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Getting rid of the thistles in my gardens, lawn, and rock border always proves arduous for me during the spring and summer months. One day while perusing my Pinterest feed, I happened across a pin about using household vinegar to get rid of weeds in a stone path. After buying a few huge bottles of vinegar and a spray bottle, I proceeded to spray the weeds and grass taking over the rock border and path in the front of my house with straight vinegar.
On the third day, I went outside and discovered that most of the small thistles that I had sprayed with vinegar had died and completely disappeared.
To recap, vinegar is an environmentally-friendly method for killing thistles and other weeds in gardens, grass, and rocks. Although it does create a spreading mat of roots that holds soil, it is an invasive weed of turf grasses and open, exposed soils. Crowsfoot grass is not a true member of the grass family but does produce similar blade-like foliage covered in fine hairs.
Crowsfoot grass weed is an annual grass that thrives in warm climates and is present in summer.
Crowsfoot grass weed invades lawns competing with the existing species for space, nutrients and moisture.
Hand weeding and practicing excellent turf grass management are the least invasive methods of killing crowsfoot grass.
Post-emergence herbicides, such as glyphosate, provide excellent containment of the grass as long as applications are done before the seed heads are set. I believe that the best approach with any garden is to kill weeds naturally if at all possible. For deep taproots and to kill weeds between rock or stepping stones I like to use boiling water.
Weeding is a great way to spend time outdoors, get a little exercise and be productive in your garden. Most of us are happy for an early spring, but one ugly truth remains that the early arrival of spring, just enough natural precipitation and hand watering gets the weeds taking off like mad. There are only a few ways I have been able to successfully rid myself of purslane  once it establishes itself, and that is to pull it out by hand.  Yep. How is purslane introduced into your garden?  Unfortunately, purslane travels far and wide in manures, some compost, irrigation water, wind, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was spread by the rain.  It is that prolific. Now that I have totally turned you against this obnoxiously invasive weed,  I am going to tell you the rest of the story about purslane and actually sing its praises. Surprisingly, purslane  is an herbaceous leafy vegetable that is higher in omega -3 fatty acids (a-linoleic acid) than any other leafy vegetable plant. The problem with purslane in the garden is its incredible ability to propagate or replant itself in all the wrong places. However, I have a completely different perspective about purslane after learning of its virtues.   While I don’t believe I will ever give purslane its own place in the garden, I do a good bit of harvesting as I weed along and then enjoy the benefits of a highly nutritious plant. Sign Up For Our NewsletterReceive helpful tips about gardening, soap making, chickens, herbs, composting, sprouting, and more. I live across from an open field, so the thistle seeds just keep floating onto my property, sprouting more and more prickly weeds.

According to the writer at A Garden for the House, spraying regular old vinegar on the weeds kills the plants without the use of harmful chemicals. Excited about my discovery, I started spraying all the thistles in my grass and taking root around my trees.
Crowsfoot grass (Dactyloctenium aegyptium) is helpful in holding sand and light soils where wind, rain and exposure cause depletion and topographical damage.
Regular mowing and trimming will reduce these flowers, which can produce a bumper crop of seeds every summer. Any formula useful for crabgrass or goosegrass management provides effective control for crowsfoot. The following gardening tips will help you win the battle against weeds in your Colorado garden without doing any further harm to your surrounding environment.
Once you know which weeds you may be up against, preventing them from seeding is the next step to starting your organic weed control campaign. Once your beds are prepared, wait three to four days so you can remove the weeds that germinate before planting. Use a seed-free straw or a thick layer of mulch around seedlings to block remaining weed seeds from sunlight. Let your own native and drought tolerant landscape choke weeds out rather than the other way around. If so, contact us at Lifescape Colorado to get your garden in tip top shape the healthy way.
It is one of the highest sources of vitamin A among all green leafy vegetables providing 44% of RDA.
Just as I pull volunteer tomato plants out of the bean row, I don’t like purslane growing everywhere to the point of choking out the plants that belong in the row. My husband and I tried pulling the thistles out by hand, but the task was tedious at best and painful at worst. The next day when I went outside to check on the progress, I was thrilled to discover that many of the weeds were yellowed and wilting.
As I quickly discovered, not only did the thistles in my yard die, but the grass around the thistles yellowed considerably. With multiple applications, I suspect that the weeds in my rocks will disappear completely too. For these reasons, control of crowsfoot grass is an essential part of turf grass management in coastal and southern regions. The plants die back in winter, but new seedlings form in spring in dead zones of lawn grass.
Combined with hand pulling and vigilance, this method is adequate to prevent a crowsfoot grass weed take over and preserve your lawn. Some formulas are not safe for use on certain varieties of turf grass, so read the product information carefully. The heat produced by the flame weeder ruptures cells in weeds (or any desirable plant near the flame) and eventually kills them.
A broad fork, rather than digging or tilling, loosens the soil without unearthing as many pesky seeds.

Wait for a rain shower or after a good soaking so the soil is moist enough, then pull them up by the base. Weed treatments range in what type of weeds they effect from broad leaf weeds to any plant period. You’ll want to know what the product is good for and where it might do more harm than good.
As a food, I knew that I could use vinegar around my house without worrying about the dangers to my daughter and pets.
I had killed the evil thistles taking over my property with a little kitchen vinegar and without the need to pull the prickly little weeds up! You may need to spray the plants a few times over a few days depending on the hardiness of the plants. This grass is native to Africa, Asia, Australia and South America but has naturalized in the East Coast and several southwestern states.
Which even after you eliminate all the store bought chemicals the gardener still has a variety of methods available. Dave has a side business growing and selling heirloom vegetables and herb plants through Blue Shed Gardens and works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN. All those chemicals are terrible for the long-term health of your soil, your garden and the environment.
You’ll be able to deal with everything from shallow-rooted annuals to deep-rooted perennials. Because I am allergic to most plants, I always broke out with itchy, red welts whenever I got poked by a thistle thorn.
I was excited to have possibly found a solution to my weed problem that was truly safe for my family. Even if none of the other weeds die, I am still happy with the results of the vinegar on the thistles. Be careful about spraying other plants as vinegar is not selective and will harm any plants sprayed.
I am keeping an eye on the progress, but I expect the grass to make a come back eventually. However, in the battle against thistles, I am more than happy to sacrifice a little of my grass.
If you leave any of the tap root behind you can bet on having to deal with that weed again in the future. I think biodegradable mulches are the best to use since they feed the soil as they decompose.

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