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Winnipeg FoodShare Co-op is looking for new ways to fund its Good Food Box program, and it hopes Winnipeggers can help it come up with cash to keep healthy food in without easy access to fresh foods.
People pre-purchase a small, medium or large sized bag which they pick up every second week at a location in their neighbourhood, said Meads.
The money raised through the fundraiser will be used to cover operating costs, including food given to volunteers and gas for delivering boxes. There are plenty of things ailing the bottom-dwelling Edmonton Oilers and 24-year-old winger Zack Kassian, with all his baggage, has been identified as part of the remedy.
After the Buffalo Sabres, Vancouver Canucks and Montreal Canadiens, the Oilers are the fourth NHL club to gamble that, this time, on their watch, the good Kassian will outweigh the bad. The Oilers’ immediate need is for a winger with grit who can replace veteran Matt Hendricks, while the latter serves the final two matches of a three-game suspension for an illegal check from behind on Aaron Ekblad, the star defenceman for the Florida Panthers.
For whatever bundle of reasons, Kassian has not been able to sustain his game in three NHL stops so far.
Anyone who remembers that hit was not terribly surprised when Kassian, as a member of the Canucks, recklessly swung his stick, hitting Oilers centre Sam Gagner in the face, breaking his jaw and demolishing four of his teeth during a pre-season game in 2013.
Kassian was suspended for three pre-season games and five in the regular season for that episode. Kassian’s game can toggle between overly passive and reckless, somehow not ever finding an intense, nasty-but-legal middle ground. This after Montreal general manager Marc Bergevin sat Kassian down before training camp in Montreal and made clear that it was one-strike-and-you’re-out for the rugged winger with the Canadiens.
Kassian has since acknowledged he is an alcoholic and that battling that affliction will be a lifelong assignment. After he successfully completed the program in mid-December, Kassian was placed on waivers by the Canadiens, who wanted no part of him. Stroll into the Exchange District in downtown Winnipeg and follow the scent of freshly baked goods until your nose leads you to Cake-ology (you can’t miss the big cake jutting out from the building’s exterior either).
One of the original upscale cupcake shops in Canada, Crave just turned 10 years old earlier this year and has significantly updated their concept since it first opened. Saskatoon’s first gourmet cupcake shop keeps things concise but tasty with their offerings here, baking up a short list of sweets that include chocolate banana, vanilla and rum buttercream, vanilla and coconut, and more. There’s a lot of eating and drinking to be done in the ByWard Market in the heart of Ottawa.
This popular sweet spot was arguably the first upscale cupcake shop in the country (opened in 2003) and always aims to impress. When you’re noted by Martha Stewart as a place that makes beautiful cakes and cupcakes, you know you’re in for a spike in business, which is exactly what happened to Jenna Rae’s shop in Winnipeg.

The name may be slightly misleading, but Susie dishes out an array of gourmet cupcakes in addition to her famous cookies.
Now that I have you drooling, I’m extra happy to tell you that I get to share Cocomira Confection’s chocolates with one lucky winner!! 1, which is also Giving Tuesday, which is sort of a big, online fundraiser, giving day,a€? Meads said. When he returned, Kassian mocked Gagner for wearing a faceguard to protect his reconstructed jaw. This is one reason he has frustrated three NHL teams so far, their organizational patience eroded waiting for Kassian to discern where that proverbial fine line is situated. So much so, that before Kassian could report to the club’s AHL affiliate, the Canadiens traded him to Edmonton for goalie Ben Scrivens. General manager Peter Chiarelli, like Bergevin, has made clear to Kassian he has no margin for error with the Oilers. But Kassian’s body of professional work so far suggests there may be more bumps yet on his road to recovery. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful. Can we realize such a transformation at a much greater scale - at the level of communities or regions?
Too often, the achievement of scale in local food seems to come at the cost of the values associated with it: equitable access across income groups, and enthusiasm, initiative, and solidarity among consumers and producers.
As Japan's Seikatsu Consumers Co-operative demonstrates, the "soft" infrastructure of social values and community-based capacity is just as important as the "hard" infrastructure of processing, storage, and delivery equipment and premises.
Check out this roundup of sweet shops from coast to coast that are doing this nostalgic treat proud. Of course you’ll find a variety of cakes including “cakettes” (think stickless cake pop) and cookies.
Now, instead of simply rows and rows of cupcakes, you’ll find all sorts of delicious treats like red velvet sugar cookies, amazing cakes (try the ice box cake right now — summer-approved!) and pies. As many cupcake options as there are colours in the rainbow, expect a vast selection of flavours from the popular carrot cake, to margarita and many more.
Look beyond the “masculine” design of the shop and you’ll find some impressive out-of-the-box flavours including red wine and chocolate, whiskey lime — or perhaps the most intriguing, a buffalo wing-inspired cupcake with blue cheese cheesecake mousse, spicy buttercream and crispy chicken crumble. Bite into a dulce de leche or cookies and cream cupcake and pair it with a melt-in-your-mouth shortbread for a truly satisfying dessert. Custom cakes and cupcakes can be ordered ahead, but pop in during the week to get a mix of cupcakes with flavours ranging from red velvet and chocolate chip cookie dough to salted caramel tiramisu.

If you’re like me and you live out in the rural parts of Canada, where you might not have stores that offer all the options, you can order online!
The opinions expressed in this post are those of Glimpse and have not been influenced in any other way.
When he can play more or less within the rules, GMs love Kassian’s mix of grit and skill. If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report spam or abuse. By addressing the problem of scale from a business standpoint, local food initiatives like the Edmonton Good Food Box and Vancouver's New City Market risk replicating the mainstream food system they are supposed to replace. As we scale up local food initiatives, investments in one must be matched by investments in the other. Like any good bake shop, they can customize too, so ask ahead and your flavour-combination wish is their command. This sweet little cupcake shop offers the regular suspects, seven days a week as well as daily specials like ginger lemon on Thursdays, butterscotch bourbon on Saturdays and banana peanut butter on Sundays. Now granted, there are a few ingredients to list for the toffee and chocolate but still – for the toffee it consists of salted butter, cane sugar, brown rice syrup, almonds, rice crisps and water. All I can say is – it’s awful good that I’m using myFitnessPal and am forcing myself to account for every calorie! Alternatively, splendid ideas like organic agriculture get "harvested," "washed" of all values, and then "repackaged" for mass consumption by mainstream food giants.
The Canadiens promptly placed Kassian in Stage 2 of the NHL and NHLPA’s Substance Abuse and Behavioural Health Program. And the great part is – they start with the same toffee base – but then you can pick your favorite flavors! If you feel like drooling on your keyboard, go take a look their Kitchen, which is based in Toronto, ON. I don’t think I could pick a favorite out of the flavors they sent me, they were all so good!

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