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Some people may think that being an HGV driver is an easy way of life; sitting down most of the time, eating what you like, travelling around. Healthy eating is not just about losing weight; it also improves your quality of living and can extend life expectancy (it’s not just for people on crazy fad diets, promise!). Planning ahead allows you drivers to bring prepared meals for their shift rather than stopping off at fast food restaurants or buying processed food (this can save you money too). Snacking is a major issue in the trucking industry (amongst others!); but believe it or not, there are healthy ways to snack.
As you can see, there are many ways to stay healthy by watching what you eat and drink while driving. My name is Joseph Raybould and I was wondering if I may use the picture on your website about healthy eating for my GCSE controlled assessment.
We have a selection of different services, each of which can be tailored to suit your needs. 12 Months of Baby Photo ShootsSometimes in the excitement and sleep deprived world of babies, we forget to embrace our camera and get all those must take pictures.
Blissfully ConvenientGet new Blissfully Domestic content delivered right to your inbox via our weekly newsletter. Healthy eating is about getting the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates, as well as the right types of fats and sugars. There’s a huge amount of healthy eating advice and information around and trying to get your head around all of it is almost impossible.
Making sure that you’re eating the right balance of the right foods is the key to a healthy diet. Being overweight can increase the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.
Even though people grow at different ages and rates, you should aim to be within the normal range for weight for your height. If you’d like some advice on diet, nutrition or healthy eating, why not make an appointment with your doctor?
Making a few simple changes to your diet and cutting down on sweets and fatty snacks are a lot healthier in the long term.

With a bit of luck you will have been living in the University’s halls of residence for a year before you have to make this decision. The best way to start is with a list of local Landlords and Letting Agents, however there are also many other ways that you can find yourself some accommodation and this article will explain each of them.
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Students can find everything related to student life including advice, entertainment, news and much more. As first time parents, my wife (Lindsay) and I are trying to prepare ourselves as best as possible for our son (Gavin) arriving in April. She puts the issues on the coffee table after she goes through and marks the pages she wants to refer back to. If you enjoyed this blog and would like to read more like it, you should make me your FREE Beachbody Coach! Looking to add serious mass?  Body Beast can help you gain 20lbs of muscle mass in 90 days.
Want to get extremely lean and bring out muscle cuts?  Insanity will help you lean out in 60 days. Throw those crisps and chocolate bars out and replace them with fruit, nuts, raw vegetables and low calorie cereal bars (lots of shops now sell pre-washed and cut fruit).
Now it’s up to you to try them out and let us know if you start to see, or feel, a difference. It will only be seen by my teacher, assessor and me; it will not be posted on the internet. There are lots of different types and causes of headaches; here are the most common culprits and how to treat them. Your Student Life is already one of the fastest growing online student communities and attracts an audience from all over the world!
Making sure the room is ready, the crib is put together, all the right baby items are purchased and picking out a name are all fairly easy in the prepping process. While I was watching the news before work one day, I picked one up and started leafing through it.

Now don’t get me wrong, they did have some good ideas like chopped pecans for the batter dipped in peach jam. You will be added to my exclusive Facebook page where other people like you are sharing ideas just like this! I want to help you but you may you please enter your name, a valid email address, message and the antispam number. We like to keep our drivers in tip-top condition, so here’s our guide to staying healthy with what you eat and drink on the road. It kick starts your energy levels for the day and will knock any remaining sleepiness on the head. Eating small, regular meals will burn more calories than spaced out larger meals as your metabolism speeds up. Lorry drivers tend to drink less on the road so as to limit the amount of stops made, but remember, water flushes out toxins from the body and keeps it hydrated.
We don’t recommend that you make any sudden, drastic changes to your lifestyle as your body will struggle to cope. I was surprised when my kids started asking for some of my salad to eat alongside the fruit I’d given them. I get that my wife and I might have to make food interesting for them to eat, but why can’t it all be healthy? How do we know when his cry means he is hungry, needs a diaper change or doesn’t feel well? I noticed most of these options were healthy ones, but I couldn’t get past the unhealthy ones!
Fizzy drinks do little for the body, so wherever possible, opt for bottled water or fruit juice. My wife got a subscription to Parenting magazine hoping that would offer us some insight for what to expect.

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