to collaborate with these two other health professionals, to come up with some great tips for you to keep in mind. Because this is the part of NutiDivas where I post lots of healthy diet nutrition tips for you :)There are so many amazing things happening in your body every day, without us even thinking about it!
Also, a kind of honey called Manuca honey from new Zealand is supposed to be an extra healthy form of honey, it's a bit expensive, but could be cool to try.
Instead of worrying about ratios, calorie counting or the hottest super foods consider these 5 tips for eating healthy to get you started in the right direction. Be realistic and avoid planning difficult meals if you have a short time frame to prepare them and eat.

A food journal will help you see trends like high calorie late night snacks or chocolate-filled stress eating.
So, here are some holiday healthy eating tips, brought to you straight from my daily habits and my friends over at The Vitamin Shoppe.
You can also very easily double or triple the recipe in one large pot for bigger holiday get togethers. If not, go straight to the fridge and take out whatever vegetables you've got at home, wash them and eat them.
Oatmeal is a hearty breakfast and very easy to make; buy rolled oats and cook according to the directions and add your favorite fruit, nuts and seeds. It was around A?11 for a small jar.When you want snacks, you could get some stuff from the health food store.
Most of us eat some sort of snack everyday, if it's not planned you may reach for cookies or chips. So when things feel overwhelming - like they do at times, my advice would be to take one day at a time.
You are making great choices throughout the day don't let dinner get hijacked by poor planning. If you don't have  a lot of prep time choose things that cook quickly like quinoa and lentils and add your favorite veggies rely on low-sodium canned beans and frozen cut veggies.

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