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As we have now started to experience some nice weather, it’s a good time to get outside and give your garden some attention.
It’s not that much hard work and if you start now, you’ll reap the benefits when summer comes around!
Weeds will be starting to sprout as the weather warms-up, so now is the time to deal with them.
The winter frost may cause roots to lift out of the ground, so it’s important to pack them down again so your spring plants have room to grow.
Now that spring has arrived, you’ll soon be getting back into the routine of regular lawn-mowing.
So now would be a good time to check-over your mower, in case it’s in need of any repairs or blade-sharpening. Having raked-up the leaves and plant debris; create a compost area or place in a compost bin. This is an easy way to dispose of garden waste, and provides a rich compost for your plants. As well as the lawn-mower, your other garden tools could probably do with a good clean and sharpening ready for the new season.
Cleaning not only makes them easier to use, but also prevents the spread of the bacteria that can cause disease in your plants. Take note of any missing or broken tools and order replacements ready for the gardening jobs. Any shrubs or perennials can be planted early spring – the ground will have now softened since winter. Now is the time to hunt down and remove any hibernating pests before they cause more trouble in the summer.
One of the important considerations in growing successful vegetable gardens is being able to select the right location in the backyard.
Several vegetable gardening tips have to be regarded before one could engage into planting.
March sees the beginning of spring which, for the first time, will be marked by Garden Re-Leaf Day next Tuesday (13th).  Not only will the day herald the beginning of the gardening season, it will also offer an opportunity to raise funds for Greenfingers, the garden industry charity that creates gardens at children’s hospices around the UK.  Watch for a team of Grosvenor gardeners out and about in the community near you!
As the gardening season begins, it is time to get out in the garden, enjoy the first blooms and plan for summer. The forecast looks quite settled and mild for the rest of the month so you have plenty of time to get started.

Bolster the health of your lawn with a spring feed and give it the best possible start to the growing season.
If you are a novice gardener and want a quick fix but don’t know where to start, simply plant up pots of bulbs ready for flowering during the summer and choose from our large selection of seeds.  Sow them now – summer is not far away! All your plants will benefit from a good feed now to help strengthen their root system ready for the flowering and growing season - shrubs and trees will too.  A slow-release fertiliser will give good all-round results. Existing clematis will enjoy a good pruning this month and take a look at your roses too and remove any damaged stems.
Looking for the Good Life in your garden?  Turn an unproductive area of lawn into a veritable feast on a plate by growing your own fruit and vegetables. Leave your early seed potatoes to stand in a cool, bright position and begin to sow crops outdoors including broad beans, lettuces, leeks, beetroot and radishes.  Please do feel free to ask us for more advice if you need it – we are here to help. And don’t forget our Good Life Weekend later this month, which coincides with the clocks springing forward by one hour too so we can really make the most of our gardens even later into the evenings.
Animals (cats especially) seem to think all of the hard work you’ve put into your garden looks like a huge litter box. I’ve looked high and low, explored the web, and have had lots of fun compiling and creating lists of stuff that I want to learn more about and share with you!
In recent years, the so-called urban gardens have become an alternative not only to take advantage of underutilized city spaces and disused, but also a way to share with others a hobby that helps them cope with the stress of the big city and return to the contact with the ground, working with our own hands. However, on this occasion, we will not discuss these little oases cement reclaimed large cities, but of the possibilities we have now to become gardeners in our own home. Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. These can be transplanted outdoors in early summer, when there is less chance of frost damage.
One of these is looking for the right spot where the vegetables could get plenty of sunshine in order to thrive. Our popular Good Life Weekend returns on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March from 11am – 3pm so if you have any queries at all about creating an Edible Garden or improving your yields, simply call in and ask one of our experts.  You can even ask about raising chickens and see the mini travelling farm! To keep them from pooping on your basil, strategically place a few plastic forks around your plants to deter them from destroying your fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies. Plan space: keep in mind the area to be filled, the capacity and the distribution containers, is thus avoided, for example, overloading the balcony or window. Choose well the irrigation system on a terrace can install irrigation system, but if this is not possible, try to have easy access to tap water without major drawbacks.

Frequency and quantity of water: will depend on the time of year (summer or winter), but keep in mind that it is always better to keep moisture, ie water more often but smaller amounts. Also be on the lookout for vine weevil larvae in the soil as these will attack plant roots. Being able to know what kind of vegetables to plant is also necessary since some types tend to require large spaces to grow.
Madrid and Barcelona lead the ranking of urban gardens, but it is an activity that has been gaining strength in other cities.
Plants should enjoy a minimum of 8-10 hours of sun (direct light or four) to grow healthy and strong. For those who are beginners are recommended to try: onions, garlic, spinach, radishes, lettuce, herbs, for example.
The latter helps in the successful growth of vegetables through the excess water it tends to drain and the warmer soil it provides, while the former contributes by reducing the weeds that weaken and kill the plants.Vegetable Garden Planning - Tips to ConsiderIn order to prevent possible problems during the growing season, vegetable garden planning has to be done prior to planting.
This task generally involves proper site selection where accessibility and water availability is of prime consideration. Aside from that, crop selection and the garden layout also have to be deliberated during vegetable garden planning. The latter takes into account the family’s general preference with consideration to how they’ll use the vegetables, while the former is focused onto deciding how large the garden area has to be. This usually involves taking a look around the location, determining shaded spots, as well as identifying the sun’s movement in order to gain optimal gardening results.Vegetable Garden Ideas - Layout DesignsSome of the basic vegetable garden ideas that help complete the area’s layout design is the incorporation of rows and blocks. Planting in straight rows normally involves placing stakes at each of the garden’s end, running a string along it for row definition, and then planning a path between every row that has been created. Blocks, on the other hand, are close rows that help gardens produce more in less area by eliminating the lanes between the rows. The other effective vegetable garden ideas include planting in containers especially for limited green spaces.

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