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All students do not end up getting 99 per cent marks and admission into government colleges.
Terms and conditions dealing with education loan are flexible and differ from one case to another. In most of the banks, for studying in India, a maximum loan amount of Rs 10 lakh and for studying abroad, a maximum of Rs 20 lakh can be applied for. A guarantor or co-applicant is necessary to get you loan, in case you are not meeting the set standards of bank’s credit criteria. Loans below Rs 4 lakh do not require any security; however, for higher amounts, you would require to submit security for full value of loan amount in form of property, automobiles, cash accounts, investments, insurance policies, fixed deposits or any other applicable physical or financial security.
Most of us are not aware of the fact that negotiation for education loans also depends upon educational background and performance. On the basis of ITI course,you will directly get admission in the 2nd year of Diploma course. For getting more details regarding seats distribution and fee structure,you can visit the official website of the College. Aeronautical Engineering is all about the study of the air crafts, satellites, and space crafts which involves in designing, functioning and construction. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering offers you the short time where after the completion you can join in different aeronautical and its related sectors or else you can go for further studies by attempting common entrance tests. There are different institutes in India offers you the Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering and the duration of the course ranges from 2 years to 3 years.
Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering is a 3 years course which is done after completing your 10th.After completing Diploma in aeronautical Engineering you can become an Engineer.
These are the Best Universities in India which offer Diploma Course in Aeronautical Engineering.. Aeronautical Engineering deals with the study of aircrafts , spacecrafts and their mechanism. For Diploma it requires only 10th std from recognized board and with English Math Science subject.
Govt Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College offers higher education in the field of medical sciences, at undergraduate level. Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College is located in the Salem Steel Plant Road, Salem. When the bank feels that the risk involved in lending money is less, banks will try to give you as much flexibility as possible in terms of interest rate, tenure and other charges. The repayment generally starts after 6 months of getting a job or 1 year after completing your course (in case you do not have job).

Interest rates can be negotiated on the basis of loan amount, institute of study, type of course, educational background, educational performance in past, career history, in case you are working, etc.
Your guarantor is an asset with the bank, from which it can recover its money, in case you default in your EMIs. If your basic education is from a good institute and is aligned to your higher education, it gives you an edge for negotiation.
There is a lots of scope for the aeronautical engineers after their course completion if pursued in top colleges in India. Buddy , there is a large number of job opportunities in this sector and is increasing rapidly.
With sky rocketing cost of education, it becomes important for us to plan our finances accordingly and take help of education loans. Here, to negotiate for cost-effective education loan, it is important for you to understand what banks consider as risk and how it can be mitigated. Here, one can negotiate for longer repayment period on the basis of stable income and premier institute of study. Some banks provide loans at discounted interest rates for IITs, IIMs and other premier institutes of study. In addition, you can also highlight your bright record and qualities of being an all-rounder, if there. List of colleges through AIEEE for this course?Give all the details about Post Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering. Margin amount is a percentage of the total cost of education, which is lower for lower amounts. In addition, if you are financing our education yourself by working, you can negotiate for lower interest rates. If the banker has faith in your repayment capability, the required collateral may be waived-off. For this, you have to attach all your certificates of achievements along with the loan application.
Name few good colleges offering the same.How to make my career in Aeronautical engineering field after 12th (PCM)? This branch of Engineering Deals with the principles and technology to design and manufacture the aircraft and missiles.
If the amount of loan is less than Rs 4 lakh, you will not be asked to contribute any margin. In case, the net worth of guarantor is very high, banks may consider lowering the interest rate or margins.

In case, you have a long standing relationship with certain bank and the bank is well aware of your net worth and repayment track record, it is advisable to apply for loan in that bank only as it increases your chances of negotiation. Even if, there is no space, you should make it a point to attach a separate sheet and mention all your achievements. However, if the amount of loan is more than Rs 4 lakh for studying in India, you will have to contribute 5 per cent in the form of margin amount. You must highlight the net worth, credit worthiness and the liabilities of your guarantor, if they are working in your favor. In similar cases for studying abroad, you would have to contribute 15 per cent of the amount. You can also look for those banks that do not charge processing charges on education loans for studying in India. Financial strength of the guarantor also has a positive impact on the amount of security you are required to offer.
Is there any chance for doing Aeronautical engineering after 10th?Is it possible to get admission for B.Tech(Aeronautical Engineering) through lateral entry scheme after completing Diploma in Mechanical engineering? However, as far as studying abroad is concerned, processing fee of 2 per cent of the loan amount or usually a fixed amount of Rs 5,000 can be levied.
In case the guarantor is of high net-worth, your loan application may be considered without offering any security. Here, you can negotiate with banks for reducing the processing fees amount on the basis of your repayment capability and institute of study.
In case parents’ income is high and stable, banks would be satisfied even on low margin. The processing fees can also be waived-off completely, if you have applied for a premier institute.
Let me know whether are there any other related areas in the field of Aeronautical engineering like Aerospace which has global recognization?Eligibility criteria and lateral entry admission procedure for B.Tech (Aeronautical engineering) course? In addition to this, you can also negotiate for lower margin, if you are earning a handsome amount.

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