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Kidney disease is diagnosed three times more often than twenty years ago, and the numbers keep climbing. When you have too much sodium in your body, proteins are more likely to come out in urine which is damaging to kidneys.
Proteins are an essential part of every healthy diet, however, there are some studies which suggest that excessive eating of proteins can cause strain on kidneys. Keeping your whole body healthy lowers your risk for diseases across the board, including your kidneys. This is the perfect vegetable for a kidney diet because it is low in potassium, and high in Vitamin A, C, as well as B6.
This is another super food that contains everything needed to maintain a healthy kidney ; sodium, phosphorus, vitamin C and lots of anti-oxidants. Apples play an important role in maintaining a good cholesterol level, prevent constipation, protect against heart diseases and improve eyesight.
It is one of the most generous sources of antioxidants and flavanols, which eases high blood pressure and few other symptoms of kidney disease. Its acidity helps in breaking down kidney stones, which in turn keeps your kidneys problem-free. As long as you’re eating a well balanced diet, you likely don’t have to worry about over consumption of proteins unless you already have a kidney condition. As mentioned previously, having well maintained cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure will lower your risk of getting kidney disease. The amount of alcohol that one’s body can tolerate substantially differs between individuals depending on sex, age, weight, and genetic factors.

Following these tips will not only lower your risk for kidney disease, but help improve your overall health.
In addition, red bell pepper is also an excellent source of folic acid and fiber which is needed to help the kidney perform its functions well. There is nothing that garlic can’t do, from maintaining a healthy hair to protecting your heart.
I am sure a lot of you include it in your cooking because they always make dishes taste better. These minerals in turn keep the blood clear from toxic and prevent unwanted oxidation of fatty acids. Not only that, the citrus in lemon prevents the crystals that are already present in your kidneys from binding with each other. She is a believer of natural remedies and practices with over three years of experience in the niche of health and beauty.
With higher blood pressure, the more damage which can occur to already existing kidney disease.
As for the type of protein, choosing lean proteins like fish, poultry, beans, legumes, and low-fat dairy can help out your body in a number of ways. A good rule of thumb is that those who are over 65 should limit themselves to about 2 drinks a day for men, and 1 drink for women.
To maintain a healthy kidney, apart from drinking plenty of water, you also need to consume some super foods that will protect against any undesirable fatty acid oxidation.
These are essential compounds to help the liver neutralize toxic found in body and preserve the cell membranes and DNA.

They contain anti-inflammatory properties that prevents against inflammation of your kidney. We are sure you have heard that apple cider vinegar is good for your heart, blood pressure and weight loss. She is also equipped with some of her native Malaysian remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation. Cut your sodium down by preparing meals without salt, choosing foods advertised as ‘low sodium’, and keeping track of the amount of sodium you are consuming on a daily basis. Your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels can improve, which will also lower your risk of kidney disease. Cabbage is packed full of phytochemicals, a chemical compound found in some fruits and vegetables that destroys the free radicals before they cause any damage to your internal system. Talk to your doctor about your sodium goals, but a good rule of thumb is eating no more than 2,300 mg per day. As for smoking, there is good evidence to suggest that smoking can increase the risk of kidney disease, especially in those with diabetes. So this time, to make things easier for you, HNBT comes up with a list of top 13 super foods that is needed to maintain a healthy kidney.

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