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One of the biggest hurdles to getting affordable, made in New York produce onto New Yorkers’ plates was just decimated. For a while local produce has suffered from high prices, mostly a reflection of the high transportation costs of getting the product to the City’s market.
And while fresh isn’t particular healthier, connecting NYC communities to their local farms addresses some major problems with the City’s food supply chain, not the least of which is traceability. Hydroponic technology has come a long way in a short time, so it's no surprise to see architects integrating growing systems into new projects.
D+DS chose a site located on the East River just north of the Manhattan Bridge for URBAN PLANT. URBAN PLANT would include 400 apartments with communal spaces in the middle of the structure and a hydroponic winter garden on the rooftop.

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Grow NYC Herbs PosterGrow NYC, the non profit that runs all the New York farmer's markets, commissioned me to produce a series of 3 posters highlighting varieties of seasonal produce. Meanwhile some parts of the City have suffered from an abundance of low quality food options, often having little to no access to fresh produce in areas sometimes described as food swamps.
The non-profit has four locations in The Bronx, the borough with the most food insecurity and highest obesity rate. A Columbia study commissioned by the City found major points along the food supply chain lacked knowledge about food origins.
The architects’ vision of the 50-story-tower is a full-cycle sustainable structure that provides a healthy environment for its residents will having a positive impact on the local community and economy.

According to the architects, the entire building will operate on renewable cycles of energy and water, as well as a fully functional renewable food cycle made possible by the hydroponic system.
The building will also be equipped with retail space as well as an orchard, ample green space, sport facilities, and bioswales.

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