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Mostly people just visit the nursery and get whatever plants they wish for, regretting afterwards about certain things. When you are done configuring all that, you need to decide whether you want your garden plants to be grouped together or be separated. Make sure you do not spread the plants here and there making it look all messy and hard to take care of. Remember, colors add up to the beauty so be careful in getting the flower giving plants and to plan on about what color to have in what season.
As you move towards the end, just make sure not to put your plants too close to the shrubs and trees otherwise the nutrients and water would be going away making them weak and dull day by day.
Indoor gardening is mostly practiced using containers and this container gardening has found a huge popularity among the gardening lovers. Though most indoor plants don’t require much sunlight, certain types of indoor plants will need it to an extent for staying healthy.
The soil for indoor gardening must have enough fertilizers added so that it provides the necessary nutrients to the indoor plants.
Remember, when you do container gardening, you need to make sure that the plants are watered regularly. Keep the indoor plants healthy by caring for them regularly with proper measures and improve your home interiors. In the world of rock gardening, containers play an important role in growing petite perennial plants.  Plants such as dwarf or miniature conifers can be grown as specimens in pots. Traditional hard-fired pots such as terra cotta and glazed pots can also be used.  But it is recommended that you actually plant in plastic pots and drop them into it into a slightly larger hard-fired using small bark chips to fill the sides and bottom between the two pots. Kirk Fieseler of Laporte Avenue Nursery helped us create this wonderful video on trough gardening – check it out!
The right soil mix is essential for a rock gardener to have long term success with their containers. Planted pots and hypertufa containers need regular fertilization to keep the plants healthy.
For cacti and succulents, it is important to regularly use an acidified fertilizer mix for both the above cacti and succulents potting mixes. Plant Select® Petites  debuts well-adapted, smaller plants that have not yet been readily available to gardeners. If you have limited space for a garden and want to maximize every square inch, or if you want to add drama, variety, height and depth to your landscape, you may want to consider implementing vertical gardening techniques. Arbor Gardens ~ A garden that has an arbor for a centerpiece adds dramatic affect to the entire garden. Vertical Vegetable Gardens ~ Instead of having to continually bend down to tend to vegetables, having them grow upwards can be a refreshing alternative.
Dramatic Wall Coverings ~ Some gardeners like to go for a dramatic effect in their gardens by planting flowering vines that take over an entire wall. Tiered Planter Garden ~ A tiered vertical garden is just a more complex form of container gardening.
Gutter Gardening ~ I just had to include this very creative and practical method of utilizing vertical space by installing storm gutters on an existing wall or on a constructed wall.
Hanging Vertical Garden ~ An artistic yet simple vertical garden technique is hanging pots from ceilings or railings. It’s also important to note that Australian native plants should never be removed from the bush.
Interest has grown over recent years with respect to mixing both native Australian plants and exotic plants in the home garden. It is said that Australian native plants require little attention, given they grow with relative ease in our harsh bushland. Shrubs – Among the most common native shrubs is the brown Boronia, and the lemon scented Tea Tree.
Average Sized Trees – These have a mature height of 10 metres, and are very popular in suburban gardens. When choosing your Australian native plants, be sure to check its mature height and spread.
When planning your garden to include native Australian plants, don’t attempt to be too formal with the setting. Correct feeding and watering is most important for Successful Container Gardening and thriving plants. These summer flower containers are potted with slow release fertilizer so all they need is plenty of watering during the summer!
Watering plants seems like an easy task but the reality is that a lot can go wrong with it! They prefer a sheltered position away from morning sunshine (browning of the flowers is increased when the sun shines on petals which are dampened by frost or dew), cold, dry winds, late frosts and extremes of temperature. Camellias are typical cottage garden style plants, but are striking enough to be used in more urban gardens.
If you wish you can deadhead your camellia regularly (daily if possible) to remove the unsightly, browning older flowers.
To train a young camellia to be a bushier plant, cut all long, leggy stems back to 2 to 3 buds, removing any weak stems entirely. Once established, if the plant becomes very bushy, you can remove some of the smaller inner branches to allow more light to reach the centre of the plant. Generally Camellia japonica and its cultivars will respond well (though slowly) to renovation pruning.
Can be propagated from internodal or nodal semi-ripe cuttings from midsummer to early autumn. Camellia flower blight can be a problem, particularly in areas with high temperature and humidity. The camellia was first brought to the West in 1692 by Englbert Keampter, Chief Surgeon to the Dutch East India Company. This cultivar was raised by the Harris family in Melbourne, Australia, and was first recorded in 1872.
I need some advice as to when and the best way to transplant a crepe mrytle & a rose of sharon.
I have two evergreen shrubs that I can't recall the name, but all I know is that I really hate them and want to replace them with something else. I'm eager to propagate shrubs to keep in my holding bed till I get my new house at our farm. Clumps of oval, mid-green foliage with striking, deep violet flowers that have tiny white centres.

Clumps should be lifted and divided every three years to maintain the plant’s vigour.
In addition to deadheading, when it’s finished flowering you can trim it back to keep it compact if required.
Divide clumps in autumn or late winter, or take stem tip cuttings from spring to summer from fresh, new shoots (older ones which are or have flowered become hollow and won’t root). Common pests include slugs, snails, aphids, two spotted spider mites and violet gall midges. This cultivar was developed at Huntercombe Manor (in Buckinghamshire, UK), by gardener Jesse Folke for the Hon.
There are few things that you need to consider while selecting the garden plants for yourself. You would know whether to get sun loving or plants that need shade or may be both if you have enough space. A good way would be to just place all the pots where you want your plants to be and have a good look at them from a distance.
Just place the tall ones at the back with the shorter ones following them or if you want your garden to have a view from all angles then place the tall ones in the middle surrounded by the shorter ones. Everything needs time so just wait and gradually it will be a paradise in front of you soon. Though having a flower garden inside the house is quite difficult, there are many other indoor plants that can still add to the beauty.
This is an important point to keep in mind especially when you have an indoor vegetable garden. Keep in mind not to overwater the plants as it may bring about the early wilting of the plants. Other petite plants including small conifers can be combined to duplicate, on a miniature scale, a natural grouping of plants.
But being perennial, the plants must be grown in containers that are weather proof (not cracking from freezing and thawing soil) over the winter months. This protects the hard-fired pot from cracking by separating the soil mix from the sides of the ceramic pot. Designed to be wider and longer than they are deep, they are roomy and provide space for multiple plants, ornamental rocks and small pieces of weathered wood to be used together.
As you would expect when you ask three chefs for a recipe for chili, you’d get three slightly variations in their ingredient list. Both scoria and expanded shale have a lot of pore space within them to absorb and hold water while also providing improved drainage.
Even though many of these plants love alkaline limestone soils, the root environment in a pot or hypertufa trough is different. Enjoy these treasures in garden situations where small gem-like but tough plants are best suited: troughs, permanent containers, rock gardens, patio gardens, fairy gardens, green roofs, and smaller gardens. A vertical garden can be a stand alone feature in your landscaping or garden plot, or it can become a complete transformation of your overall landscaping design. This can be very beautiful and adds a completely different look to your garden and landscaping. You can build wooden containers on the ground and gradually tier them in as they climb higher. At first, you may laugh, but just think of the space you could save and the multiplied amount of herbs or vegetables you could grow with this homemade system. I certainly believe its essential to retain one self upto date wiith because information as possible. Many Australian plants are very adaptable and easy to grown in your garden, but there are a few important points to consider.
This however is not true, and you will find most native plants respond best to care in a well tendered garden. Some native plants will grow naturally even in the likes of poor soil, while others resent applications of fertilisers and other plant growth products. Its popularity is due to its quick growing habit, and the red (tooth-brush) like flowers it has during spring and summer. The Acacia (Wattle) and (Red Flowering Gums) both have fantastic displays of flowers during the winter and spring months, in addition to the Banksia, which is another common choice.
Some trees and shrubs grow extremely high, and can spread over wide areas, so be smart about what and where you plant. Native plants can be seen at their best if planted to give the appearance of natural bushland.
Follow these essential pot gardening tips and enjoy loads of flowers and vigorously growing plants in your container garden. If late frosts are expected, or very cold winter temperatures, it would benefit from protection such as a fleece covering. Pinch out the flower buds on the cutting and give it bottom heat of 12-20?C for 6 to 12 weeks until rooted. In spring, layer a low-growing shoot which is maximum 12mm in diameter and allow 2 years for rooting to take place before severing and lifting the new plant. We have a so called neighborhood dog who roams around freely and is fed by a lot of us because she was abused and everyone loves her.
I am a new bee keeper and, although I realize the bees go far, I am putting in plants (on my 1.5 acre lot) that bees like.
They are those low-to-the-ground numbers that are supposed to be good on slopes for erosion control, etc. I plan to cut back the damaged part of the rhododendrons, fertilize, and hope for the best. You need to decide whether you would go for perennial or annual plants and does your garden get the right ratio of sunlight and shade. Since you would know that your garden’s soil is acidic or alkaline, you can get the plants suiting it or even change the ground to suit the plants.
This strategy will give a staggered fashion and a great look when the plants would be fully grown. With the increasing apartment lifestyle, having flower gardens at home is easy with just a little knowledge about indoor gardening. Examples of such indoor plants are Areca palm, Lady Palm, Bamboo palm, Money plants, ferns, etc. But if you are having a flower garden, you need to use special fertilizers that are available at the stores. Some plants have proven to be “intractable” (ungrowable) planted into the ground and yet thrive when grown in containers. The fine hair roots grow around and into these porous materials where they can extract water when the soil is dry.

This formula comes from Steve Brack, owner of Mesa Gardens and a world renowned expert on cacti. Growing vertical gardens in containers will give you a little more freedom as to where you place the pots.
Tomatoes are the most popular type of vegetable for verticals, but beans, peas, peppers, lettuce and other vegetables make fantastic use of space and add a splash of creativity. A wall covering type vertical garden can be done on a wooden fence, the side of a home, or just a stand alone wall built in your garden or somewhere in the house. Much like a pyramid in shape, this type of vertical garden adds a great sense of character and architectural design into the garden. Short plants like lettuce, chard, chives and many other types of herbs would grow best, but any number of other plants could grow well with this method. Hanging several pots together in a cluster is quite a wonderful decorative idea for any room that is sunny or hanging from a deck or patio. A native plant that grows well in dry inland regions, can hardly be expected to grow in a wet coastal climate!
Most of the native Australian plant species are protected, so please keep this in mind, and only purchase native plants through reputable nurseries. Native Australian plants will not tolerate excessive cultivation and root disturbance, as many of these plants only have shallow roots. Another quick growing native ground cover is Kennedya (Scarlet Coral Pea) which is a perennial evergreen, and great for providing your garden with a carpet effect. In small inner city gardens, it’s not uncommon to see saplings of a large tree, which over time will be unsuitable when fully grown.
Once of the key benefits to planting Australian native plants is the fact that for the most part they require only little maintenance. Plants in containers have limited rooting space and rely on you to supply them with sufficient nutrients. Plants in pots can dry out very quickly particularly if they are exposed to a lot of sun combined with a breeze. Here they are last month, turning a weird color, with berries that the birds seem to dislike. Mound layering can also be done to encourage the stems to root into compost piled over the plant – in 5-6 weeks the shoots should have rooted and can be detached from the parent plant for growing on. Then you need to know if your garden ground is well drained and is equipped with a good water system.
Traditionally, the English and Europeans (who started the art of rock gardening) used farm troughs carved from stone to containerize their rock garden plants. This is a very effective way to display a diverse collection of potted rock garden plants. Instructions to make your own hypertufa can be found here.
Kelly Grummons, owner of Timberline Gardens, long time rock gardener and container grower recommends the following soil mixes. Vertical gardening has an infinite variety of alternatives, only limited by your imagination. Container gardening has become quite popular, so you can buy or build the containers with trellises or upright grids for the plants to grow vertical. You could also incorporate drip irrigation into this method and expand a novel idea into a system that conserves water usage and gives you complete watering of all the plants on the wall with a minimum output of time.
Therefore, it’s important to know and understand the relevant climate and soil requirements of Australian native plants before attempting to grow them in your garden. Many native plants need to be grown in well drained soil, with gardens containing sandy, gravelly, or volcanic soil usually giving the best results. Like all gardens, the plants still need to be tendered to, however those with limited time for regular gardening upkeep will find planting a native garden an advantage.
Not feeding results in poor looking plants that hardly flower and grow and are prone to disease. If the pot is small in comparison to the foliage that needs to be supported it is very difficult to keep the soil moist enough. A mass of new shoots will appear from the pruned areas – thin these out to create a new framework.
We have a 2 story house behind us, and I'm sure they don't want to look down on our yard anymore than we want them to.
With indoor flower gardens you can not only add beauty to the interiors but also increase the quality of air in your house. Many accomplished rock gardeners grow their plants in both rock gardens and containers to make their plantings more diverse and interesting. The plants can be started on each side of it and given some help to grow upwards with cloth ties. The plants can also be offset with various rocks, water features, and smaller ground covering type flowers. Mulching with grass or other compost matter is highly recommended, and will act as a weed deterent!
Fertilizing can be done in several different ways and each method will work equally well if done regularly. A long garden hose can make this job much easier and far less labour intensive than using watering cans particularly if you have a lot of planters that require water. This combination of Portland cement, sand and peat moss proved to be very durable and could be molded into a variety of different shapes . Once the plants become established, this vertical garden will grow continuously around the arbor. Liquid or Powdered FertilizersThese types of fertilizers have to be diluted and are watered onto the compost.
Slow Release FertilizerThese plant foods are either in loose granules or pressed into tablets. They are the right fertilizer for you if you don't like or have the time for the above method. These intelligent fertilizers will keep your plants fed for a growing season with very little effort and really make successful container gardening very easy. You can top-dress containers with a mix of fresh potting compost and the slow release fertilizer in the spring and forget about feeding for the rest of the season.

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