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A 54 volume set of Great books of the Western World, published by Encyclopedia Britannica,copyright xxxx. All volumes in this series were bound in full genuine leather with silk moiré end papers. Zie hier een website waarin al die aangeprezen auteurs en hun boeken worden opgesomd, mét links naar op internet te vinden teksten. This is a collection of the greatest writers in the history of the world on science, philosophy and fiction.

The 25th Anniversary Limited edition of The Great Books of the Western World was published under agreement with the Encyclopaedia Britannica by the Franklin Library.
31), waarin de Ethica is opgenomen (bij Amazon is de samenstelling van de 1952-reeks te zien).
Thomas Aquinas - volume two - 1985Works of Archimedes, Apollonius, Euclid and Nicomachus - 1985The City of God and Christian Doctrine by St. The Great Books of the Western World was originally published by the Encyclopaedia Britannica in collaboration with The University of Chicago, under thedirection of Dr.

355-463 een reprint werd opgenomen van de - verzorgd door Amelia Hutchinson Stirling - gereviseerde vierde editie bij Oxford University Press van de oorspr.

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