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The Nissan Frontier i have came with the utili-track system and i wanted to make sure i had access to that as well. Took about an hour, didn't require anything other than a wrench, and was fairly straight forward. I just wanted to state, that it does indeed work with the Utili-Track system, it doesn't get in the way of the clamps, and the bed extender should work with this as well. Over in the bushcraft USA forums, a kind member (name and link omitted because i didn't ask permission) is running a contest to design a PSK knife. I was thinking about making the handles as wide as the knife, so they can match up better and you'll have a wider handle. When i go hiking i typically carry everything i need in my Condor 4x10 water holder, and edc. This tarp shelter in Montana's Beartooth Mountains protected us well at the end of a long day of hiking and climbing.

Effective knots are survival tools and knowing how to tie them correctly is  a really valuable survival skill. When  bad weather hits, you may only have a few minutes to make a shelter where you may end up hunkering down for several hours.
But there are many experienced outdoors experts out there, and their knowledge should be passed along.
When i was researching these covers for my truck, i had a hard time finding anywhere that showed my specific truck, and this specific tonneau cover. I have hauled several loads, and it's always great being able to quickly move the cover out of the way, and haul stuff.
Overall i'm still very happy with the product, and even though i had some small problems with the tonnaeau, when i decide to purchase a new one, i probably will give their newer version a try.
I'm not sure if you can make flat firesteels, but that would be cool to have the other side be a strikeable material for sparks.

The nice thing about the Roll-X is that you can roll it up, have full access to the truck bed, and it doesn't obstruct the rear view.
As you can see in the pics, i have a couple of plastic containers i bought from Walmart that are being held in place with a tension bar (cargo bar). So when readers ask which style knife I prefer, it's sometimes easier to point out what I don't want. I have heard people on the forums state that this is not the greatest when it comes to keeping rain out of the cargo area, but that's why i have the plastic containers.

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