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Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Eat something – Always have a little snack, something substantial before heading off to the party. Keep to one alcoholic drink – Like when you do go out clubbing or to any other parties, stick to one alcoholic drink instead of mixing different drinks throughout the night.
Make water your best friend – For every glass of alcoholic drink you take, drink at least two glasses of water. Keep an eye on your wine glass – We know that at most dinner parties your wine glass seem to get topped up each time you turn around and chat to your neighbour. A mum of 3 who loves writing, sharing tips, tricks and discoveries that covers styling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and so much more! Thanks for reading my recent post. I love hearing what you think, so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. She's a mum of 3 who loves writing, sharing tips, tricks and discoveries that covers styling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and so much more! Pregnant woman must include simple exercises in their life such as walking, yoga, and swimming.
So in pregnancy, women should include yoga as a vital form of exercise, so as to remain stress free and enjoy healthy and safe pregnancy period.
Also, pregnant women should follow a healthy diet plan which includes all kinds of green vegetables, fresh fruits and dairy products.Most of the pregnant women face the problem of nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy. Water is an extremely important mineral and should be included in the diet of pregnant women in sufficient amount. Pregnant women should divide their whole day’s meals into several smaller portions, instead of eating three big meals in a day.
As the summer sun continues to drench Ukraine it is perhaps worth stopping and considering how the hot weather affects our health in this land of extreme seasonal climate changes.
NYSC: 5 Health Tips That Can Help Corpers Stay Healthy During Service - How Nigeria Oops! Talk with your healthcare provider before using pain-relieving medicine at any time during your pregnancy.
If you have pain in your groin and stomach (round ligament pain), avoid sudden twisting movements.
Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. That way you won’t end up gorging too much and it will also help curb your hunger and stay sober before the night even starts.
It lessens the likelihood of you a) getting drunk b) having a bad hangover the next morning. Trust me, your body will thank you and you’ll actually get to enjoy the taste of your drink. Not only will you be able to pace yourself, you’ll find that you won’t drink as much alcoholic drinks as well because who would want to spend most of the night in the loo right? Keep a close eye on that wine glass because you need to know how much you’re drinking.

The mini sized ones are actually the more “dangerous” desserts because they are so easy to pick and eat with just one bite! All pregnant women should take all preventing measures to keep their health in proper state.
These exercises would go a long way in keeping the health of pregnant women in good condition. Swimming would help in relaxing the muscles and bones, thus helping to get rid of any kind of body pain.
In such a case, it is suggested to remain in bed for around ten to fifteen minutes in the morning after waking up. Drinking lot of water daily would help in keeping sound digestive health and would also help in maintaining good hydration level. You also may try massaging your calf in long, downward strokes, or stretching your legs before going to bed.
They provide more support than regular bras and can be used after pregnancy if you breastfeed. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.
I’ve got a few simple tips that might sound like common sense, but more often than not are often forgotten during this time of the year.
C has decided not to attend his annual work-do this year, so I know I won’t have to implement any of these tips and no I’m not happy about that fact! A few tips which would help in improving the health of the pregnant women are specified hereunder. With the help of walking as a form of exercises, the physical health of the women would be maintained and the weight would be kept under control. It brings with it a sense of health and well-being and has been shown to help in the treatment of numerous psychological illnesses.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Oats, chia seeds, anything with fibre, a good dose of fruit and of course some good old fermented foods like yoghurt to maintain your gut health.
Pregnant women should keep their stomach full, so that problems such as nausea and morning sickness can be prevented. Indeed, some people become depressed during the Ukrainian winter due to a shortage of sunshine, and in such cases the first few weeks of spring sunlight can bring an almost quantifiable boost.
For most of us the annual return of the Ukrainian sun - especially when coupled with Ukraine’s numerous spring and summer season public holidays - brings a sense of relaxation and regeneration. Sunshine works through our brain centres to stimulate a whole group of powerful hormones in both men and women. For example, increasing daylight raises reproductive hormones ensuring that in more primitive times, pregnancy more commonly occurred when there was a plentiful supply of foodstuff.Time to stock up on fruit and veg One of the most obvious benefits of the summer is the plentiful supply of fresh vegetables, fruits, and berries that are brought into the bazaar from the countryside on a daily basis. Now is a great time to replenish all those vitamins and trace elements that we lost during the long winter when good quality produce is traditionally less easy to obtain. It’s also a time to switch our diets to more salads and vegetables and away from the carbohydrates, fats and meat that we tend to eat more of in the winter months.Sunshine also allows us to partake in much more exercise than in the winter months, which improves our health and lets us spend more time with our friends and families.

These social exchanges also help to generate valuable neurochemicals that keep us happy and neutralise the unavoidable stresses of everyday life.Avoiding sunburn and skin cancer Sadly, the impact of Ukraine’s brilliant summer sunshine is not all positive and there are a number of ways in which it can negatively affect our health. Luckily, with the right precautions you can hopefully avoid the worst of these negative impacts.
Direct sunlight affects our skin in several ways; firstly, there is the all-too-common condition of sunburn, which is no different or less painful than any other type of skin burn. Sunburn damages the skin and if either severe or frequent can permanently affect skin, causing it to age and wrinkle – a condition often seen in people from north European climes who have lived for many years in the tropics.
Secondly, sunlight can cause an allergic type reaction in human skin, particularly in humid conditions. Balanced diet boosts immunity and helps to fend off most infections like malaria, typhoid fever and gastroenteritis.2. This so-called “prickly heat” earned its name because of the irritating raised rash which accompanies the condition. It can be helped and sometimes prevented by antihistamines as well as by keeping out of severe sunlight.Exposure to sunshine has also been implicated as a leading cause of skin cancer. Many infections people suffer from are directly or indirectly related to suboptimal hygiene. This is undoubtedly true for one of the very benign forms of skin cancer which grows slowly and doesn’t spread but which does need to be removed.
However Melanoma – perhaps one of the most serious types of cancer – is commonly thought to be caused by exposure to sunlight, but the medical evidence to suppose this is actually less strong.
Melanoma certainly seems to be on the increase but there may be other factors aiding its spread. If people keep their environment clean i.e no overgrown bushes or filthy clogged gutters, mosquitoes will find it difficult, if not impossible to breed and the burden of malaria will be much less. For all these conditions nothing works better than keeping out of the mid-day sun for several hours and for the rest of the time using a good sun block cream.
Those who are more prone to severe malaria like sickle cell individuals or pregnant women should take prophylactic drugs regularly and sleep in insecticide-treated mosquito nets.
This is especially important for children as their skin surface area is relatively larger and so burns will have a bigger effect on their general health.
Those who experience ulcer pain should avoid skipping meals and eating overly peppery, oily or hot meals as these may aggravate peptic ulcers.5. Asthmatic persons need to identify and avoid any factors that trigger attacks such as dust, cold or stress.
For those of us who will be staying in Ukraine the next few months will be a great chance to enjoy family and friends and spend a little time using the good weather to invest in both mental and physical health.Dr.

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