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There are many different types of containers for many different situations, and sunny window, porch or roof is all you need to get started.
Super efficient – Very small spaces can be utilized, the amounts of water are minimal, and it takes next to no maintenance. Make them yourself – Almost any used container that would be thrown away can be recycled. Mobility – During harsh weather that might otherwise kill the plants, a container can be moved to a shady or sheltered area, or even inside the house. Fewer pests  - There is a long list of pests, and other soil born fungus which can give problems to your garden. Almost any plant can be grown in a container, but one of the best to start with are culunary herbs such as parsley, cilantro, basil, dill, thyme, oregano, mint, chives, and others.
Spring and Summer crops for containers include tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, strawberries, cucumbers, squash, beans, peas, and cucumbers to name just a few. Crops that are not recommended for growing in containers, are ones that don’t give a big yield per plant. Compare these examples to the herbs, leafy green salad plants and brocoli, where you cut and recut many times.
Watering – Too much or too little watering is the cause of most container gardening failure.
I have peppers and herbs in containers and is great to know more about how to take care of it.
I really want to have a go at this, but my garden is in direct sunlight for most of the day, and in the summer the heat is brutal, everything just seems to shrivel and die. Very good, I think it will be worth planting this idea in the minds of the Expatriates in Dubai and other M.E. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Some of the best survival foods such as beans, kale, berries, broccoli, potatoes, and spinach will grow in containers. Because maturation depends on many different factors, there is no hard fast and rule to know when to harvest.
The mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, "The Shooter's Log," is to provide information-not opinions-to our customers and the shooting community. One of the best companies I have seen that offers start to finish urban, small space and winter growing is Atlantis Hydroponics. For those who live in the Western half of the country a great resource is the Sunset Western Garden Book.
Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. Get the latest articles and news delivered daily to your email inbox when you subscribe to our blog today. We organise several events and workshops through the year, and are also involved with various community events and organisations. As urban spaces get more congested, our homes get progressively smaller and gardens become a luxury, growing food at home has to take a backseat.
Learn how Chillies, Basil, Lemons, Brinjals, Tomatoes, Gourds, Beans, Lettuce and others can thrive in your balconies, terraces or gardens throughout the year.
About Green EssentialsGreen Essentials (based in Goa) guides people who are looking to improving the quality of their food, by growing it organically at home. We do this through our workshops on organic kitchen gardening (which have had over 2,500 participants over the last four years), our garden guide service which helps beginners get a quick start on growing vegetables and fruits in gardens, balconies or terraces and by making organic gardening inputs more easily accessible.

A sunny porch and a few containers can yield a nice amount of food for even a novice gardener. You can buy the raw materials and build them with some simple tools, or you can purchase containers from the garden store or online. I take them into a sheltered area or even in the house during the winter and they will live and produce during two full growing seasons. Lettuce, spinach, arugula, mustard leaves, green onions, baby beet leaves, and other leafy greens are ideal for Fall and Winter planting here in Israel. Each plant will give one big head in the middle, and small florets continually after that until late Spring. If using seeds, use many and thin them out after 1-2 months, since germination rates can be low. Examples include cabbage, cauliflower, kolorabi – Each plant gives one head, which is not much food for one container over a 3-4 month period. The reason for this is the potting soil does not get hard and compacted, making it hard for roots to develop. Make them big enough so they don’t get clogged, and there is enough room under the pot for the water to drain into. Cover it with grass clippings, dried leaves, or even cardboard cut to the shape of the container. Squash, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, radish, cucumbers, peppers, and herbscan also thrive in a small amount of space. Your local nursery should be able to guide you through what is easiest to grow depending on the climate you live in. It may not be the cheapest option, but it is easiest to purchase pre-packaged potting soil.
If you have a very small space to work with, plant your herbs together in the same container as your vegetables. Prune the leaves off the top of the main stalk to stimulate the growth of your vegetables, fruits and herbs. For example, for someone like me who has never ventured into gardening before, did not know that a typical grocery store baker potato might not seed.
It is a vast store of information on the flora that grows in the arid west and includes garden vegetables. Join more than 1.4 million shooters, hunters, archers, outdoorsmen, survivalists and preppers now! But, in this practically-oriented workshop, Green Essentials and Arjuntrees Structures Pvt Ltd will show how you can manage to grow a fair bit of kitchen essentials and even most of your favourite vegetables in different kinds of containers. You can get a 30 liter bag for under 20 NIS, and I’ve never heard of anyone getting bad quality potting soil.
There is no single thing that to grow that will improve the taste of what you cook, more than homegrown herbs. If planting in September, or if during a hot spell in October, start them in the shade or in the house. Plants roots need air, and if the soil is too wet, the water keeps the air from reaching the roots, causing the plant to suffocate and drown.
Other plants mentioned here, need at least 18-20 liter containers, 22 or 25 liters is better, and only put one plant per container, except for the carrots. Chlorine is added to municipal water systems in order to kill harmful bacteria, but when making compost tea, we want all the bacteria to live and multiply and provide fertility for the plant. If you have always wanted to be self-sufficient, but your location prevents it, you can start by growing your own supplemental food supplies in even the smallest spaces.

Some have had bad experiences with big box retailers, however my local Lowe’s and Home Depot have been quite helpful in telling me what plants will survive our long hot Texas summers. If you chose seeds over seedlings, start them indoors in smaller containers on the windowsill. For example, for an Italian blend, plant tomatoes in the middle of the container with basil, oregano and thyme around it all in the same container.
Many of those characteristics are climate based; however, Cornell University has an easy-to-understand, basic guide on what to look for.
Therefore, burying it in the ground after it has eyes will not necessarily grow a new potato. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders.
They are very tall and if they don’t have a very big container, they can fall over in even a light wind.
After 24 hours have passed with the water having sit uncovered, add two handfuls of compost, stir until it is absorbed by the water, and let it sit for another 48 hours, stirring occasionally. Called container gardening, herbs, vegetables and some fruits can grow on balconies, patios, front porches, fire escapes, and even windowsills. Choosing dwarf varieties of vegetables and fruits gives the plant more room to grow in smaller containers.
I’ve seen sand pails, five-gallon food grade buckets, terra cotta pots, plastic window planters, two-liter soda bottle, and metal buckets.
After they sprout and there is no more chance of frost, you can transfer them to a larger container outdoors. A mixture of lawn clippings, peat moss, compost or manure (bought commercially or composted rabbit, cow, horse, sheep, or goat) can work. This allows you to cut way down on watering time, as it balances out too wet and too dry cycles in your containers. That is without all that nasty plastic packaging that comes with the tasteless herbs from the store. I estimate that you can get a full-grown seedling of an herb for twice the price of buying a package of that herb in the store, only it tastes 100 times better, and will supply you with a fresh herb for 1-2 full seasons. Corn is a very big fertilizer hog (nitrogen, specifically), which is difficult to supply in a container in the required amounts. If you were to grab a fist of the soil and then squeeze it, the soil should stick together when you release the fist. I have been doing business with them for a couple of years now and they have never let me down.
If there’s too much water, Water Keep absorbs the excess and as your soil dries out Water Keep releases the stored water back into the soil creating the perfect balance of moisture for your plants.
This should be done once when the plant is flowering, and again when the plant has started to produce. I’ve used it for years in all my potted plants AND some of those grown IN GROUND too.
If water comes out when the soil is squeezed, then it’s too wet and will suffocate the plants.

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