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After some research i have found out that super flat survival is possible(but not too fun). 1- If you are reading this tutorial while you are playing Minecraft, it's recommended that you go to the Minecraft window and press Esc to pause the game.
2- As Minecraft is a sandbox game, there is no defined or proper way and style to play the game.
5- Look around for a few things in particular, in order of priority: trees, visible stone (and especially coal ore), animals, and tall grass. 7- Your first tool(s)In order to collect stone and coal, the next staple resources, you will need a pickaxe. 9- Heat before lightInitially, your sole light source in caves and at night will be torches.
10- Bed and shelterIf you have made a bed, nightfall is easy: As soon as sunset begins, place your bed, sleep in it by right-clicking on it, and continue with crafting and smelting the next day. 11- Getting above it allBuild a tall 1x1 column under you, by pillar jumping: look straight down, jump up, and place one of your blocks in the space you've jumped up from.
A good tutorial, pictures could make it easier to read and would remove the need for a fair amount of the text though. Formatting and some paragraph cuts here and there would make it a hell of a lot easier to read, I couldn't even finish the first section because of the lack of good formatting.
What I was able to read was relatively helpful for new players, although already covered by an abundance of tutorials all over the place. In fact Rotten Flesh is more of a hindrance than anything as it's more likely to poison and kill you than be helpful.
Exactly, and just think about it, if you're roleplaying your character as yourself or any rational human being, would you really eat 'rotten flesh'.. In this guide, we’re going to give you some great advice on how to really improve as a Survival Games player. To compete in the Survival Games, you obviously need to have some basic Minecraft knowledge. The best way to be a part of a team is with a real-life friend you know and trust or even an online friend that has Skype or another voice call system.
Try to set traps using flint and steel, try running and sniping with a bow, even just try running if nothing else works! Minecraft survival guide faq, It is the first complete guide to minecraft, over 120+ pages of minecraft explained. With minecraft 1.8 pre-release 1 coming out tomorrow, i figured that i would showcase all survival changes to the game in one video.
Leave a reply "Minecraft Survival Guide" Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment. By doing this, you will have plenty of time to gather resources and create a shelter for the night, and monsters will not come up and kill you while you are away.
A full discussion of controls on all platforms can be found on, naturally, the Controls page. However, in Survival mode one common theme found for all players is the need to feed yourself, and to avoid (and later, fight) hostile mobs that spawn either in dark places (e.g. While there are a small amount of items that can be crafted directly from the inventory, a Crafting table is required to craft tools and most other items in the game. Don't turn it all into planks up front -- you may need a few logs for charcoal (see below).
By doing this repeatedly, you can get high enough above the ground that the mobs will be unable to detect you. One thing I noticed which is that you suggested 'Zombie Flesh' or ('Rotten Flesh' to anyone else) as an item to keep an eye out for, a bad suggestion as the only real practical use is to feed wolves. Being able to call out instructions and warnings to your partners will give you a big boost over the competition who may be acting alone. When you see the Iron-wielding warrior with a diamond sword coming for  your poor defenseless leather armored self Рyou know that things are bad. Based on what you learned from your research of our previous tips, you should always have a decent idea if your gear is superior or inferior to other players..
Post your comment below and share how you’re able to win as many Survival Games as you do! The villages use wood to make their farms look better, so get the wood and make them into planks and make the planks into sticks.

All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Naturally, the crafting table can be crafted from the inventory!To make your crafting table, first open the inventory (E) and click on a stack of wood logs once collected from a tree: Then place some of the wood in the 2x2 crafting square above your inventory.
Although some trees (and their wood) look different than others, all wood functions the same. However, the other thing a bed does, is to set your spawn point (where you reappear when you die), but that part only works if you leave the bed there.
Essentially, you just need to spam the jump button as you’re running in this situation, and you should be able to move away from enemies that are chasing you. That means you learn as much as you can about the environment, players, and items of the server you’re playing on. After that make a wooden pickaxe and mine up some cobblestone(from a house) and make a sword and furnace.
Most of these can be changed in the Options menu (which can be reached from either the main menu or the pause (Esc) menu.
Wool for a bed is optional, but very helpful -- it lets you skip the night and avoid the monsters that appear then.
If you can't see anything but desert, pick a random direction and head that way, occasionally going to high ground for a look around.If you are on an island, completely surrounded by water as far as you can see, you are in an Ocean biome.
Your first priority is to find a small tree, bash through the leaves if needed, and punch the wood until each block drops as an item. This will produce planks: The planks will be different colors depending on what sort of wood you have.
Your crafting table view is similar to your inventory view, except you now have a more useful 3x3 crafting space. However, different kinds of wood don't stack together, which can take up extra inventory space. Either way, you will also want to cook your meat before you get hungry.To do this you need a furnace. So for the first night, you might just use the bed and then take it with you, but eventually you will want a safe shelter where you can sleep in your bed and leave it there permanently.If you have no bed, and you didn't have time to build something secure, you will probably have to spend your first night in an emergency shelter. Hopefully you’ll be able to form teams, and grow together as you learn what will win fights.
While you're working on the basics, collect any stray items you come across, as many of them will be useful later.
If you're standing on rock, look around for some dirt or sand to use, remember where you are, and go get it to build your pillar. Don't bother with huge trees at this point, but also don't be upset if you can't reach the top blocks of wood -- you can always come back and collect them later. You might notice also that the tree's leaf blocks slowly disappear, or decay after you cut down all the wood. You can also use "crouching" (holding ? Shift) to lean over the edge of your pillar and place an extra block or two as a ledge. If so, what kits seem to help the most right away – before most players get the great gear on the map. These types of questions will help you decide when to run and bide your time and when might be a better time to attack.
You won’t always win fights with these strategies, but this information should help you win more fights if you’ve been struggling! Before you move,you may want to hit F3 to show the debug info, then hit Esc to pause the game, and write down the coordinates where you started. Monsters can still come in from other biomes, but if you head toward the middle, you can spend the night in safety outdoors.
With a couple of exceptions (slabs, stairs) you can mix and match different planks when crafting. To do this, pick up a stack of planks and place one above another anywhere in your crafting square.
When the leaves decay when all wood blocks are destroyed, they can drop a sapling, or rarely an apple. Then you can put your crafting table (and soon, your furnace) on the ledge and work overnight. Knowing the physical layout of the maps will help you just like in a deathmatch of COD or Halo.

It is best to work quickly, as a Minecraft day is approximately ten minutes and night is ten minutes, including dawn and dusk.
You'll punch more wood in a moment, but it's probably best to make a couple of tools first.
In particular, sticks don't care what sort of wood they came from, they all stack together.Left clicking on the plank icon will craft four planks for each click, using up one log. Two planks produces four sticks: To create your pickaxe, you'll use some of the planks and sticks you've just made.
If at all possible, build your first shelter very close to the spawn point, so if you die, you can easily find it again. Then go back to the game and hit F3 again to get rid of the debug info until you need it again, as it's distracting and in the way. Note that when you die in Minecraft, all items you were carrying or wearing in your inventory are scattered around your point of death, and you will respawn at your original spawn point unless you have slept in a bed.
Now, consider where you are:This assumes you are playing single-player -- if you are entering a multi-player game, you will not be able to change blocks near the spawn point, and will have to move some distance away before you can start gathering resources.
Unfortunately, that's not actually a good place to spend the night -- they do have houses that shelter against nighttime mobs, but they also have zombie sieges, where zombies can appear inside the houses. If you want to save some logs, click on the remaining wood in your 2x2 crafting square and return it to your inventory.
You may have noticed that in order to craft a pickaxe, you more or less draw it with its components in your crafting square.
While you're at it, you should also dig (with the shovel) 16 or so blocks of dirt, in case you need to make a pillar or a quick wall when night comes.If the sun is still in the sky, explore immediate vicinity for some stone with black specks in it.
Like any dropped items in Minecraft, your scattered inventory will disappear after 5 minutes (unless you're more than 180 blocks or so away, which is a lot for your first night).Your next priority will be food.
In fact, the villagers are likely to get wiped out before you have a chance to properly trade with them, but the destroyed village will still have a lot of resources for you, usually including farms that will immediately solve your food worries. Click on the planks you just crafted and instead of left clicking, right click once in each of your four crafting squares.
This is coal, another essential item in Minecraft which can be used to create torches and more.
To fend off spiders, you can break one of the blocks below your top block, or build a lip around the block you're standing on by holding ? Shift, sneaking far enough over the edge to see the sides of the blocks and place blocks on those edges.
Hunger will take a while to hit, so it shouldn't be a problem on your first day, but you'll try to get a little bit for when it does.
After you've been moving around for a while, your food bar will begin rippling and start to decrease.
Charcoal has the same properties as coal.You aren't too much in need of iron right now, but if you do find any iron ore (looks like stone with tan specks), go for it (you do need the stone pickaxe first). If it drops below 90%, you will not regenerate health, and if it gets to 30%, you can not sprint. Don't be greedy -- if it's over a large cave or ravine, much less next to lava, leave it for later. If there are mobs nearby, then it's not worth the risk to do this, just be prepared for the spiders, with your stone sword in hand. Unless you're in Hard Mode (and a beginning player shouldn't be), you can't actually die of hunger, but you will go down to 1 hit point 1 (), which makes you very vulnerable.For nightime, the primary danger will be monsters.
It is a good idea to start gathering resources and construct a lit shelter immediately after you begin on the first day.
As a beginning player, do not try to fight monsters your first night, because you have lousy weapons (or none at all), and you have no armor. If you got at least 40 or 50 by nightfall, you can make enough sandstone for a pillar: Press E for your inventory and crafting window, divide the sand among all four boxes of your crafting grid, and take the result. If you could only get 15 or 20 blocks, you can make a sand pillar and hope it's tall enough.

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