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While perusing the shelves at your local drugstore or natural health foods shop, you've probably stumbled across a bottle labeled "Biotin." "These B complex vitamins (also known as vitamin H) are important in metabolism, helping your body to process energy and transporting carbon dioxide from your body's cells," says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lofty claims that biotin can help grow healthier and stronger hair, skin and nails has sparked a generation of pill-popping women who desire these beauty benefits.
Bal girnay ka aik waja Khuski b hai, ye khuski milawati ghizaoon k estamal sa, tez khusbo dar ghair khalis tel sa, sir dhonay main sabon ( soap) k use sa. Recite this Wazifa 100 times on water ( Take water in such quantity that you can easily wash your hairs with the water). JizakAllah khair for wazifa for long hairs, now a days boys has craze for long hairs one of my friends has very long hairs smooth and shiny hairs. If you look in your kitchen cupboard it is very likely that you will find small jars or packets of herbs which you probably add to food to give it extra flavouring. In the 15th and 16th centuries pilgrims took herbs with them to America that they used in England. In Britain a herbalist Nicholas Culpepper published a book in 1653 to help ordinary people make their own herbal remedies instead of paying for expensive ones from doctors. Today we are able to trace the origins of many herbs and plants which gives us an insight into not just how important they were but also the myths that surrounded them. Bay Laurel – One of the favourite Greek myths pertaining to Bay Laurel is that Apollo was teasing Cupid about his tiny arrows so Cupid shot one arrow of love into his heart. Borage – According to Greek historians Borage was the famous ‘nepentha’ mentioned by Homer – a herb which was drunk after battle steeped in wine in order to bring about complete forgetfulness. Fennel – Fennel was held in reverence by early man because in mythology Prometheus brought fire to man in its hollow stem. Garlic – In Ancient times Garlic was always placed at crossroads as a supper for the goddess Hecate. Mulberry – Mulberry berries were dedicated to the goddess Minerva and have always been closely associated myths about love. Narcissus – The word, narcissism, meaning ‘to love oneself’ derives from the myth of a beautiful youth named Narcissus.
Nightshade – In past times it was always believed that the devil himself lived inside this deadly poisonous plant which is also, ironically, a valuable medicine.
Parsley – Parsley is said to have sprung from the blood of the Greek hero Archemorus, the forerunner of death. Poppy – Somnus the god of sleep was always crowned with poppies or is depicted lying surrounded by them.
Yarrow – Achilles, the great warrior in the ten year Trojan War staunched the bleeding wounds of his soldiers with Yarrow. So next time you find herbs growing in your garden or add them to your food stop for a moment and reflect on just how important these extraordinary natural products are and how important they always were to our ancestors. I’m a full time professional writer and blog writer, I write pretty much about anything and everything that interests me.
Richard Scher, a dermatologist who is widely known for his expertise on nail care and disorders, argues that it isn't totally clear what role biotin plays. Sure, we can find the right workout to enhance our shape or the right cream to define our texture. Since hair is made mostly of protein, a diet rich in protein will aid in strengthening your strands from the inside out. Not only do they provide the same hair strengthening Protein as Quinoa, but beans on your plate also give you a much-needed boost of iron, zinc and biotin. I always pour a container of greek yogurt into a bowl with pomegranate seeds and chopped fresh fruit sprinkled all over.
This definitive online source on how to transition was founded on the idea that every woman should celebrate her own unique beauty.

1 week main 3 dafa dam kiay hoay pani sa sir wash kar lain aur ais ko 1 month tak kartay rahen Allah apna karam kare ga InshAllah. There are many stories about the origins of Basil and one of the more interesting theories is that the name originates from a mythical beast known as a ‘Basilisk’.
Daphne, a nymph, was standing close by watching the two gods so Cupid shot another arrow into her heart but this time one of repulsion.
Homer tells us that one of the other virtues of garlic is that its properties also saved Ulysses from being turned into a pig by a wicked witch. It is said that he saw his own image reflected in a pool of water and fell in love with it.
Its botanical Latin name derives from one of the ‘three fates’, Atropos, who in mythology cut the thread of life and this alludes to its poisonous attributes. This herb was dedicated to Persephone, goddess of the underworld, and was used in funeral rites as it was considered the herb of the dead. Also in popular mythology Ceres, the goddess of corn, wore a crown of grain interwoven with poppies which were considered sacred.
This herb was known to the Ancients because it is a herb loved by bees which convert it into honey which was in turn loved by the gods. He also tried to use Yarrow to stop the bleeding wound in his heel that became known as the “Achilles tendon”.
However, he believes taking the vitamin does improve the keratin infrastructure (a basic protein that makes up hair, skin and nails). However, it's not clear what the correct dosage is for the full effect, but it's important to consult your doctor to avoid overdosing.
But neither will be as effective without the proper diet strengthening us from the inside out.
Almonds, alone, are loaded with powerful hair care boosts like Zinc to help your scalp maintain healthy circulation, resulting in proper oil production levels and shiny, healthier, well moisturized tresses.
A deficiency often means clogged pores and dandruff, resulting in poor circulation, stunted growth and shedding.
As women transition from relaxed to natural hair with protective styles, the big chop or long or curly grow-outs, we aim to support them as they brave the change with fun, informative and helpful features. Especially girls like long hairs and now days boys are also in struggle to make their long and shiny. Trade in herbs though started much earlier than this with Phoenicians and Romans buying and selling herbs from all over the world. The Basilisk was a sort of giant lizard, much like the smaller bearded lizards of today (still called dragons in some cultures) and in mythological stories it was believed that a single look from the eye of a Basilisk was enough to kill a man. Apollo then saw Daphne and fell madly in love but she became frightened and started to run away from him. Borage has been used as a pot herb or in cooling drinks and the flowers can be candied or frozen in ice cubes.
Garlic has been popular for centuries and is today commonly used as a flavour enhancer for meats. To the primitive mind, mistletoe represented the opposite of death and was therefore the emblem of life itself. In Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer night’s dream’ for example Pyramus and Thisbe were in love but were forbidden to marry by their parents.
Although he tried in vain to embrace the image it always eluded him and he became so grief stricken that he starved himself to death and on the spot where he died a beautiful flower bloomed. Today eye specialists use Atropine to dilate the eyes and it is also sometimes used as an antispasmodic. I’ve noticed my fitness results are more clearly defined when my body is properly hydrated and muscles pumped with the right nutrients from healthier eating (as opposed to over the counter supplements).

Vitamin E helps with balancing your production of natural oils, so your scalp and strands stay properly moisturized. Many will run to capsules of the mineral, when a serving could be consumed with a side of Kidney Beans! Scorpions have also been associated with Basil and it was even thought that eating too much Basil could result in scorpions inside the brain! Apollo though was too fast for her so she cried out for help to her father Peneus who magically turned her into a Bay Laurel tree to save her from Apollo’s attentions. It also has proven medicinal properties as it contains a natural antiseptic and antibiotics. They planned a midnight meeting under a mulberry tree and ended up killing themselves for the sake of love. The seeds can be used in cakes and the juice removed from the head is used medicinally for pain. The Muses are often pictured with rosemary in their hands and Minerva, the goddess of knowledge, is also associated with this herb. Stuart suggests looking out for these possible signs of biotin overdose: slower release of insulin, skin rashes, lower vitamin C and B6 levels and high blood sugar levels. My nails grow longer, don’t break as often or yellow the more I incorporate leafy greens into my breakfast smoothies. Quinoa is a powerful choice as a super food for hair growth because it contains high levels of both Protein and Vitamin E! Any type of bean will do, but Kidney Beans are my favorite because of how filling they are in a meal. So not only will these yummy strengthening nutrients help restore your body after a tough exercise circuit but they will also provide your hair with a major protein boost!
Apollo grabbed the tree and flung his arms around it crying, “My love, my love, I shall love you forever and I will wear your leaves as a crown to remember you” Supposedly this is the reason that to this day Bay Laurel wreaths are used as a sign of victory and honour. It is also used today used as a stimulant, diuretic and expectorant as well as being used in healing ointments. It was said that Asclepus, the son of Apollo, learned the arts of healing and was therefore considered the father of medicine. In mythology their mingled blood was then absorbed by the tree and the berries, which had been white, were turned deep red as they have remained to this day. And my hair is shinier and thriving when I consume healthy doses of proteins and minerals in my main meals throughout the day. This particular whole grain has a stronger nutritional value than rice, containing loads more essential vitamins and minerals, and cooks in less time.
Not to mention how well they go as a topping on a fresh, spinach salad or mashed up with vegetables in a wrap! If you’re a vegetarian, like myself, you can get a similar daily fix by including Flaxseed Oil or seeds in your breakfast smoothie or cereal. He cured many Greeks with mistletoe and legend has it that he was first shown mistletoe by a serpent in a tomb. Rosemary is a versatile herb used widely for flavouring meat dishes, in flower displays as well as for medicinal purposes. Variety is the key to avoiding boredom but also necessary to ensure your body, as a whole, is well rounded in nutrition. Just to get us started on healthy eating for natural beauty, here are five super foods I’ve found to be tried and true when my hair needs that extra boost!

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