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Here are 25 Great Chapter Book Series for 8 to 12 Year olds (and perhaps some precocious 7 year olds and their parents too). Dear America This collection of historical novels has more than 30 books in the series by a variety of authors.
The Royal Diaries This historical fiction series of 20 books chronicles the lives of 20 royal women from around the world. Dinner: the playbookI may be a little late to the game, but I have to rave about this cookbook.
It is this criticism of the project that prompted me to accept your invitation to speak — and explain why we believe this is a legal, ethical, and noble endeavor that will transform our society. Legal because we believe copyright law allows us the fair use of millions of books that are being digitized.
It transcends debates about snippets, and copyright, and who owns what when, and rises to the very ideal of a university – particularly a great public university like Michigan. The sharing and expansion of knowledge through Philosophical and Scientific pursuit is one of the most ethically unchallengable positions in Human society. The AAP is merely bitter at Google for so openly besting them in the execution of what they claim as their responsibility.
The point I am about to make has been made before, by others around the web, but it seems like most people don’t quite get it.
Once you give Google the right to make a full copy of the book, for its own index, then you pretty much give everyone else in the country that same exact right. So, let’s suppose I wanted to provide a web service in which people could search an index of all the books that I had read. Now, what I’ve effectively done is created a legal situation where I pretty much can go out and copy any book from any library or person, and read it in its entirety, without having to buy or otherwise pay for it. You can already, today, go to a library and read a whole book without paying for it (or a bookstore for that matter if you’re a speed reader). The ethics and nobility thing would ring true if the University of Michigan were actually assuming responsibility for this project. And because you can trade and resell physical objects, I envision collectives popping up whereby massive numbers of books are rapidly traded, until everyone gets copies of everything they want.
I guess my point is essentially this: obviously there are going to be people who try to hack in and reassemble the books indexed by Google Book Search, but frankly, it seems like doing that would probably be a hell of a lot more expensive, difficult, and tedious than just checking the book out of the library and going at it with a scanner (though obviously that option would be no more legal than the hack job). I think that publishers and authors would do a lot better leveraging Google Book Search as a marketing opportunity rather than trying to stop it. Q: Some publishers have asked Google if they would give the copyright holders a digital copy of their content in exchange for a license to make those copies. Ask yourself why Google wouldn’t want the copyright owners to have a copy of their own content?
After reading the story linked above and other public relations material from Google I’m convinced that’s what’s happening.
Or how about: Google doesn’t feel the need to actively put other companies in the position of competing with them? Google will have a digitized version of the books it has scanned, as well as the OCR’d text of the books. Let’s look 10 years down the line, when we have multi-terabyte storage in our pockets.

Through the age of mechanical reproduction, the arts survived, but how will they fare in an age of massive digital reproduction? If Google’s doing this for the benefit of mankind, shouldn’t they share in the scanning effort of the Open Content Alliance?
As we’re submitting the magazine for a student award, we need to get copyright approval for all pictures.
John Battelle, 45, is an entrepreneur, journalist, professor, and author who has founded or co-founded scores of online, conference, magazine, and other media businesses. Dan Wilbur, creator of the blog Better Book Titles, has a special type of laser vision: he looks at popular books and sees straight through to the (sometimes rather blunt) bottom line. I thought we might take a break after that, but she’s diving into The Secret Series now and already planning to move on to The 39 Clues when she finishes.
He sets off in search of more clues and finds himself journeying through alternate worlds and realities. Dan and Amy, two orphaned siblings, are on a quest to collect the 39 clues that will allow them to create the most powerful person on Earth.
Artemis, a genius criminal mastermind, is sometimes capturing fairies and holding them ransom, while other times he is joining forces with the fairy people.
They all chronicle the stories of fictional girls who lived in America at different points in history. With funny illustrations and realistic portrayals of what it’s like to be a kid in middle school, these books are hilarious.
When two siblings discover the hidden world of magic, they are swept into a dangerous and exciting adventure. I loved these books when I was kid and still remember all of the comedic antics of the Hatcher family boys and their friends. Rowling These books hardly need any introduction and they are almost required childhood reading. Poor Miss Penelope Lumley is put in charge of three unruly children, but there is mystery, intrigue, and wry humor to keep the story going.
The story begins when a peculiar advertisement appears in the newspaper for children to take part in a secret mission.
Some of the books focus on well known historical figures, like Mary Queen of Scots, while others highlight lesser known figures like Weetamoo of the Pocassets.
These fast paced books will appeal to children because they will recognize all of their favorite childhood fairytale characters and see them in an adventurous new light.
My siblings and I adored these funny books when we were kids and my girls are giggling their way through them now too. These books are set in a magical forest and the beautiful illustrations alone will keep you turning the pages.
Welcome to Some the Wiser, where I chronicle my journey as a single mother with four hungry mouths to feed. There is nothing else in the contract preventing the University from giving copies to the copyright holders. I estimate that of the in copyright content that Google will be digitizing, at least 60% of that content will be getting digitized for the first time by this project, probably more. Google wants a monopoly on the distribution of that content online, and unfortunately The University of Michigan is aiding them in that pursuit.

Can Google sell a copy of all the book pages it has scanned to consumers, as long as you promise to only make “fair use” of it?
Could you let me know if you are happy for us to use your image – the magazine will not be sold or used for commercial purposes. Marshal Simon Fisk works as a private contractor, tracking down and recovering children who were kidnapped by their own estranged parents.
They are written in a diary format and although they are quite educational, they are also really fun to read. These books hold a special place in my own childhood memories, and I hope they stick with my kids in a similar way. What could be better than reliving the pioneer and frontier days of the 19th and early 20th century. These 14 fiction books, though nothing like the famous movie, are magic and adventure at their best. Thus, the ethical, noble, and legal thing should be to give a cut to those that generate content! Would University of Michigan consider giving the copyright holders a copy of their own content?
It’s interesting though that the owners of the intellectual property are being interpreted as third parties. Most publishers didn’t start creating content digitally until the 90s and most have only begun to digitize their older content. It certainly would make sense to me, no sense it re-scanning and re-OCRing every book, right?
Or, if there’s some disgruntled engineer there who makes a copy of the entire data set of all books and puts it out there on bittorrent-of-the-future, what then?
The fantasy series of 5 novels takes the Clock family on adventures afield, aloft, afloat, until they are finally avenged.
They are set in the magical world of Narnia where mythical beasts, talking animals, and a few ordinary children play out battles of good versus evil.
They have three things in common: they are all honest, all remarkably talented, and all orphans. When I first read that section I thought it was a protection for publishers, preventing the University from distributing copies.
Could it be that Google wants to prevent the copyright holders from competing with them in the eventual selling of that content online? They must go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened where the only rule is that there are no rules. I think they are the sort of book that you enjoy as a kid and grow to understand as an adult.

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