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New York was, after Berlin and Vienna, the third largest German-populated city in the world in the late nineteenth century. The provenance of menus and other types of ephemera is seldom recorded, even though such information is often needed to put an item into context. Irish-born Grace was a popular, reform-minded politician who knew where to find the voters.
New York City 1884 Two national political conventions were held in Chicago during the summer of 1884. New York City 1901-1913 By the late 1890s, the neighborhood around Madison Square Park was losing some of its luster. New York City,  2010 In August 2009, critic Frank Bruni awarded Eleven Madison Park a perfect four stars in the New York Times .
If Bohemian is the un-ironic grandfather of New York City beer gardens, the Standard's beer garden is its impossibly chic grandaughter.
Another upscale take on the traditional biergarten, the ber garden (residing in the Hotel Andaz courtyard) still offers great German beers and sausages for a young, Fidi-kind of crowd. Loreley may offer one of the most authentic German experiences in the city -- and no, that doesn't mean massive steins, folk music, or Lederhosen.

It was filled with German clubs, theaters, libraries, schools, churches, and synagogues, as well as restaurants, beer halls, and delicatessens. The holiday was celebrated in a variety of ways that invariably included merry-making and drinking. Given how much of the German influence in New York has vanished, the population statistics of the period are revealing. The 1890 census reported that the population of New York City, which then included Manhattan and only part of the Bronx, was 1,515,000. My wife Julie and I live in Wilmington, Delaware, and enjoy traveling—especially visiting our grown children and their families in New York City and Boston. But something about a beer garden hits the spot just right: pitchers of ice cold beer, greasy fried food to accompany said beer, and casual picnic table seating to encourage a day of boozing and relaxing. You wouldn't expect to find such traditional German fare and brews in its stylish canopied outdoor garden, but your cravings for all things beer and friend will be plenty satisfied. What makes Loreley great, besides a relaxed atmosphere and a nice sunny outdoor area, is its German beer list. Grace, the city’s former mayor, suggesting that a prominent German-American family hosted this event in New York.

In 1898, a new municipal government was formed through the consolidation of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the outlying areas. For the first time, diners were granted choice and anticipation.Menus aid our cultural memory. Without the history of ownership, we would not know the location and social setting of this late-night supper. Manhattan and the Bronx were established as two separate boroughs and joined together with three other boroughs that were created from parts of the adjacent counties.
But if that isn't enough, the tap list of traditional European beers, plus killer bratwurst and sauerkraut, will keep you happy all day long. It contains bills of fare from a wide variety of venues, ranging from restaurants and hotels to various private organizations, military units, steamships, and trains. As with other types of ephemera, one aspect of their appeal lies within the notion of their improbable survival.

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