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2) Plant hardy trees and shrubs by mid-month, and transplant dormant trees and shrubs with exposed roots.
8) Spray ornamental flowering trees (apple, crab apple) immediately after "bud-break" to minimize infection and disease.If you need a good landscape contractor or gardener, check my affiliates list. Michael Dagner is an expert in Denver-Area home sales.Call today, (303) 514-4000, for help with your home sale or purchase.
It is however a wonderful time in the garden with new growth all around us and hopefully, some warm days to enjoy in between the April showers and cold nights. Frost is still a risk so delay planting out Summer bedding plants until the end of the month and continue to grow most vegetable seeds under glass.
If the whole lawn is affected then a general fertiliser and weed treatment can really help to improve it for the Summer ahead. If you don’t already have one then it’s a great idea to create a compost area or buy a plastic composter, a great way of recycling the grass cuttings along with old cardboard and food waste. If hedges and shrubs got out of control last year then they may need a good cutback ahead of the summer growing months, however beware of any birds nesting at this time of year before working on hedges.
In general it’s a great month all round, just beware of all those weeds starting to appear, get on top of them so they don’t take over!! If you want the results but need some help or simply don’t have the time and want to keep your weekends free then I can offer regular grass cutting and general maintenance services. There are several known methods to get tomato seeds started, While you may opt for any of them you must ensure certain pre-requisites. Seeds that are exposed to moisture and heat over time while in storage will activate enzymes which start the germination process. The average cost of living is sky rocketting day by day and therefore it is the perfect time to supplement your family’s diet with food grown in your own yard. Spring season is blooming these days and planting a garden is a fun, enriching, lifelong activity you can share with your children. Several research studies have already established that children who are involved in gardening tend to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables. To begin with gardening with your family in your own backyard or garden you just need to pay a visit to a local farmer’s market or grocery store and let your kids see different vegetables or fruits they could grow in their own backyard.
The Heirloom Tomato Festival on behalf of the School Garden Network—takes place Saturday, September 11, from 11 a.m. The granddaddy of tomato festivals, the event contributes all its net proceeds to the School Garden Network of Sonoma County—an organization that helps students develop dedication to the environment, academic achievement and their communities, with hands-on learning about food and nutrition. This year, the event will also host, for the first time, celebrated gardening guru, Amy Goldman.
A recent survey in Britain has revealed that taking part in gardening  can help a child’s development and boost their happiness.
The study, commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), was conducted by the National Foundation for Educational Research, and involved around 1300 teachers from 10 schools across the country.
Many of the teachers who used gardening as part of their curriculum said they found that it improved their pupils’ readiness to learn, as well as their literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills.
There are many small steps people can take to help the environment, including taking the opportunity to teach kids about planting seeds.
Well, its Summer time ahead and kids are going to have time to spend with interesting activities. Inspirational ideas to keep the kids entertained over the Easter holidays could be connected with delightful range of gardening products that children will enjoy using all summer long. Parents know it very well that children love to play in dust and what else could be better than gardening, a perfect place for keeping them at task with full entertainment and learning. A fairy garden or a garden with their own created objects like aliens would be even great to make the activity more adventurous. As April begins, the pent-up energy from a long makes us want to get outside and plant something.

Spring is a strategic time of year to remove dead wood and branches damaged by winter storms. When the bulbs planted last fall emerge as spring flowers, they’re doing what Mother Nature intended and they are generally up to the challenge of the unpredictable weather.
If nighttime temperatures fall below 28 degrees F, cover early bloomers to protect the flowers overnight. Mark your calendars for the East Texas Garden Lecture Series which continues this month on April 12 with a program “A Warm Welcome – Landscape Tips for Curb Appeal”.
Other veggies to be planted in April include bush and pole beans, cucumber, eggplant, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, summer and winter squash, tomatoes, and watermelons. To get the highest yields, make additions of fertilizer (called sidedressing) every couple of weeks, starting about a month after transplanting or seeding. Container gardens need more attention since they dry out faster and need regular additions of fertilizer to compensate for the more frequent irrigation. Many lawn soil tests for our area show an excess of phosphorus, and therefore products with high phosphorus content (the middle number) should be avoided.
Examples of annual flowers include amaranthus, celosia, cleome (spider flower) cosmos, marigold, portulaca, zinnia, and gomphrena. To help prevent diseases in your flower and vegetable beds, do as the farmers do and rotate the types of plants grown in the same location from year to year. Annuals for shady spots include New Guinea impatiens, coleus, perilla, Persian shield, chicken gizzards (Iresine), caladiums, nicotiana, annual salvias, begonias (many types in addition to the common wax begonia), and torenia (wishbone flower).
Perennials are wonderful plants for the garden, with a wide assortment providing form and color, and they don’t need to be planted every year.
The clocks have changed and we can start to enjoy the light evenings, however it’s not quite BBQ time yet!
As well as starting regular cutting it’s also the time to remove any weeds and over seed the bare or worn patches. Aging of the seeds with increased exposure could cause them to attempt to come out of dormancy. Gardening gives the children and kids an opportunity to explore and understand nature in their own backyard, as well as teaches them the benefits of growing, harvesting and eating healthy foods.
That means prepping soil, planting summer color and vegetables and revitalizing lawns.Here are few very important gardening tips for specified gardening tasks that are more pertinent for this spring gardening season.
At the end of May, Lands’ End will award 15 schools that have the most votes with up to $2,500 to support school science and gardening programs. There are varieties of fruits and vegetables that the kids would love to grow with no problems. But as our friends at the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado remind us, some things are better done later than now.
According to the researchers at Colorado State University, applying high-nitrogen fertilizer too soon causes grass to grow too quickly—before the roots are ready to support all the new-season growth.
A basic rule of thumb is to prune what you can reach from the ground with an extension-pruning saw, but call in an arborist if the job is higher than your reach.
But take advantage of early April to plant cool-season veggies that include the leafy varieties such as spinach, lettuce and kale as well as green onions, radishes and carrots.
Also be aware that if you cover flowers and snow falls on top of the covering, the weight could crush the plants underneath. Join Master Gardener Dee Bishop as she teaches you how to create the “wow factor” in your front yard to give your home and garden great curb appeal. Unlike tomatoes, they do not tolerate cool air and soil temperatures and can be permanently stunted if exposed these conditions. Add slow-release fertilizer to the potting mix and supplement with regular applications of water-soluble fertilizers.
There are so many to choose from including annuals, perennials and some bulbs, corms and tubers like gladiolus, caladiums and dahlias.

Antique and shrub roses are sold in 1 gallon or larger containers since they are usually grown on their own roots instead of being grafted.  A great many roses locally available are Tyler roses, grown and processed right here in East Texas!
Resist purchasing attractive nursery plants that don’t fit in with your overall landscape plan. It is therefore extremely essential that all the necessary factors for germination are properly ensured otherwise the seed development process will stall and the tomato seed will lose viability. Gardening with your child helps your child understand the cycle of life and where their food comes from.
If a layer of mulch was not already covering your garden area, wet weather may have triggered weed growth.
They are easy to grow, get fewer diseases than other vegetables, produce with less warmth and bear into fall. Goldman, from New York, began her love affair with vegetables over 20 years ago, growing them for state fairs. Frequent doses of water in the spring make for shallow-rooted lawns that will be less drought and heat-tolerant in the hot days of summer. But none of the petals on these early bloomers can survive a hard freeze that can occur in April.
Support the covering with a few items taller than the flower stems, such as one-gallon planting pots, household buckets, etc. This is a perfect time for not only enjoying the fabulous scenery and landscapes in East Texas, but also for getting into your own yard for planting, cleaning up and creating your own personal paradise. She will provide a ton of tips of tricks as she creates dynamic container gardens, drawing on her many years of experience creating designs and gardens. This national trend continues to increase as folks for many different reasons are growing fruits and veggies in the home garden and landscape.
Any kind of vessel that will hold soil will work, as long as it has drainage holes and is at least 3 gallons or larger. The ideal time to apply fertilizer is after you have mowed green, actively growing grass (not weeds) once or twice. A soil test will tell you what nutrients to add, and whether or not the soil needs lime if it is too acidic for the type of plants you plan to grow. Coastal areas like the Southern California gardeners still have time to plant cool-season vegetables including lettuce carrots and radishes. There’s plenty of gardening things to do in the month of April, and here a few items for your list. Besides being very productive, they are very colorful, especially if the fruit is allowed to remain longer to its mature color.
Thin out as soon as they are large enough to transplant so the remaining plants will not be crowded.  Surplus plants can be moved to other areas. For inland valleys, it’s time for warm-season vegetables such as tomatoes, squash, corn, cucumber, melon, potatoes, sunflowers and zucchini.
Grow dwarf or bush varieties to concentrate production, train plants vertically with stakes or trellises, and as in a traditional garden, the more full, direct sun the better!
Larger transplant sizes will start producing sooner, and that is a good thing because once it gets really hot this summer, tomatoes will stop setting fruit. In the absence of a soil test, use a (3-1-2) or (4-1-2) ratio of fertilizer such as 21-7-14, 12-4-8 or 15-5-10, or something similar.

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