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Sure, growing in water is not the same as growing food in organic soil, but in the greenhouse, driveway, house, and everywhere all throughout the long winter we do not have any organic soil anyways.
We invite you to subscribe to Northern Homestead and follow us on Facebook or Pinterest for the latest updates. I haven’t heard of this particular method of hydroponics, but it looks like the results speak for themselves!
Some posts include affiliate advertising links to Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which give us a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you. The place where the Greenhouse is was originally a flowerbed and is again just a flowerbed now.
And even if you have no indoor or outdoor space you can still grow micro greens and Sprouts right in your kitchen. We have been growing a garden at friend’s farm for many years, and we’re very thankful for the opportunity. We invite you to subscribe to NorthernHomestead and follow us on Facebook or Pinterest for the latest updates.
In a supermarket you can get the impression that there are just two potato varieties: red or white. Last but not least, the simplest way to grow potatoes is the Back to Eden way (See link, start at 10:38). As soon as potato plants start to flower (by the way, those are beautiful flowers, and first potato plants were known only as flowers before people knew that the tubers are so yummy), there are some young potatoes underneath that can be harvested. Potatoes are a yummy and nutritious vegetables as long as you do not boil them out in lots of salty water.
Being a northern gardener myself, I’ve been devouring your gardening articles and putting some of your ideas about mulching and layering into practice this spring. In the summer when the garden is in full production I love to go through it and pick our meals. Scarlet runner beans do not taste like green beams I find, they just look like them. Scarlet runner beans have more bite to them and a different texture.
Since scarlet runner beans ripen at the same time tomatoes do, it makes for a great combination. A good read for simple garden to table recipes is the “The Four Season Farm Garden Cookbook”.
We invite you to subscribe to Northern Homestead and follow us on Facebook or Pinterest for more great recipes. I’ve never grown runner beans, I’ll have to add this to next years garden plans! So hydroponic allows us to grow food in those places and times, and it is the next best thing to organic soil. Kratky from the University of Hawaii discovered this non -circulating hydroponic growing method that does not require any pump or air stones, and no electricity at all.
It is a simple hydroponic method, and combined with a turn key hydroponic solution the simplest method to grow food there is.
It is a high quality mineral blend, that is very simple to use, and works for all kind of plants alike. We started basil from a cutting, and it grows in a recycled glass jar, that stays in an ornamental hanging pot. It is a simple and fun container gardening method suited for off-the-grid and water saving growing. As all growing, it starts with planting. I like the idea of growing salad the hydroponics way and forgetting it until time to harvest. My husband and family are building an aquaponics farm, and that is not so simple, but fun to experience. Sure, you need permission to do big things like this, but asking the landlord is totally worth it. And even with some land now, we are still looking for more place to grow and are making connections now, so come spring we are ready to start. Thank you so much for submitting it to Green Thumb Thursday and showing people that anyone can grow their own food.

There are so many ways to grow potatoes, it really depends on your preference and situation. The pioneer in this easy mulching method was Ruth Stout, here’s her book: Gardening Without Work.
The idea is to fill the container half full, plant potatoes and fill up the soil as the potatoes grow. If the cabbage is almost ready, and a heavy rain is in the forecast, it is better to harvest cabbage before it hits so the heads do not split. Take the outer leaves off, making sure there aren’t any hidden insects, then wrap the head in paper towel and put it into a plastic bag. I have not tried this myself, since it is too cold here; growing up we lived in Zone 6, I think.
Since our growing season is so short, this is about all we can get from the scarlet runner bean plants. However, you might not be so lucky to own lots of land to grow food, in fact, you might not own one speck of land to grow food on.
Besides, did you know that a good portion of store bought food is grown hydroponically, too? We’re so looking forward to Spring to get the garden started and grow some yummy food.
All New Square Foot Gardening book offers lots of ideas of non conventional gardens in very small and unusual places.
In fact, I liked this post so much, I have featured it in this week’s Green Thumb Thursday.
However, to bury the seed potatoes a couple of inches into the soil seems to works better than just placing them on the soil and covering them with a thick layer of hay or straw. When the plant finishes flowering and starts to die back, the potatoes are ready to be harvested. This year we really hope, we can do it the Back to Eden way, it is even simpler then straw.
In warmer climates you can grow cabbage in the winter, and in very cold areas it can be grown in the summer. Green (or white) cabbage varieties in different sizes and shapes, red cabbage higher in vitamins A and C, savoy cabbage with crinkled outer leaves, pointed cabbage with conical heads, and Chinese cabbage. We let the seeds germinate indoors and as soon as the plant is up, place it in an unheated greenhouse (or, if the weather permits, outdoors). She would dig a hole in the ground and place the cabbage in it upside down and cover it with dirt. I love the Fermented Vegetables book that you recommend in this post, it has been a huge help to me.
The rich green leaves with bright red flowers winding up a trellis make for a beautiful display, or privacy shield. Not for us though, since our winters are too cold for them to survive, but if you are in warmer zones, plant once and enjoy forever. So growing it at home, without any pesticides in a high quality mineral blend is so much better.
With the vertical Tower Garden you can grow up to 28 containers in less than six square feet of land! It could be some friends, or friends of friends, who have a big garden plot and are willing to share. Community gardens are also great for beginners, the garden community might be helpful in getting some tips and ideas about gardening in your area. If you wait til one day you have the perfect own garden plot, you might be overwhelmed, and it might never happen. Also, I ordered my seed potato from Eagle creek, wonderful service and the bags of seed potato are full and of good size, very impressed with them.
Last attempt was in a trash can a few years ago and my impatience resulted in a too-early harvest and marble-sized potatoes. You can protect the plant by enclosing it with some kind of stiff collar around the plant about an inch deep.

I do cover it with a heavy blanket at night, but won’t have to do that in a couple more weeks. And even the starchy roots are still eaten by Central American Indians, making it a very versatile plant.
You add water with all the mineral solution needed into a container with a net pot and some rock wool (or a growing medium of your choice), plant your seed and let it grow.
Bigger plans will need more, a pail, a rubber box, or whatever you have on hand can be turned into a growing medium.
But it also could be some neighbors in town who have great garden plots that are not used anymore. To get inspired take a look at Eagle Creek, a potato seed farm just north of us, offering over 40 different potato varieties. It seems that there is no limit to the mulch that can be used to hill potatoes, as long as it is organic.
The Old World Garden Farms adapted the growing of potatoes “container style” to a more natural way. Here are some of our favourite recipes as well as from our homesteading friends (you might want to grow more cabbage?). If you want all pods to be about the same size, you would have to pick more regularly and store them in the fridge till you have enough for a meal. Once or twice during the growing season pull soil up around the stems of the potato plants to hill them. They created Potato Crates from non-treated pallet wood – and were very surprised with the results! I find one in every square foot (the square foot garden way) is too close for most cabbages. The hydroponic Tower Garden allows you to grow up to 28 pots, that’s container gardening plus! Bigger plants need to be refilled, making sure that the solution stays about 2 inches deep, allowing the roots to have lots of oxygen.
Sure, you have to commit to care for the garden the way the owner of the land wants it, but in our experience this is not hard to do. Maybe that is the reason why so many easier ways have been developed, to eliminate all the back breaking digging. I’m definitely going to hill my potatoes with straw mulch this year and see how it works. I thought it would be perfect since we have limited ground space, but then I read that early varieties don’t work well in the potato boxes.
Also I find if the head has not formed till end of July, there will be too many cabbage butterflies to allow a good cabbage to form. But if you are not ready for that much just yet, here is a very simple hydroponic growing method: the Kratky method.
Also some owners appreciate a little payment, others are just happy if someone uses the land. Since those are really yummy, we want to grow more of them this year.  If you want something really exotic, grow Russian Blue.
But since not every potato has been grown naturally and is healthy, it is a good idea to get good seed potatoes. This will help to heal any cuts or bruises, and make the skin stronger for long time storage.
This often happens naturally for us, since our storage room tends to be warmer before winter conditions set in.

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