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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Gerber is one of the leading names in the knives industry that from its inception in 1939 made innovation its key attribute, for which it is known worldwide even today. Style – Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife is a fixed blade knife and in terms of styling, this knife has very little competition. Length – The dimension of Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife is 12 X 2.2 X 2 inches, which is the standard choice of most of the knife lovers.
Build – Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife is made of High Carbon Stainless Steel, which provides it with herculean power and strength. Features – When it comes to features, Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife simply steals the show as it comes with hammer pommel, full tang, sharpening stone (diamond sharpener), fire starter, nylon sheath, emergency micro lanyard whistle and key ground-air communication patch. Whether you are the first time buyer of a high end tactical knife or an experienced knife connoisseur, you can be sure that Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife will not disappoint. As a survivalist, I make sure I carry a few items with me whenever I go into the wilderness. Some new items that have come out this year are easy to carry, inexpensive, and provide the materials you need to make it through should you run into to trouble in the outdoors.
Designed to meet a variety of situations from urban to wilderness survival, the heart of the Survival Tool Pack is a Gerber multi-tool with a variety of features. The 16 piece kit contains most of the same items as the Basic kit, but exchanges the knife for a Gerber Clutch mini multi-tool. Designed by survival expert Doug Ritter, the PSP+ contains a variety of items that will help in a survival scenario, all in a small pack that easily slips into a pack or cargo pant pocket. Featuring a tough waterproof ABS plastic case, the Origin includes vital tools in a self-contained modular package.
Returning to their roots as the maker of the finest outdoor first aid kits on the market, AMK has combined vital survival tools with basic first aid supplies in their small and waterproof Survival Medic. Utilizing AMK’s revolutionary Heatsheets material, the SOL Emergency Bivy is a tiny sleeping bag that reflects back 90 percent of your body heat to protect against hypothermia.
All of these tools provide a significant advantage if something goes wrong and you need to survive in the wilderness. Their stainless steel stealth knives of ‘50s and ‘60s led the foundation stone of the designing open-frame clip folders we know and use today. It has a drop-point shape and the blade is plain as well as serrated to help you with multiple practical purposes. The length of the grip provides easy handling and the length of the blade at 4.75 inches is sufficient to accomplish all the tasks you want to achieve with it easily. You will be surprised by easily how it will be able to cut through toughest of objects and accomplish tasks that many of your other knives will take a long time and effort to accomplish, if at all. What’s more – the knife comes with a pocket guide called “Priorities of Survival”, which is sure to turn on the interest button in you and enhance your knowledge further and to add to it, the guide is waterproof as well.

Your trail back to your car is washed out by a flash flood and now you have to hike several miles out of your way across unfamiliar terrain to get back to your vehicle. Gerber has paired a great fixed blade knife with a few tools stored onboard the sheath to aid in a survival situation. The handles of the tool include a rubber coating that creates a positive gripping surface, even with gloves.
The Ultimate kit also adds a flashlight, mylar emergency blanket, signaling mirror, wire saw, and a fishing kit. What sets this kit apart from others is that it also includes a sterile collapsible water bag and six Katadyn Micropur MP1 water purification tablets that will treat up to six liters of water for drinking. On the outside, compartments hold an ultra light locking folding knife, LED flashlight, whistle combo tool. Sealed up into a resealable storage bag, the Survival Medic features the SOL patented emergency blanket that marries breathability with warmth, to prevent moisture build up like traditional mylar blankets that can trap moisture and lead to hypothermia faster. All of them sell for less than $80 and provide you with tools that will increase your chances of survival. I am a former Marine who served with the Fleet Anti Terrorism Security Team Company during Operation Desert Storm. Like everything in the Survival Series, it also includes Bear’s Priorities of Survival pocket guide. Their contribution to the knives industry has been enormous and with time, the company has grown to be one of the leaders in the industry and its products has found home in the shelves of many knife lovers, professionals, military personnel, sportsmen and collectors.
The serrated end in the knife is sharp and effective out-of-the-box and stays that way for years, without needing sharpeners frequently, unlike other knives.
This knife weighs 14.4 ounces, which is near about the standard weight for the knife this length and strength. But emergencies are seldom the result of a single event, but usually a confluence of things going very wrong – a perfect storm of ill fortune. Grylls places himself in a variety of survival situations and demonstrates various techniques to survive by improvising with available materials. This knife features a 4.8-inch long drop point blade of high carbon steel, which helps it take and hold an edge. A Fire Lite and Tinder-Quik, button compass, duct tape, and rescue whistle complete the survival gear. Prior to moving to Utah, I served as communications director for Georgia Congressman Mac Collins in his Washington, DC office. The company’s basic principles of innovating and pushing their standards have led to the creation of a few of the finest products available in the market. The color orange highlighted at the butt end and in grip also speaks volume about the styling of this knife.
Will the meager supplies you took with you be sufficient to help you survive this unexpected emergency?

Having these items on hand can make the difference between an uncomfortable few days with great stories to share and dying in the wilderness. Gerber Gear, maker of knives and outdoor tools, has teamed up with Grylls to create a series of  tools and products to increase your chances of survival in an outdoor emergency.
Bandages, antiseptic, ibuprofen, and a safety pin add to the first aid compliment of the kit, making this a very well rounded survival solution. Since most survival situations are brought about not by one thing going wrong, but by several independent failures acting in concert, having a variety of tools to meet a variety of challenges is your best bet. I am the President and CEO of On Target Defensive Training, offering firearms and unarmed combat courses to civilians and law enforcement. In this article, we would be discussing one of the company’s finest creations, which is Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife. Its molded rubber grip ensures that you do not lose the grip, even in rough situations and it comes with knurled striking surface butt cap.
Inside the waterproof compartment holds Tinder-Quik, snare wire, cordage, aluminum foil, and a fishing and gear repair kit. Additionally, while the bivy is waterproof, it does breathe better than mylar which can actually increase the risk of hypothermia by holding moisture against your body. Adding a small piece of gear to what you normally carry can provide a huge peace of mind when you travel into the wilderness.
My students have included federal agents of the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Border Patrol, ICE, local and state law enforcement, national celebrities, and the general public.
It is not only one of the highly efficient and well crafted knives, but also one of the most competitively priced for its quality. An ergonomic rubber handle gives a positive grip and a steel pommel is ideal for use as a hammer. The entire kit measures only 4 inches long by 3 inches wide and just over an inch deep and weighs 6.1 ounces. The bivy features taped seams, a nylon stuff sack, and folds down to an amazing 3x3x2.5-inch package and unfolds to be 84 inches long by 36 inches wide.
My beat at Sportsman's News includes tactical firearms, personal protection, survival, first aid, camping, and hiking. A ferrocerium fire starter rod locks into the sheath and the knife features a striker notch in the back of the blade. A diamond hone pad and air rescue survival instructions are included on the back of the sheath. The quality that has gone into this knife explains why it was the best selling knife of 2011.

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