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All 13 zones were revealed on Twitter and Facebook - 6 were revealed on Twitter and 5 were revealed on Facebook. It was confirmed on Twitter that Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move will be incorperated into the game.
After it's prequel, the game was no longer to have levels because of this Zones is actually took quests.

The Seven Star Jewles is actually a refrence to The Crystal Stars from Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door. Mordecai and Rigby must gather their friends to help defeat the duo, but GBF hypnotised all the park groundskeepers and their friends and created a bunch of new monsters called Yummies, so Mordecai and Rigby must defeat their friends and evil Yummies to un-hypnotise them with their tamed Yummies and collect seven jewels (The Seven Star Jewles) to defeat GBF and GBF Jr.

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