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Well Lexia the vegetables and the fruit are in the middle because you should eat the second most of it. Thisal at the bottom of the food pyramaid is the grains because you should eat more of them then all the other foods. Junk food is at the top of the food pyramid and it is there because you should eat a little bit of it.
Junk food is at the top of the food pyramid because we should eat a bit of it not like grains with all the good things in it.
Well Massimo the top of the food pyramid is where the junk food is, so that’s the food you should eat once a day. Well Massimo, the junk food is at the top of the food pyramid because you eat it only 0-3 times a day.
My mum is cutting out all her breads, rice, cereal, she thinks it will help her loose lots of weight. Please go to each page to see my dogs, the history of my involvement with this breed and some of my horses.
Please download questionare by  clicking icon above and submit by my email if interested in making one of these pups a family member.

I would love for you sign my guest book and leave a comment, tell me your favorite dog or picture. No fillers or artificial non-nutritional additives.The higher the quality, the less you have to feed for a healthy dog, inside and out. This site is dedicated to Jon, for his love of all animals, especially the Russell Terriers. While the budget slashing Republican Party moves forward on the backs of the needy the defense budget will grow.
The GOP has done nothing to produce anything meaningful for the poor and the working-class of this country. As I have stated before this is one of the problems with our Government.They have decided to put all their resources into foreign aid and have forgotten about those here.
I am a 1977 Vet Tech graduate and have an interest in not only the welfare of the animals but a keen interest in helping to eradicate genetic problems from the lines by testing all breeding dogs and promoting the breed by registering all pups and showing. Please go to the "About Us" or "nutrition and care" page to find out more about this soy-free, no grain, multiple meat protein source, wholistic food. House Republicans plan on cutting 13% or $868 million from the WIC program which feeds about 9 million poor mothers,their children and pregnant women.  This is being done while increasing the Pentagon budget $17 billion.

The Republican Elite will continue to spend money on countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Pakistan while allowing our people to starve. They have pushed aside those in need, the elderly and the veterans.Moms who need a hand should not be shunned, handicapped individuals should not feel ashamed and veterans should not feel embarassed. The disgrace that is the GOP and their ass kissing partners the tea-party,are KILLING  Americans. Our financial status is in poor shape, but our money would be better spent here at home on our soil helping our Americans.
Please look for answers using the food pyramid above, google and websites on Miss Bisby’s Blog. THe trillions of dollars wasted on American Empire aren’t dragging us down, its those damned teachers and their unions!

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