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Located in the small backyard of a family-owned property in Wallsall, England, the Four Seasons Garden is one of the most incredible looking gardens in the world. 20 years ago, the couple from West Midlands decided to transform their traditional garden into a stunning display of creative gardening. Since they started their labor of love, the Newtons managed to squeeze over 3,000 plants into a small 180?x?55 ft space, creating a mind-blowing array of colors throughout the four yearly seasons. But maintaining a beautiful garden like the Four Seasons is no easy task, especially with unpredictable weather like this year, but the Newtons go to great lengths to make sure their plants survive in any conditions.
The Four Seasons Garden will be open to the public on Sunday, 23 September 2012, from 10am – 5pm.
In late September visitors can expect to have a taste of the tropics as they wander through the jungle with its palms, bamboos, bananas and exotic bird sounds. For more incredible photos of the Four Seasons Garden throughout the year, and pics of how it came to be, check out the Flickr stream that Tony and Marie Newton set up. I'm Anne & here to help you improve your health and save money by growing your own nutrient-dense food in small spaces. I use this handy guide to find out the optimal days each month to plant, propagate, prune & fertilise.
Window boxes can be attached to structural framework to take the additional weight of soil and plants.
Upside down grow bags (also known as Topsy-Turvy planters) – eliminate the need to weed or stake plants like tomatoes and are a good solution for those with poor (or no) soil or very limited space. Low cost topsy-turvy upside down planter bags are a popular choice with many gardeners to grow strawberries or vegies like tomatoes.
Hanging baskets – can be positioned at different levels or hung in tiers and make excellent use of aerial space. Tiered hanging baskets increase the quantity of plants you can grow in an otherwise unplantable area. Wall mounted planters – while these planters are used for displaying and growing plants that cascade down, often the wooden or metal containers are decorative, focal points in themselves.
Deck or balcony railing planters – available in a variety of sizes and styles that either sit on top of the railing or rest in brackets mounted on railings. Planters can be attached to railings or ledges with brackets like this colourful timber display box of pansies. Window boxes – although originally designed to sit on a windowsill with plants cascading down, they can also be attached to the wall below a window or hung off balcony railings. You can imitate nature where you find understories and canopies and plants that grow in nooks and crannies, by taking a layered approach to maximise vertical growing space.
Take advantage of any stackable space - this interlocking block wall on a boundary had tiered spaces just crying out to be planted! Multi-tiered shelving – all sorts of furniture items have suitable shelves or you can make your own.
Repurposed furniture like shelves, bookcases and a chest of drawers can all make great vertical gardens if they have adequate drainage.

Tiered stackable planter systems like this Stack-A-Pot with a self-watering system and drip tray are neat self-contained mini gardens. Stackable planters like these come in different sizes and colours, are stand-alone or can be hung on a hook. This vertical pot plant tower is a real eye catching feature as well as being a practical stacking vertical garden system! Greenhouses and shade houses with shelves are a tiered growing system.  Many are now small enough to fit on a balcony. In compact spaces, a mini greenhouse like this with shelves opens up the possibilities with what you can grow vertically and through the seasons when the weather may be against you. Planter boxes – available in a variety of sizes, they can be positioned in tiers to maximise a tiny space like a balcony or verandah. Strawberry and herb pots with multiple planting holes make practical micro gardens, maximising use of vertical space even in a container. Small planting pockets around the sides of the clay pot are perfect for shallow rooted plants like herbs, strawberries and flowers. Ladders and plant stands – with a little imagination, you can create plant stands with anything that has steps. Ladders, step ladders and plant stands all make great garden features as well as vertical structures to put your plants on.
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15 Helpful Design Tips for Vertical Gardens 15 Helpful Tips for Vertical Gardens: Need help with small garden design ideas?
Cathy, by the time you fill it with soil, water and plants, the pallet planter WILL be heavy!
A brief trailer was shown that made it look like a military shooter, but it quickly changed to familiar Plants vs.
We saw players playing as the peashooter creating smaller peashooters as mobile turrets, flying characters that could fire from the sky, healing-class sunflowers, and cacti that could fire from long distances. We also saw a few bosses including the Disco Zombie, and the Gargantuar, an enemy ripped straight from Mad Max.
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February 15, 2011 by The Columbus Team Leave a Comment The Bread and Circus Theatre Company continues to present a wonderful, classic tale of literature about love, healing, and about the people in your life that mean the most to you. This unique presentation will transport you to an old Yorkshire, England estate, where a young and orphaned Mary Lennox returns to live with her bitter, reclusive uncle.
It may not be as large as other well-known gardens in England, but it certainly makes up for its size in beauty and charm. It started out as a hobby for the couple, but the garden slowly grew into one of the most popular suburban gardens in Britain. The Four Seasons Garden includes over 200 acers, 350 azaleas, a variety of conifers and shrubs, as well as exotic elements like tree ferns, palms, bamboos and banana plants.

This year’s late frost was a big concern, so to protect the plant life Tony and Marie ended up using anything from specialist material like horticultural fleece to tablecloths and plastic bags. Admission is ?3 for adults and all proceeds will be donated to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.
It's laminated, easy to use, works all over the world + the bonus mini companion planting chart makes it a practical gift.
Clever use of vertical structures like a feature window box with colourful flowers or edible herbs is a simple solution. Cascading foliage and flowers softens and brightens this space, bringing the outdoors in with a pretty view. Why not repurpose them into garden planters and mount them on a wall or fence with grommets on each corner?
One of the benefits is the convenience of reaching out to harvest fragrant edible herbs or an eye feast of colourful flowers from indoors.
Teamed with mini trellises for climbing vegies & a caged tomato to grow an incredible quantity of edibles in a tiny space.
More water-loving plants can be positioned at the bottom with those that like dry feet at the top.
If you want to secure it to a wall, balcony or fence, brackets or star pickets are a good option. A two-hour show, The Secret Garden is being presented on Friday February 18 through Sunday February 20, and then again on February 25, and 26. As a result, it is an informal design using a dense arrangement of traditional English flowers. Some railing planters are intended to hold pots, while others can be planted directly and planter styles include straight, corner and even stacking shapes. Unfortunately, nothing was shown for the latter  announcement, but plenty was shown for Plants vs.
It was reminiscent of Horde mode from Gears of War; players take on the roles of plants and take on waves of zombies.
Our Cottage Garden is a colourful display, featuring hollyhocks, a variety of coneflowers, black-eyed susans, daisies, delphiniums, peonies, hydrangeas and campanulas as well as many other species. Available in a wide variety of materials including wood, resin, fiberglass and metals in different widths and lengths.
Email me some photos – I may just have to write another post on vertical gardens … been collecting a few more photos here and there including a horizontal pallet planter!

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